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Mosaic tiles
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Waterworks mosaics are a
luminous backdrop in a scheme
by Thomas Pheasant. opening
page : Phoebe Howard balances a
feminine setting with geometric
New Ravenna Mosaics floors.
from left: Different tones of marble carved in varying widths give
weathered reclaimed wood for a soft effect that almost seems cerused;
$35 per square foot, 818-256-1500. Field (MD-05) from François &
Co. is a simple geometric that works a subtle interplay of warm
Palais Royale deploys a variety of stones in a lilting scroll pattern that has and icy finishes; $138 per square foot, 888-995-0929. Oceanside
a large scale; from $390 per square foot, 800-278-8453. Walker
Glasstile’s Cathedral is gorgeously set apart by a circle motif
Zanger’s unconventional AnTeak marries a straightforward shape to of dusky blue stained glass; $110 per square foot, 760-929-4000.
Stone Source’s Salt Mix Gravel an artfully imperfect look; to the
trade, 212-979-6400. Designed by Michael S. Smith for Ann Sacks,
opening page: Roger Davies; this page: Durston Saylor;
tiles: Robert Kato/Studio d (2)
here’s something
incredibly evocative
about mosaic tiles.
Dating to the earliest
periods of recorded history,
they conjure the classical—
think elegant Greek temples
and graceful Pompeian villas—
which is not to say they’re
old-fashioned. Crafted from an
inventive array of materials,
today’s mosaics reflect myriad
influences, are easier than ever
to install, and are as chic on a
kitchen backsplash as they are
on a bathroom wall. We gathered
our favorites here—the only
thing left for you to do is choose.
the world of...
A feathery starburst pattern on Estrella from Artistic
Tile brings to mind lush chrysanthemum or dahlia blossoms—instant
romance; $50 per square foot, 212-727-9331. Country Floors’
from left:
supergraphic, ultramodern Talya creates trompe l’oeil latticework that
would be stylish behind a stove; $117 per square foot, 310-657-0510.
Dazzle from Mosaic House recalls traditional Moroccan designs in
an updated color combination for a fresh sense of exoticism; $163 per
square foot, 212-414-2525. Glinting gold highlights bring a soupçon
of glamour to burnished terra-cotta hues on Antigua del Mar’s
Superficie Kasbah Simple; $164 per square foot, 310-315-9870.
Tamsin, a large-scale botanical from Complete Tile Collection,
enchantingly mimics a mural; $330 per square foot, 212-255-4450.
Pieter Estersohn
A colorful basket-weave motif
by Stephen Miller Siegel
handsomely enlivens a quiet
New York bathroom.
the world of...
from top: Ivory tone-on-tone shapes make
Hercule from New Ravenna Mosaics
elegantly understated; $235 per square foot,
757-442-3379. Sicis’s Aviax Green apes
movement with stylized jade-hued birds;
price available upon request, 212-965-4100.
Wengé Nero from Bisazza is a graphic
composition of squares in stark black and
white; $28 per square foot, 212-334-7130.
Waterworks’ Parramore Clara swankily
reproduces the look of button tufting; price
available upon request, 800-899-6757.
Writ ten by Mario López-Cordero
Produced by Samantha Emmerling