1. What was the policy of the US government toward
the Indians in the period immediately prior to the
Civil War?
2. What was the Populist Party, and why was it
established in the 1890's?
3. What industry did Andrew Carnegie dominate?
4. What industry did J.P. Morgan dominate?
5. What were the most important reasons for the
growth of labor unions in the latter half of the 19th
6. Explain the concept of the "Gospel of Wealth.”
7. What were the main factors that led to the
settlement of the Western Frontier?
8. What was bimetallism, and who supported it?
9. What impact did U.S. governmental polices have on
business and industry during the late 1800s?
10. What was the Dawes Act of 1887?
11. Explain what vertical and horizontal integration
12. In 1882, Congress passed an "exclusion act” which
immigrant group was impacted by this law, and for
how long?
13. How was John D. Rockefeller able to succeed in the
oil industry?
14. In the 19th century, what was a trust?
15. Samuel Gompers was a leading proponent of what
industrial issue?
16. During the late 19th century, what were political
17. Describe the main goals of the "Social Gospel" of
late 19th century
18. What did Thomas Edison invent?
19. What did Henry Ford invent?
20. What did George Eastman invent?
21. What did Alexander Graham Bell invent?
22. Why was the Pullman Strike of 1894 significant in
American labor history?
23. The "New Immigration" to the United States in the
late-nineteenth century refers to the increased
numbers of people arriving from what parts of the
24. Why did most of the immigrants who came to
America in the late 19th century settle in the cities?
25. What were some of the challenges of urbanization
and industrialization?
26. What was Jane Addams's "Hull House" of the late19th century?
27. The beginning of the Industrial Age in the United
States is MOST associated with which era?
28. Who was Boss Tweed. What did he do?
29. What was Booker T. Washington’s philosophy for
African-Americans to rise out of poverty?
30. What was WEB Dubois’ philosophy for AfricanAmericans to rise out of poverty?
31. Which group was founded in 1909 under the
leadership of W.E.B. Dubois in an effort to combat
racial discrimination, racial violence, and
segregation in the United States?
32. Why were Cattle drives able to boom during the
late 1800’s?
33. How did political machines gather votes in the late
18th century and early 19th century?