Energy Strategy Submissions - Department of State Growth

December 21.2014.
To: Energy Strategy Submissions
Department of State Growth
GPO Box 536
Hobart Tas. 7001
Thanks a lot for informing us that the “DRAFT- Energy Strategy” is out for public
As I own a property next to Waddamana and together with my family controls “P.P.
Woodland Company” who owns Paradise Plains next to Arthurs Lake and Dogs Head
next to Lake Sorell and Lake Crescent, I have a natural interest contributing to the
“DRAFT Energy Strategy”.
I do though limit my suggestions to projects I think will be of great interest to the
Central Highland, as the Highland is the area we are active in.
From my long political knowledge in Denmark, I also know how important it is for
politicians to get a “response” from the population and businesses who is going to
“live with” the consequences of comprehensive launched plans/planning schemes,
and that’s my major reason for contributing to our next Energy Strategy.
I therefore send my comments to the “DRAFT Energy Strategy”, and look forward to
receiving the Departments comments. – If the Department have any questions whatsoever, I’m of course more than glad to try to answer these questions.
At it says that:
“Written submissions on the preliminary draft planning schemes will be accepted up
until February 15 2015”.
I therefore would be glad to receive an email confirming that the department has
received my comments, and that they will be included in the final Energy Strategy.
1. I suggest a minor potential wind turbine project (max 30 MW) along Woods
Lake Road. – Volume 126187/1 and 210687/1.
This project will produce clean energy, and will be established on a remote but quite
productive site, where no house- or shack owners will be polluted visionally or noisewise. At the same time, the project can use the existing road and power-poles from the
Poatina Road to Wilburville, and furthermore the project will result in the houses in
Morass Bay getting electricity brought along the Arthurs Lake Road.
Furthermore, I think a possible wind turbine project should be obliged to establish a
transmission line down to Paradise Road, and in that way help improve general
conditions for the shack owners in this area.
2. Furthermore, I suggest establishing a power plant that runs on biomass.
An ideal place could be where B51 (The Poatina Road) and A5 (Lake Highway) meet, as
infrastructure (transmission lines and larger roads) meet here. Biomass (dead logs and
later thin trees from thinnings) easily can be transported to the power plant from the
large forested areas in the Highland, and from a Transend employee I have been told,
that the grid easily takes the electricity produced.
This power plant could help us save some of the water in our lakes, and perhaps even
help us restore water level in our lakes!
And since less rain/snow seems to be the new “reality”, we of course have an obligation
(to our children) to find environmental friendly alternatives, such as biomass run power
In Denmark, carbon neutral electricity production from biomass (wood /straw) is a part
of the “solution”, so why shouldn’t it be in Tasmania, starting in the Central Highland?
The attached file shows the areas where I suggest that 1. and 2. should be placed.
If the above-mentioned environmental friendly initiatives were incorporated in the new Energy
Strategy, a collateral effect would be a “boost” in Highland development AND employment.
Interested potential investors and I are interested in starting up production of carbon neutral
“fuel” at Paradise Plains as quickly as possible; what we need is political interest and support in
helping us as private businesses (farms ARE businesses!) to fulfil the thoughts of establishing
the Highland power plant that will run on biomass.
We who care about the future of Tasmania AND the Highland are eager to “get moving”; all we
ask from the political system are interest and support to help us getting started.
On the other hand, I must say that it’s important for me to emphasize, that if our politicians do
not create the needed “frames” to do so NOW, I’m sincerely worried that the consequences of
the current negative situation in the Highland/Tasmania will be a deep negative spiral to us all.
Therefore, local and state politicians MUST show “courage” and concentrate their effort on
“stimulating” the use of the natural renewable resources (ex. energy production) we have in
the Highland, and in doing that, support positive private environmental friendly initiatives, and
do it as quickly as possible.
Kind regards
Andreas Hastrup