Pericles` Funeral Oration Annotation Purposefully annotate the text

Pericles’ Funeral Oration
Purposefully annotate the text of Pericles’ Funeral Oration.
This may include categorizing information, defining words, or
even making notes when the speech overlaps with previously
learned information. You will have your own copy of the
speech to mark up. You may use your annotated text during the
analysis portion of the assignment, as well as during the writing
portion. This portion is worth 25 points.
Use the SOAPStone method to analyze the speech. This
consists of identifying the following elements: speaker,
occasion, audience, purpose, subject, and tone. A chart will be
provided for your answers, which you may then use (in
conjunction with your annotated speech) to write your essay.
You will turn in your analysis with your annotated speech. This
portion is worth 25 points.
Pick three of the following elements that are found within
Pericles’ speech. Use examples from Athenian history to either
prove he is telling the truth or telling lies (or a mixture of truth
and lies).
Speech elements: democracy, public participation, relaxation,
class equality, gender distinctions, military policy, use of wealth
You must judge if Pericles is telling the truth or not based on the
historical evidence left by the Golden Age Athenians. Your paper
should have a proper introduction with a thesis statement, one
body paragraph for each of the speech elements, and a proper
conclusion. You will be given computers to type your essay,
which should be double-spaced, include parenthetical citations,
and have a proper MLA heading (see OWL Purdue for proper
formatting). This portion is worth 50 points.
Essays are DUE at the end of your midterm period. See the school website for the midterm schedule.