May Challenges - Norwood Public Schools

May Challenges
May 4th
What new show is going to be based on a ride at Disney World?
May 1st
I can go in the water and not get wet. What am I?
April Challenges
April 28th
I can be dropped from the tallest of buildings and survive. But
drop me from the smallest ship and I won’t. What am I?
April 27th
Who is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?
April 23rd
Which triangle has a bigger area:
1. a triangle with sides measuring 300, 400 and 500, OR
2. a triangle with sides measuring 300, 400 and 700?
April 22nd
Where will you find stellar winds?
A. Stars
B. Oceans
C. Deserts
April 21st
Some penguins migrate. What makes them migrate?
April 15th
There are 20 people in an empty, square room. Each person has
full sight of the entire room and everyone in it without turning
their head or body, or moving in any way (other than the eyes).
Where can you place an apple so everyone but one person can
see it?
April 13th
A person threw a baseball and threw it as hard as they could.
There was nothing in front or back. There was nothing on the
sides. How did it come back?
April 10th
Name three consecutive days without using Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
April 8th
The highest temperature ever recorded was 134 degrees. Where
was this recorded?
April 7th
I have a head and a tail. I do not have a body. What am I?
April 6th
Two fathers and two sons go fishing together in the same boat.
They all catch a fish…but the total catch for the day is three fish.
How is this possible?
April 2nd
What star is closest to the the earth?
April 1st
What can go up a chimney down but not down a chimney up?
March Challenges
March 30th
I have seas without water, I have forests without wood.
I have deserts without sand. I have houses with no brick.
What am I?
March 27th
There is a hill. On the hill is a house. On the house is a porch.
Under the porch is a dog. What is the name of the dog.
March 26th
A driver saw a snake on the road and swerved. All the street
lights were out. The car lights were off. There were no lights on.
How did the driver see the snake?
March 25th
What do you throw out when you want to use it
and you take in when you don't
March 24th
A red house is made of red bricks, has a red wooden door and a
red roof. A yellow house is made of yellow bricks, has a yellow
wooden door and a yellow roof. What is a green house made out
March 23rd
What sea creature has eyes that can measure in span 16 inches
A. The blue whale
B. The squid
C. The great white shark
March 20th
What is the myth associated with the first day of Spring?
March 19th
What explosive cosmic event was seen in 1987 for the first time
in 383 years?
A. A comet
B. A meteorite
C. A supernova
March 18th
Which country has the most tractors per person?
March 17th
Which one of the Great Lakes has the longest shore line?
March 12th
Which inventor averaged three patents a week in his lifetime?
March 11th
What metal turns to liquid at room temperature?
March 10th
Which occurs in March: a solstice or an equinox?
March 9th
The celebration of Holi started on Friday, March 6th and ended on
Saturday, March 7th. What is Holi?
A. Feast of Dance
B. Feast of Song
C. Feast of Color
D. Feast of Spring
March 6th
Which Dr. Seuss character is the Cleveland School’s favorite?
A. Cat in the Hat
B. Lorax
C. Grinch
D. Horton
E. Thidwick
March 5th
What made the two types of Snitches different?
March 4th
How many words did Dr. Seuss use to write “Green Eggs and
A. 121
B. 83
c. 51
March 2nd
In which Dr. Seuss book is this dialogue exchanged?
“Hello again”
“And now do you like my hat?”
“I do. What a hat! I like it! I like that party hat!”
February Challenges
February 27th
How long is a Martian year?
A. 365 days
B. 521 days
C. 686 days
February 26th
True or false: Gorillas do not sleep in the same nest twice.
February 25th
What does Ivan mean when he talks about his domain?
What did the real Ivan do when he was living in a house?
A. Drive a car
B. Go to school
C. Ride a motorcycle
February 24th
How did Ivan get his start as an artist?
A. Julia gave him a crayon
B. Mack told him to draw pictures so he could sell them
C. Ivan wants to make pictures for Stella
What is the name of Ivan’s sister?
February 23rd
What does Ivan do when he needs a break from his artwork?
A. plays with his dog, Bob
B. eats a banana
C. eats a crayon
February 13th
The movement of blood through the heart is called
A. the circulatory system
B. the locomotion
C. the ventricular system
D. the heart pump
February 12th
The heart provides blood to your body. The blood A. provides oxygen B. provides nutrients
C. carries away waste
D. all of the above
February 11th
What is the name of the biggest artery in the body called?
February 6th
How many chambers does the human heart have?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
February 5th
Besides Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, what other
U.S. presidents have birthdays in February?
February 2nd
What happens when Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, sees his
shadow on February 2nd?
January Challenges
January 29th
What is a Ushanka?
A. A Russian hat
B. A Russian dog
C. A Russian sled
January 28th
What color was the snow that fell in Siberia in February,
January 21st
What kind of weather do cumulonimbus clouds produce?
A. Heavy rains and thunderstorms
B. Dry and fine
C. Light rain
January 16th
Who won the first Superbowl in 1967?
A. the Dallas Cowboys
B. the Kansas City Chiefs
C. the Green Bay Packers
January 15th
What is the name of Martin Luther King’s famous speech?
January 14th
What year did Martin Luther King, Jr. win the Nobel Peace
January 13th
How many Superbowl games have the Patriots played in?
January 12th
Which is taller: the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty?
January 9th
Who are the Patriots playing for the AFC semi-finals?
January 8th
What are Mukluks?
A. a type of mitten
B. a type of boot
C. a type of snow sled
January 7th
How much snow is equal to one inch of rain?
A. 10 inches
B. 5 inches
C. 12 inches
January 6th
What do we use an anemometer to measure?
A. Wind speed
B. Visibility and fog
C. Rainfall
January 5th
What do you call a scientist who studies the weather?
A. Botanist
B. Barometer
C. Meteorologist
December Challenges
December 22nd
What word does the conductor of the Polar Express punch into
every ticket?
December 19th
How did Clara and the Nutcracker Prince travel to the Kingdom
of Sweets?
December 18th
What does the Mouse King in “The Nutcracker” turn into?
December 17th
What do Parson Brown, Olaf and Frosty all have in common?
December 16th
What is the name of the spinning top that children play with-
during Hanukkah?
December 15th
How many candles does a menorah hold?
December 12th
In “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, what did Hermey the
elf want to be?
December 11th
How many gifts, in total, did the speaker in “The Twelve Days
of Christmas” receive from their true love?
December 10th
In the television special “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, do
Bumbles bounce?
December 9th
What day in December is National Chocolate Day?
December 8th
What is the rabbit’s name in the show “Frosty the Snowman”?
December 5th
What are three gifts you cannot buy—but people want?
December 4th
The Children’s Museum in Boston is famous for its Milk Bottle
Statue. If you could fill the bottle, how many gallons of milk
would you need?
December 3rd
What type of rock will you find a fossil?
A. igneous
B. sedimentary
C. metamorphic
D. lava
December 2nd
In the Ukraine, finding a spider on a Christmas tree is considered good luck. Is it true or false: that families place fake
spider webs and/or spiders on their trees?
December 1st
There are only four words in the English language which end in
“dous”. Can you name at least two of them?
November Challenges
November 26th
We have a new pet at the Cleveland names Waffles.
What kind of reptile is he?
A. a Lizard
B. a Gecko
C. a Bearded Dragon
D. a Leopard Gecko
November 25th
What did Charlie Brown serve his guests for Thanksgiving?
A. Hot dogs and hamburgers
B. Toast, Jelly beans, popcorn and pretzels
C. Turkey, stuffing and gravy
November 24th
What is the name of the Maine resident who invented the ear
November 21st
What was the original purpose for playdough?
November 20th
Who was Governor during the first Thanksgiving?
A. Miles Standish
B. John Alden
C. Edward Southworth
D. William Bradford
November 19th
True of false…if you smile and hold it for thirty seconds, you
will live longer?
A. True
B. False
November 18th
What is the name of the Indian tribe that joined the Pilgrims
for the first Thanksgiving?
A. Wampanoag
B. Iroquois
C. Algonquin
November 17th
Ms. Worcester marked out 1/4-mile markers as part of this
month’s Five Merry Miles. How many times would you have to
walk around to complete five miles?
A. 12
B. 16
C. 20
November 14th
How many seconds are in two weeks?
November 13th
How many pounds of Halloween candy was donated by the
Cleveland community to Operation Gratitude?
November 12th
A tomato is A. a vegetable
B. a fruit
C. an herb
November 10th
Can you name the only fruit with the seeds on the outside?
November 7th
What continent changes its size during the seasons?
A. Africa
B. North America
C. Antarctica
D. Asia
November 6th
How much is the recommended amount of fruit you should eat
A. one cup
B. 2-1/2 cup
C. 2 cups
November 5th
What is the original name for Veterans Day?
A. Serviceman Day
B. Heroes Day
C. Armistice Day
D. Remembrance Day
November 4th
How long should you wash your hands under water?
October Challenges
October 30th
Are almonds members of the peach family?
October 29th
Which country presented the Statue of Liberty to the United
States as a gift?
October 28th
What does an entomologist study?
A. planets
B. insects
C. bones
D. plants
October 27th
How many sides does a decagon have?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D 10
October 24th
Long ago, what was the original Halloween trick in trick-ortreating?
Ding, Dong, Ditch
Singing a song to the person giving you candy
Throwing water
Reciting a good luck wish
October 23rd
How long does it take for a pumpkin to grow (starting from
A. 30-60 days
B. 40-80 days
C. 60-90 days
D. 90-120 days
October 22nd
If you read the food label on a container, what are two types
of information that you can learn about the food?
October 21st
In Charlotte’s Web, what is the name of the pig?
October 20th
Who has a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day?
A. Charles
B. Harold
C. Alexander
October 17th
What is the smallest type of tree?
A. Japanese Maple
B. Bonsai
C. Miniature Dwarf
October 15th
Where is the Illawara mountain range located?
October 14th
Which children’s story begins with a boat being wrecked in
the middle of nowhere during a storm?
A.The Old Man and the Sea
B.The Perfect Storm
C.Swiss Family Robinson
October 10th
What is the hardest rock?
October 9th
Which animal has the largest eyes?
1.Blue Whale
October 8th
What would be the best choice if you were late and missed
1.Grab a soda and drink it on the way to school.
2.Find a granola bar and a banana to eat on the way.
3.Skip eating anything.
October 7th
What are the five colors of the Olympic rings?
October 6th
During which stage of its life cycle does a butterfly spend
the MOST time eating plant leaves?
!. Adult
2. Egg
3. Larva
4. Pupa
October 3rd
What is the largest bird?
A. Ostrich
B. Albatross
October 2nd
Which of the following BEST describes a mineral?
1. A solid natural material with a crystal structure
2. A material that was once living but has decayed
3. A liquid chemical used to make soil more fertile
4. A nutrient produced by plants that other organisms