Prince 100
Prince 200
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HOTEL.SERIES is designed
to create an enjoyable and relaxing
environment for both you and your fish. It's a
series of top of the range aquariums, offering
the very best T5 lamps and our patented
pressurized tank-top filtration system. It's
ideal for freshwater and superior for marine.
Fixed top panel to aquarium 100%
eliminating all water marks or salt at the rim
Complete aquarium with light & 3 stages
Silent water pump.
Odor & mosquito free fully enclosed
pressurized filter.
Easy to assemble and clean.
AA's aquariums are carefully designed with
safety & ease of maintenance in mind.
Tank top filtration also makes maintenance
very easy, with little disturbance to the
aquarium environment & your fish.
Before operating this aquarium, please read
the following instructions carefully.
Indoor use only!
Place the aquarium a small distance away
from electrical outlet as well as other
electrical appliances. Keep enough distance
such that under abnormal situations,
e.g. aquarium break, water will not affect
the main power supply and other electrical
Max. water temperature: 35°C.
Keep electrical appliances out of reach from
Children or infirm persons. Do not let them
use the appliances without supervision.
Do not attempt to remove the whole upper
apartment. Always open the front cover for
maintenance, replacement of lamp and
gain access to the tank.
Always unplug the main power supply before
carrying out maintenance.
Only use this aquarium and its components
for its intended use as described in the
Always unplug the main power supply when
not in use.
Do not plug or unplug any power supply
when hands are wet.
Do not operate this aquarium if it has a
damaged cord or plug. If the supply cord is
damaged it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agents or a
qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
Keep this manual for future reference.
All cables leading out of the aquarium and
the main cables should have a “drip loop”
(see below Fig. 1) so that any water cannot
run down into the main socket.
Drip Loop
List of parts:
Please open your box and remove the
aquarium out of its packaging and check for
the following parts:
1 Aquarium tank with top panel: main part of
the aquarium. The lamp is built-in in the
front rotary cover
2 T5 13W Aquarium Lamp built-in on front
cover( Prince 100 )
T5 21W Aquarium Lamp built-in on front
cover ( Prince 200 )
3 Filter Box: pressurized filter box with
efficient fully enclosed filtration media.
3-stages filtration: bio-balls for biological
filtration; activated carbon for chemical
filtration & sponge for mechanical filtration.
4 Filter Pump and pipes: circulates water
from tank to filter box.
5. In the event of changing water, only change
25% of the water and re-fill the tank with tap
water. Remember to add Chlorine Neutral!
6. AA recommends cleaning the impeller of
the pump once every 6 months to ensure
smooth and reliable performance.
i. Remove the filter pump from top panel.
ii. Slightly bend the pipe; the impeller
housing will disassemble from the pump.
(Ref. Fig. 7)
iii. Remove the
impeller assembly
to clean / brush
under running
iv. Re-assemble the
filter pump into top
panel, connect with
pipes according to instructions.
Filter pump doesn't work, it's doesn't
pump water into filter box.
i.For initial start, make sure water level
covers the water pump impeller position.
(Ref. Fig. 2)
ii.If water level is at “water pump impeller
position” but filter pump still doesn't work,
please refer to “Maintenance” Point 6,
cleaning of the impeller. (There could be
foreign objects in the impeller).
If the lamp doesn't light up.
i.Make sure it's plugged into the main supply.
Press the switch to “ON “position.
ii.If the lamp doesn't light up, replace the
lamp according to “Lamp Replacement”
iii.If the light still doesn't operate, please
return the lamp set to the retailer or service
- Unscrew the screws of control box and take
it out
- Pull the top cover (near the hinge area of
rotary front cover), and take out the lamp set.
- Unscrew the screws of white lamp reflector
and remove it from the front rotary lamp
- Return the whole lamp set (together with
control box) for maintenance/repair.
Lamp Replacement:
There is a regular life span for all light bulbs
and fluorescent lamp. Below are simple steps
in lamp replacement.
1. Please purchase replacement lamps from
aquarium shops. (Refer to “Specification
table” at the end of this manual)
2. Switch off the light and unplug from socket
before replacing the lamp.
3. Open the front rotary cover. Remove the
screws on lampholder cover; and use a
screwdriver to unlock the clips on
lampholder cover. Take out the lamp tube
and replace a new one (Ref. Fig. 8)
Lamp set
If excess algae grows & water turns green.
i.Make sure aquarium is not under direct
sunlight all the time. Consider
repositioning your tank.
ii.“Algae Cure” can be purchased from
aquarium shops to help control algae
iii.For green water problems, we recommend
a purchase of our UV Sterilizer. (Refer to
“Replacement parts & Accessories” for
more details.)
Adding a Protein Skimmer.
For saltwater fish, we recommend to add the
protein skimmer. There's a hole built-in on
the right of aquarium for our powerful protein
skimmer AA515(for Prince100) & AA535
(for Prince200). (Refer to “Replacement
parts & Accessories” for more details.)
Position Heater
Fig. 8
4. Re-assemble the lampholder
5. Do not plug in the socket unless you
complete the above steps.
5. Open the filter box, rinse all parts
(Bio-balls, Activated carbon & Sponge)
under running water. Wrap the activated
carbon with sponge and place them into
the center of the filter box. Place the
Bio-balls in the first compartment.
(Ref. Fig. 3).
Position protein
The 5 star series is specially designed to
have a built-in water flow control. There's a
rotary knob to control the water flow, turn the
knob to increase/reduce the water flow
7. Put the assembled filter pump, filter box
and pipes into the top panel. (Ref. Fig. 5)
Fig. 5
8. Plug in the aquarium and filter pump to the
9. To light up your aquarium, use the on / off
switch on top of the top panel. (Tip: Fish
require sufficient rest, we suggest for the
lamp to be “ON” for 14 to 18 hours per day)
10.Before adding your fish, please add
“Chlorine Neutral” (not included) into
aquarium (check dosage on the packaging
of Chlorine Neutral). Let the filtration run
for about 2 hrs before adding fish. If you
do not have Chlorine Neutral, we
recommend for the filtration to run for 12
hrs before adding fish.
11.Prince 100/ Prince 200 can also be used
for marine (saltwater) fish due to our
powerful and efficient filtration system.
If you intend to keep marine fish please
check the pH level and ammonia level
before adding fish, and follow the
instructions & dosage of your artificial sea
Prince 100 filter box
Prince 200 filter box
6. Assemble the connection pipes & strainer
to the filter pump & filter box. (make sure
all the caps are closed, to ensure a
pressurized filter box) (Ref. Fig. 4).
Rotary Knob
Trouble shooting & Tips:
1. Carefully check the tank for any DAMAGES.
If damage is found, please return to your
retailer immediately with your receipt
within 7 days of purchase.
2. POSITIONING your tank, please use the
following guidelines when positioning your
Choose a strong support surface for the
tank; remember, when the tank is full of
water, it can be heavy!
Try to avoid a location with direct sunlight
as this can encourage algae growth &
cause “green water” problems.
3. DECORATE your tank with plants, gravels,
rocks & other decorative items (not
included) Remember: rinse all decorative
items before putting them in the tank.
4. FILL the tank with water slowly. For initial
start, make sure water level covers the
water pump impeller position. (Ref. Fig. 2)
Matching Plastic Cabinet:
AA's plastic cabinet is superior over wooden
cabinet. There's no decay, no pests and
termites, no issues in humid environment,
no cracks or chips. It's durable and can
withstand heavy weight, and is very easy to
assemble no tools required and complete
within 5mins!
Position Heater
Position protein
1. To keep your aquarium clean, maintenance
should be carried out once every 3 to 5
weeks, depending on water conditions.
2. Do not use detergents to clean the tank,
its components or filtration media.
3. Always unplug the main power supply
before carrying out maintenance.
4. Open the lid of the top panel, remove the
filter box (drain water inside by tilting it
Ref. Fig. 6) from the pipe. Take the filter
box to a sink, open the lid and remove
filtration media from the filter box. Replace
existing sponge & activated carbon with
new filtration media (refer to “Replacement
parts & accessories” at the end of this
manual), rinse the filtration media and the
bio-balls with water taken from the
aquarium (do NOT use a brush to clean the
bio-balls as the bacteria on the surface of
the balls are essential to biological filtration).
Replacement parts & Accessories:
Below are replacement parts available at the
retailer where you have purchased this
Filtration Media:
Contains sponge & activated carbon, replace
approx. every 4 weeks, depending on water
conditions.(1 box R-050-SC for Prince100
& 2 boxes R-060-SC for Prince200)
Protein Skimmer:
AA515 & AA535 powerful protein skimmer
for saltwater aquarium.
Lamp tubes:
- White color accents aquatic plants & tropical
- Pink color enhances the beauty of
freshwater aquarium fish, goldfish & koi.
- Blue color is best for a marine aquarium.
Filter Pump is available as spare part.
Options & other accessories are sold
separately at retailers.
UV Sterilizer:
AAUV24W AA's revolutionary Internal UV
sterilizer with power head! UV radiation
controls bacteria, yeast, moulds, and other
pathogens. Extremely effective in fighting
against green water problems. Available in
2 sizes: 9W & 24W. Easy installation!
AA's Aquarium Heater
specially designed to
keep water temperature
at desired level for
tropical fish.
We recommend 150W
heater (AA150W) for
Prince100 and 250W
heater (AA250W) for
AA515 for Prince100
AA535 for Prince200
Specification Table:
Prince 100 AA660RGW
R-050-SC AA13W-WT5 AA390
Prince 200 AA2100RGW
R-060-SC AA21W-WT5 AA690
Discarding electrical and electronic
equipment at the end of life.
In everybody’s interest and to participate
actively in protecting the environment:
- Do not discard there items with your
hour sehold waste.
- Use the available trade-in and
collection systems.
Some materials can in this way be
recycled or recovered.
If you are interested in our products,
please kindly visit our homepage at
Comments and inquiries,
please write to us at
[email protected]
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