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Wednesday, May 3, 2017 THE MURAL Page 15
Chair regluing, hand
and sheet caning, rush
and splint seating,
wicker repairs.
Free estimates available. Dawne. 613-6592928.
Wanted to buy
Early and local area
and township atlases,
Canadian Art, Local
history, river books, or
collections, prints,
early photos, and art.
A & E Books
Hair Do. Shari
Moorhead, R.R.#1
Lyndhurst, phone 3873692. Hours: Tues. &
service, Fri.: 8:307:00, Sat: 8:30- 12:30.
Sign Of The Times
Anniversary Announcement
May 20, 1967 – May 20, 2017
50 Years of Marriage
Greg and Steve Kearney would like to invite
you to join them in celebration of 50 years of
marriage for their parents Mike and Sharon
Kearney of Athens, On. At the Joshua Bates
Center on Saturday May 13, 2017 from 3pm to
5pm. Best Wishes only please.
Have you seen a funny, unusual or thought
provoking sign or sight? Let The Mural know so
we can put it in the next “Sign Of The Times”
Call 613-493-0074
Chaffey’s Lock rocks once again
The Chaffey’s Lock
Heritage Society is
pleased to announce a
jam-packed list of events
in our community for this
year. We’ll celebrate
Canada’s 150th birthday
with events right through
to late fall.
Starting off the year
May 20th, the community
hall will be jumping once
again to sounds of the
“The Ramblin’ Valley
Band” – a versatile and
musically talented group
of five young men originating from Almonte,
who have had our audience dancing, singing and
stamping their feet for the
past two years. “This
group loves to play at the
historic Chaffey’s Lock
Community Hall. They
love the acoustics and the
audience attention. Every
year they come with new
music to give us a fresh
new sound as well as
playing old favourites”,
states Gay Henniger,
Events Coordinator.
The Ramblin’ Valley
Band offers a wide genre
of music with a mix of
blues, bluegrass, country
and rock and roll and they
switch instruments with
each other constantly
throughout the performance. This band played
in Ottawa Bluesfest last
summer and is currently
on tour in through the
Maritime Provinces. A
new album (Farm Days)
was cut this year. Check
out their sound at
We are introducing
something new this year.
Tickets are available
online for your convenience at
There will be a limited
number of tickets available to Browns Marina
store in Chaffey’s Lock.
Tickets are $20.00/person. If there are any tickets left they will be
$25.00 at the door. Last
year this event sold out so
get your tickets soon!
Doors and Bar open at
7:00pm and music starts
at 7:30pm.
Come celebrate the
Victoria Day Weekend
and the traditional first
weekend of the summer
cottage season with our
Chaffey’s Lock and area
Community! We promise
you a great time!
Musical Event
May 20: “The
Ramblin’ Valley Band”
Chaffey’s Lock
Community Hall
Doors open at 7:00 pm
June 17: “Old Man
Grant” Chaffey’s Lock
Community Hall
Doors open at 7:00 pm
July 22: LeMeow
Chaffey’s Lock
Community Hall
Doors open at 7:00 pm
Sept 14 & 15:
Ontario Festival of Small
Halls Concert – Band
Announced in early June
Chaffey’s Lock
Community Hall
Doors Open at 7:00 pm
Oct 21: Video Dance &
Finger Food Potluck
Chaffey’s Lock
Community Hall
Doors open at 7:00 pm
To support these events
and help raise funds for
operations and programming for the Hall and the
Chaffey’s Lock Heritage
Lockmaster’s Museum,
the Heritage Society is
offering sponsorships at
two levels for businesses
and individual/families.
In return, sponsors will be
recognized in several different ways – on our website
l o c k . w e e b l y. c o m ) ,
“Chaffey’s Locks Rocks”
Face Book Page and at
each event.
There will also be a
draw among sponsorship
participants for a pair of
free tickets for each event.
For further information
contact is Gay Henniger,
The Corporation of the Township of Athens
Summer Hours
June 5th – September 18th
the site will be open
Mondays 8:00 am – noon
in addition to regular hours
Wednesday & Saturday
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Events Coordinator ([email protected] – 613-3595706)
The Chaffey’s Heritage
announced that the
Community Hall, which
was built in 1932 by the
Chaffey’s Lock and Area
Women’s Institute, and
with community volunteer
labour, is officially back
in the hands of the community after being cared
for since the 1990’s by the
Township of Rideau
205th year of the Webster family immigration to this area
Come and join in to
celebrate the 205th year of
the webster family immigration to this area, on
June 17, 2017 at Holy
Trinity Anglican Church –
Oak Leaf
The Webster family celebrates a reunion every
five years, and that cycle
falls on this year, 2017.
This will be the 205th year
celebration of the Webster
family emigrating from
Ireland to eastern Ontario.
Since that time we have
cleared land, gone to war,
helped build a country and
been witness to the rise of
Canada on the international stage. We have migrated throughout Canada and
North America, but as we
did so, we have always
held a warm remembrance
of our initial steps in
Ontario and kept a special
place in our hearts for east
Ontario. Because of that,
every five years many of
us make the trek back to
the east Ontario “homeland”-- and this time will
be no different.
We will be gathering at
the Holy Trinity Anglican
Church-Oak Leaf, for a
day of remembrance and
celebration to mark this
205th year. As usual, we
extend the invitation to all
Webster’s as well as anyone interested in mingling
with the family or just
wanting to enjoy some
potluck on a (hopefully)
sunny Saturday afternoon.
Now, some brief history….
During the Irish
Rebellion of 1688-90, a
time when the British Isles
were in great religious turmoil, three Webster brothers, in a regiment under
Colonel Ram, were in
action in Ireland. As the
hostilities finally ceased,
(culminating in the Battle
of the Boyne) these three
brothers were granted land
and settled in the County
of Wexford, Ireland.
While in Wexford, one
of the descendants of these
men had three sons:
Robert, Nathaniel and
John. With religion and
nationality still a tinder
box, rebellion once again
broke out in the year 1798.
As Wexford County was
one of the focal points of
Webster’s, ever loyal to
their country and religion
were thrown into the fray
and took up arms against
the rebellion.
Robert (one of the three
sons of the original
Webster ’s of Wexford)
who had lived in the old
homestead, was “piked”
by members of the rebellion, and thrown over the
Enniscorthy Bridge in the
presence of two of his 11
children: daughter Mary
and son Nathaniel. His
eldest child Edward then
became the “man of the
house” taking Robert’s
place in the homestead.
Edward (the eldest) then
had six sons and one
daughter, but only one
son, “Edward the Tanner”
immigrated to Canada and
settled in Escott.
Edward being the
eldest, stayed in Ireland at
County. However, nine of
Edward’s siblings immigrated to Canada between
1812 and 1817. These
siblings all settled in Oak
Leaf with most being
buried there and at least
one being buried in Union
-Mary (Sam Copeland),
-Martha (Mattie) (Major
George Johnston),
-Elizabeth (John Foley),
-Margaret (Peggy) (Long
John Johnston),
-Eleanor (Long George
-Robert B. Sr.(Alice
-William Sr.(Alice
-Barbara (Richard Leech),
-Nathaniel (Elizabeth
settled in Oak Leaf.
-Martha (Mattie) is buried
in Union Cemetery, there
are no records where
Elizabeth is buried and the
remaining 7 are buried in
Oak Leaf Cemetery.
In addition, Thomas
immigrated in 1817 to
Prescott later moving to
the Bay of Quinte and
Cavan Township.
Of the three original
sons, Nathaniel, the second son of the old soldier,
came to Canada and settled in the Brockville area
(likely New Dublin). His
descendants include sons
Richard, William, Thomas
and Nathaniel.
The third original son,
John, had four children:
Robert, John, Edward, and
William. Robert took part
in the same rebellion in
which his uncle Robert
(piked at Enniscorthy) had
been killed. In May 1798,
he too died, but instead of
a piking, he was killed on
the battlefield at Vinegar
Hill. Descendants of John
immigrated at different
times to Canada, settling
Lansdowne area.
All this rich history is
just one of the building
blocks of the country we
call home. So mark your
calendar for the 205th
Webster Reunion and
come out and help celebrate the history of a
proud family of Canadians
called the Webster’s.
Webster e-mail: webhus or by
phone 705-932-2803