Instructions - school education

Dept of public instruction, Govt of Karnataka, Nrupatunga Road,Bangalore ‐560 001 General instruction to all B.E.O’S to fill the online software for receiving the proposals from Private managements pertaining to opening of 6/7 standards in English medium. 1. Open the website of Dept. of public instruction Govt of Karnataka by holding the control key down and Clicking the link shown below
2. Once you are on the home page of the website, please locate the link “proposal to get permission to start 6th/7th in English medium ‐ Data entry screen for BEO’S “and left click on the same once. 3. Once you do this, “moving towards zero paper” screen opens up with user id and pass word text boxes on the left side of the page. 4. Please use the user id and password given to for the moving towards zero paper software in the month of September 2011 to enter moving towards zero paper to log into the webpage. 5. In case if you have forgotten the user id and password here is the simplest way to recall it User id format : BEO(NAME OF YOUR TALUK IN CAPITALS) Pass word : zeropaper For example, in case of beo of raichur north the user name would be BEORAICHURNORTH Password remains zeropaper for all user id’s. For example, in case of beo of raichur1 the user name would be BEORAICHURNORTHONE Password remains zeropaper for all user id’s. For example, in case of beo molakalamur south1 user name would be BEOMOLAKALAMURSOUTHONE password remains zeropaper for all user id’s 6. Once you are logged in, on the left side of the webpage you will find Home,SSA,RMSA,CPI OFFICE,About us, and Contact us options. 7. If you take your cursor on CPI office option, you can see 4 sub menus –Beo, DDPI,assigning dise code, and DpI. 8. If the management which has applied for starting the 6th and 7th std has already been allotted the dise code, then choose BEO sub‐menu and click on it. When this is done, a window pops up and asks you to enter the demand draft submitted details. Enter the relevant details and press the save button in the end to save the furnished demand draft details pertaining to the school. Once you do this, you can see the record pertaining to the school at the bottom part of the webpage. Locate the heading Ack on the applied school and click on the same. 9. When this is done, Acknowledgement window pops up. Print the acknowledgement sheet and hand over the same to the school that has sent the proposal. 10. Repeat steps 7 and 8 till 31.10.2011 for all schools that have sent proposals to start 6th and 7th standard in English medium and hand over acknowledgement copy for each school. 11. Once the process of Acknowledgement is over, you would be required to make the data entry for each school. 12. For doing the job of data entry please login as Beo and click on Beo sub‐menu under Cpi office to get the records of school applied. You will be presented a list of school. Locate the main Field “Application” and select “Data entry” just under that . Now in order to do data entry, Click on “data entry” for each school and start entering the details of the school that has submitted proposal to start the 6 th and 7th standard in English medium. 13. After the completion of data entry pertaining to each school, tick the check box on the left to make declaration by BEO. On doing this two more buttons “Approve” and “ clear” will appear on the screen.Choose the appropriate button and click on it to approve or Clear it. Follow the same procedure for all the schools that have applied seeking permission from the govt to start 6th and 7th standards in English medium 14. Please note that once a proposal is approved, you cannot revert it back once again. After all proposals are approved please send the concerned file to the office of DDPI for further action. 15. In case of schools not having dise number, please follow the following procedure for inserting the dise number in the system. Login as beo Æ choose cpi office Æ Assigning dise code and click on Assigning dise code. Once you do it a new window pops up asking you to enter school name, school address etc. On the dise code field 6 digits are already provided by default. Please contact the district programmers for providing you the remaining 5 digits. Don’t enter the remaining 5 digits as per your choice. Once you get the remaining 5 digits pertaining to the school from your district programmers, Please enter 5 digits next to the 6 digits already present in the software. Make sure that even a new school without dise code is given dise a code and promptly inserted under the respective Taluk. 16. Once the above said fields are entered press the “Add button” to make sure that schools which are allotted new dise numbers are listed out under their repective Taluks. 17. Once a school is given the dise number, you are now ready to enter DD details and hand over the copy of the acknowledgement to the party. Later on you can do the data entry work as per the steps 9 to 13. ************************