Presentation Description: A 45-minute seminar for Business Owners

Presentation Description: A 45-minute seminar for Business Owners regarding financial
statement understanding and good financial practices. If you are having trouble understanding
your financial statements, i.e. the Balance Sheet & Profit or Loss, this presentation is an easy
introduction to those reports. Accounting Advantage specializes in QuickBooks system, as well
as financial statement presentation, so bring QuickBooks questions for a 15-minute Q&A after
the presentation.
Excerpt from presentation: “Accounting is the language of business – Make it your second
language, and a line of communication is opened to your business. You can’t believe what it has
been wanting to tell you. This is The Story of your Business”
Speaker Bio:
Ms. Martha King has more than twenty years of experience in the accounting and auditing
field. Ms. King has a broad range of experience with budgeting, financial reporting, control
assessment, and is accomplished in all areas of accounting including accounts receivable,
accounts payable, inventory, control assessment, and financial statement presentation. She has
performed many assignments specifically related to cost efficiencies and reporting as well as the
day to day accounting functions.
Ms King begun her career as a public accountant for Ernst & Young where she was heavily
involved in planning for her clients. She has also worked for a large Northeast utility and an
international manufacturing company. Then, Ms. King opened a consulting practice specializing
in accounting, bookkeeping and QuickBooks accounting systems focusing on businesses in
Southeast Michigan. At the same time, she continued to consult with regulated industries
nationally and their financial processes and procedures. This consulting practice has been
ongoing since the early 1990’s and since 2010 has been known as AA Accounting Advantage,
Business Bio:
AA Accounting Advantage, PLLC (AcAd) helps small to midsize companies succeed in today's
ever changing market place by creating or supporting efficient and optimized accounting
systems. AcAd sets up and implements QuickBooks software, trains at the beginner,
intermediate and advanced levels, trouble shoots problems as they occur and provides
bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting services. The AcAd staff are all certified
QuickBooks ProAdvisors and have bookkeeping and accounting experience ranging from 1 to 25
years. AcAd’s experienced personnel provides financial reports and business insights as well as
ongoing and consistent support for QuickBooks users.
AcAd’s sister company, AA Business Advantage provides a synergistic office solution for
smaller businesses on the west side of Ann Arbor offering meeting space, conference room, wifi,
printing and mail / receptionist service in an open office environment.
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