x+Y:-zz {E)xy:11 @)2x-y-5 @2x+Y:

Which of the following equations describes
the data in the table ? {i-sss*n 8-?}
3. What is the slope of the line that passes
through points at (-3,4) and (5, *6)?
{Less*n 8-4.)
@ x+Y:-zz
What is the y-intercept of the graph of
7y 8x: 14? {Lesson 8-3)
(T) -8
<9 -4
The annual cost to rent videos at MoviesTo-Go can be represented by the equation
y : 2.50x + 15. \Alhich of the following
represents the annual cost if no movies are
rented? iless*n $-3)
x-intercept of the equation
y-intercept of the equation
slope of the equation
value of the equation if x andy are
Pablo has $125 to spend on gifts for his family
and friends. He decides to give his friends $5
gift certificates to their favorite store. The
equation y : 725 - 5l represents the amount
of money he has left over to spend on his
family if he buys x gift certificates. What does
the r-intercept of this equation represent?
ilesson 8-3)
@ The amount of money he has before
buying any gift certificates.
@ The cost of each gift certificate.
@ The number of gift certificates he can buy
with no money left over.
@ The amount of money he spends on each
family member.
If y varies directly with x andy :3 when
x : 7, what is y when x : 15? {Lesscn S-5}
6. Identify
the graph that has a negative slope.
iLesson B-4)
(F) Rl
If the slope of a line changes from2to |, then
the graph of the line will be affected in what
way? iless*n *-4i
@ lgss steep than the original line
@ steeper than the original line
co M+
@, t+units
,+units lower than the original line
higher than the original line
North Carolina Pre-Algebra NC15