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2013 VOL. 1
February Issue
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Council that the monies from the auction
would go towards the purchase of our new
Activities bus.
That’s right, “Our New Activities
Bus.” We are so excited!!! The day after
Christmas we were able to take ownership
of our beautiful white and green 15-person
activity bus. You might have seen it parked
out back during your last visit. Yep, it is
official, we have our own and boy, do the
residents love it. You might have already
seen us out and about checking out the
changes being made in Harper County.
Thank you to everyone who helped
make this purchase a success: Harper
County Community Foundation for
awarding us the grant for half of the
purchase price, Attica Saddle Club for
supporting our fundraising efforts by
allowing us to sell concessions at their Bull
Blowout in October and during the weekly
BINGO night at the Attica Memorial
Building. Thanks to everyone who donated
food and their time to the BINGO food
festivities. Without everyone donating,
assisting, and eating every Wednesday with
us this would not have been achievable.
We are still awaiting our annual state
survey. I want to thank all of my staff for
From the Desk
of the Administrator
The year 2012 ended with a
wonderful residents’ Christmas party.
Residents were able to fill their tummies
with delicious appetizers and desserts
prepared by the Dietary Department. We
were even lucky enough to have Santa take
time out of his busy holiday schedule to stop
in for a visit and to pass out presents.
Our Annual Family Thanksgiving
Dinner was a big success. We want to thank
all of you that were able to attend. As
always the Dietary Department did an
amazing job of tantalizing our palates with
their mouthwatering Thanksgiving spread.
Good food and good company, what could
be better than that!
We ended the day with our annual
baked goods auction. We want to give a
special thanks to those who donated baked
goods. With everyone’s support we were
able to raise $1480.00. It gets pretty
exciting with everyone trying to outbid each
other so they can get possession of their
favorite treat. It was decided at Resident
their hard work and dedication as I know
that is always a stressful time. You will
know we have surveyors in our building for
the annual survey if there is a notice posted
on the door and nurses station as you come
in. Anyone who wishes to see any of our
survey results can do so at any time. They
are posted outside the west entrance of the
Activity Room.
Also on a personal note, I am still
trying to get to know all the new faces that
we have here since my maternity leave
return in November. If we have not met yet,
please feel free to snag me and ask me any
questions you might have. I have had the
privilege of meeting everyone’s loved one
we are caring for, but I am still trying to
play catch up on the family members.
Once again, thank you for allowing us
the privilege of caring for you or your loved
one. If you have any questions, you are
always to welcome to stop by my office,
call, or send me an e-mail at
[email protected]
In October, we went to the Pumpkin
Patch in Turon. Residents went on a hayrack
ride and had a great lunch provided by the
patch. And we also took a group picture on
the hay bale pyramid. We had a good time
but could have done without the wind.
Halloween, we made lots of treats like
marshmallow witches and popcorn balls.
Staff all dressed up in costumes along with
the residents.
In November, first of all, I would like
to thank everyone for coming to the Annual
Family Thanksgiving Dinner. We celebrated
Thanksgiving most of the month with
making marshmallow turkeys and coloring
pictures of turkeys of all sorts. We also want
to say a special thank you to Joan Wood for
coming and tickling the ivory on the piano
for the residents and playing at the dinner.
December, we had so much fun. We
had a shopping spree which went really
well. We had a good turn out of “elves” to
help residents pick out items for their
families and to also wrap gifts. The residents
enjoyed opening their gifts at the Christmas
party from their “Secret Santas”.
January, we started off the new year
with a New Year’s Bash with snacks and
drinks. We officially have our bus now
thanks to all the hard work of staff
volunteering to work concessions at bingo
and private donations. We have taken many
trips already in it. Most residents are so
excited to just go out and “cruise” around to
different towns and even the country side.
In honor of the Westminster dog
show, we are going to have our own Mini
Dog Show. Mardi Gras with pancake races,
face painting, and Mardi Gras party were we
Holly Noble, Administrator
Memory Lane
We are continuing to have some fun
activities that residents are able to enjoy. We
plan on enjoying the use of our new bus
with lots of rides and adventures. We will be
going to the circus on the 15th of February.
Everyone is excited about the idea.
We also are looking forward to three
new residents joining our little family and
are mourning the ones we lost.
You are always welcome to come
visit and join in activities.
Tammy Struble CMA, RA, Activity
Director, and SSD
enjoy wearing masks and putting on many
beaded necklaces.
At the Valentine’s party, we are
having heart shaped treats and announcing
the winners for Valentine King and Queen.
That evening we will take the King and
Queen downtown for dinner at the local
restaurant. And lots of bus rides in between.
Also going to the Midian Shrine
Circus at the Hartman arena on the 15th.
We are just so excited for our new
year, for new exciting things to see and do!!
We encourage our community to join
us anytime.
Since this is approaching Presidents’
Day, thought it might be fitting for a bit of
presidential trivia…
1. Smallest-James Madison-5’4”
2. Tallest-Abraham Lincoln was 6’4”
3. Heaviest-William Taft at over 300lbs. He
once got stuck in the White House bathtub
and ordered a new one…large enough for 4
4. Oldest-Ronald Reagan at 69 yrs.old
5. Youngest-Theodore Roosevelt at age 42,
followed by JFK at 43.
The first president was NOT actually
George Washington, it was John Hanson, in
1771. A president was needed to run the
country and he was chosen unanimously by
Congress (including Washington) and
served from November1781November1782. There were 6 other
presidents after him, and before
Washington. How did this happen? Seems
as though the Articles of Confederation did
not work well, so the Constitution was
formed. Washington was the first President
after the constitution! (and..Hanson declared
every 4th Thursday in November to be
Thanksgiving…yep, still stands today!)
Jefferson was given 2 grizzly bears, from
Lewis and Clark, and kept them on the
White House lawn.
John Q. Adams was given an alligator
which lived in the White House. Andrew
Jackson had a parrot named “Poll” which
cursed at his funeral! Lincoln’s children had
a pet turkey…ole Abe granted it a pardon so
it couldn’t be killed or eaten.
James Garfield had a dog named
“Veto.” Zachary Taylor had a horse named
Problem was people plucked hair
from its tail for a souvenir.
Activity Department
Nursing News
As you are all probably well aware of,
we have been hit hard with the “flu bug” the
past several weeks. Being under quarantine
was not fun for family or residents. Thank
you so much for your patience and
understanding. Thankfully, it is now lifted
and we can get back to our normal routine.
We have welcomed 2 new resident
admissions in January, and unfortunately
have lost 5 residents.
Our good news is that we have finally
acquired our new bus! It seats 14 people and
we have already been on several outings.
We are planning a trip to the zoo and also to
the circus very soon. The residents love
getting out and going places, so we think
this is awesome!
We are continuing to work at the
concessions on Wednesday night bingo at
the memorial building. Thanks to all the
people helping out with this. Good food and
good fun!
Teresa Woods, DON
Social Services
Food Focus
Please go through your loved one’s
drawers and closets. Take clothing that is
worn out, too big, or too small. Make sure
new items are marked with resident’s name
and name
tag in black items or items hard to mark.
Join your loved one’s care plan meeting,
held every Tuesday, by calling Kris Cooper
at (620)254-7253 for the schedule
It has been a very busy time for the
Dietary Department the past few months.
Change is always practical and needed when
residents needs and desires change on an
almost daily basis. New faces as well as the
constant friends have brightened our lives
and made us better for the contact with
Events for us come on a regular basis and
supporting the activity department has been
fun. Food is a universal comfort sign and
we’ve been spreading it on rather thickly.
With the holidays behind us and spring
approaching, life is renewing itself and
we’re all anxious for the weather to settle
into something that we recognize and can
identify with.
Anytime now, you can expect severe
weather warnings and tornado drills
rocketing through the community. Seasons
change and we can only change with them,
or at least keep up. Many of our residents
have become restless to see spring and to
enjoy the out of doors again.
In the next few months, many featured
events will be taking place and everyone is
invited to attend with their loved ones and to
just have fun for awhile. Valentine’s, Mardi
Gras, Lent, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day are
just a few of the multiple daily festivities
that will be going on. Make a date with us
and come and be part of this special time.
Kris Cooper, S.S.D.
Independent Living
We are thrilled to announce that
Attica Long Term Care will soon be offering
Independent Living in the Sunset Ridge
Apartments. With help from the Kansas Tax
Credit Program, we have already purchased
the apartment units here in Attica and are in
the process of updating them. If you or
someone you know is looking to downsize
or just want to live where you don’t have to
worry about maintenance, please give us a
call. In addition to maintenance-free living,
for an additional charge, tenants will be able
to receive housekeeping and laundry
services. We look forward to answering all
your questions. For more information,
please contact Holly Noble at 620-254-7253
or [email protected]
Teresa McGee, Dietary Manager
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