6th Grade FM 5.2 Expected Value.notebook

6th Grade FM 5.2 Expected Value.notebook
6th Grade FM: How do we find expected value?
January 09, 2017
Ex 1: You roll a number cube 33 times. How many times would
Warm-up: Copy the problem in your notebook and work on it.
you expect to roll a 3 or higher?
You attempted 50 free throws and made 32 of them. Based on
Proportion Method:
E.V. Method:
this experiment, how many free throws will you expect to make
tomorrow if you attempt 75 free throws?
Jan 2­11:58 AM
Jan 2­12:19 PM
Ex 2: You pick a gum ball out of the bag and then you pick a
If you do this 49 times, how many times would you expect to
Hershey Kiss from another bag. What is the probability that
get a blue gum ball and a pink Hershey Kiss?
you will pick a blue gum ball and then pick a pink Hershey
gum balls: Blue, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Green
Hershey Kisses: Pink, Green, Silver
E.V. Method:
Jan 2­12:20 PM
Jan 2­12:22 PM
6th Grade FM 5.2 Expected Value.notebook
Ex 3: Keisha spins a spinner 100 times and gets the results
shown in the table. If Keisha then spins the spinner 2,000
January 09, 2017
Probability Packets 3A and 3B
times, predict how many times you think the spinner would
land on red.
outcomes frequency
Jan 2­12:23 PM
Jan 2­1:04 PM
Jan 9­10:26 AM