Creative Product Naming: Amazing Alliteration

Creative Product Naming: Amazing Alliteration
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Lesson Goals
• Students will develop a name for a product.
• Students will write using alliteration.
Preparation and Materials
This lesson can be used before, during or after the creation of a product. Students will need access to their Cashtivity account on a personal device. You may want to choose a video to show students that shows examples
of alliteration.
Lesson Flow
10 minutes
• Tell students that many companies use names for their products that grab the attention of their customers.
You might say: When a company picks a name for a product
they want it to be catchy and memorable. Some use
alliteration to name their product. Alliteration is when a
series of words all start with the same letter or same sound,
like Marvelous Marshmallows or Tasty Treats.
• To illustrate the concept of alliteration you might decide to
show a YouTube clip on alliteration that is appropriate for your
student’s level or create a class list of alliterative phrases.
5 minutes
• Tell students that today they are going to work on creating
names for a product. Depending on when you teach this
lesson you may want to present a product idea to students or
have them use the actual product that they have developed.
• Ask students to make a list of names that use alliteration
independently; provide about five minutes for this work time.
15 minutes
Share and
Next Steps
10 minutes
• Explain to students that they will work in partners to come
up with a list of alliterative product names. Ask students to
bring the lists they worked on independently to their partner
or team meeting.
• After students have had time to work together ask them to
choose one alliterative name for their product and come to a
consensus as a group.
• Bring students back together as a whole group. Ask each
group to share the name they came up with for their product.
• Remind students that this was an exercise for thinking of a
name for their product and they should reflect on the process. Engage your class in a discussion with questions like: What
kind of message did you want to get across with the name you
created? When talking as a group about possible names what
type of issues arose?
Homework and Extension
Ask students to…
• write about the experience of giving and receiving feedback.
• create a list of sentence starters that can be used in feedback conversations.
• record their reflections and other work in the Notes app so teachers and
other team members can access the content from the project.
Apply knowledge of language to understand how language functions in
different contexts, to make effective choices for meaning or style, and to
comprehend more fully when reading or listening.
Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and
nuances in word meanings.