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Spring/Summer 2012
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New Danville
Live. Learn. Work. Grow.
New Danville’s Awarded
The Hunting Art Prize, which is sponsored by
the international oil services company Hunting
PLC, is a prestigious annual competition open
to established artists, talented newcomers, and
promising amateurs. Its $50,000 award is
historically the most generous annual award in
North America for painting and drawing, and
has helped to build the reputations, raise the
profiles, and support the careers of
distinguished artists.
This prestigious Prize was established in 1981 and emerged as one of the
United Kingdom’s leading art competitions before relocating to Houston in
2006. Today, the commitment upon which it was originally buil
built remains as
strong as ever: to provide artists the recognition they have earned, the
opportuni to have their work viewed
sponsorship they deserve, and the opportunity
and discussed by as broad an audience as possible.
during the Hunting Gala it was announced that New Danville is
On April
the recipient of a charitable donation as a part of the 2012 Hunting Art Prize.
In This Issue
Hunting Art Prize
Donations Needed
Fundraising Events
Woodforest Donation
Board Member Spotlight
Kathy’s Korner
Tea on the Lawn
New Danville Happenings
Meet the Director
5 Year Celebration
“We’re proud to support an organization so committed to giving adults with
disabilities the resources they need to overcome challenges and live
independently,” said Dennis Proctor, Chief Executive of Hunting PLC. “ New
Danville is certainly championing an important cause, and we couldn’t be
more pleased to contribute toward this effort.”
New Danville’s mission is to develop and maintain a self-sustaining, master-planned community
where adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can integrate with their nondisabled peers in a town they all can Live, Learn, Work, and Grow emotionally, socially and
spiritually in a safe, caring environment.
Spring / Summer 2012
N ew D anville N ews
Jazzy Junque (and Other Great Stuff)
Mark your calendar! Shopping at Jazzy Junque & Other Great Stuff! begins August
1st, 2012, permanently seven days a week!
Searching for the perfect location took a year. After extensive research at various
locations it was decided to remain in The Outlets at Conroe, located at 1111
League Line Rd., Conroe, TX. Because of the success of the past four annual sales
events, we felt that Jazzy Junque has established a name for itself at this facility, besides it’s easy to find and offers
abundant parking. Mrs. Linda Hein, who has served as Administrative Assistant at New Danville since its inception, has
agreed to spear-head this new endeavor as Store Manager. “We are very excited to have her on board bringing with her
the organizational skills that are so needed to run a shop of this magnitude,” states Odette D’Agostino, New Danville
Board Member and Nanci Day, co chair of previous sales, overseeing the opening of the new Jazzy Junque location.
Our intent with Jazzy Junque is to make it a unique shopping experience. In addition to the many beautiful items for
purchase that you have come to expect, the new store offers an opportunity to showcase and sell numerous products
created by the New Danville Wranglers themselves and of course all proceeds will continue benefitting New
Danville. Kathy Sanders, CEO and Founder of New Danville comments, “Having a permanent store front also allows us
the opportunity to educate the public about adults with special needs and the many programs offered at New Danville to
ensure that these individuals have the opportunity to reach to their full potential.”
The goal is to have volunteers helping on a daily basis. Many are needed to insure this new store
is a success. Donating your time will eliminate having to hire additional employees allowing
more funds to go to New Danville.
D’Agostino and Day go on to say, ”Those of you that have worked at the Jazzy Junque sales
events can attest to the fun that is had and friendships that are formed while working to benefit
New Danville. We are hoping that many of you will volunteer. Although hours and days will be
very flexible, we are looking for individuals who are interested in making firm commitments
based on their schedules. If you are interested, please contact the New Danville office, 936-3446200.“
The new store will be visually appealing, with many one-of-a-kind items and products for sales, but if this isn’t enough,
we are featuring our very own Espresso Café. Sip a delightful Vanilla Latte or Mocha while deciding which items most
appeal to you.
Our success continues to depend on generous donations from the public and we still offer pickup services to anyone
wanting to donate items and receive a tax write-off.
Linda Hein adds, “We make a promise that whether you patronize Jazzy Junque & Other Great Stuff! or become
involved by volunteering, we are aiming to make this the most exciting place to shop.“
When thinking of that special gift or new accessory for your home, put Jazzy Junque & Other Great Stuff! at the top of
your list. You won't be disappointed.
Spring / Summer 2012
N ew D anville N ews
Donations Needed
Donate Unwanted Items-Receive a Tax Write Off!
After 4 successful annual sales, we are now opening a
permanent location at the
100% of the proceeds from this store will benefit
We are seeking donations in the following categories
Furniture- Home Accessories- House wares- ArtGarden/Patio- Jewelry/Boutique-Collectibles- Antiques
Please donate only items in good and working condition.
Sorry….no large appliances, TVs, computers, exercise
equipment or mattresses (our space is limited).
As a courtesy to Outlets of Conroe retailers, we cannot accept
clothing except boutique items.
Contact Odette D’Agostino, 281-465-8484 Ext. 302, or
[email protected]
For the drop off location or to schedule a pick up of your
donated items
Thank you for supporting this endeavor!
Spring / Summer 2012
N ew D anville N ews
Crescent Moon Wine Bar Fights for New Danville!
Spring / Summer 2012
N ew D anville N ews
Woodforest Charitable Foundation Donation
By Kim Marling and Jeremy B. Horton
On behalf of Woodforest Charitable Foundation, I would like to thank you for
attending the Woodforest Charitable Foundation 2012 Charity Luncheon. Our
partnership makes it possible for us to make an effective and positive impact
within the communities we serve.
Since our inception in 2005, the Woodforest Charitable Foundation has donated
more than $2.4million to a variety of not-for-profit charitable organizations in
Texas and across the country where Woodforest Bank serves. Countless lives have
been enriched through our support of shelters for victims of abuse and poverty,
community health clinics and programs for seriously or terminally ill children,
child advocacy and teen intervention programs, Habitat for Humanity and homes
for disabled veterans, privately funded feeding programs through food banks as
well as programs supporting the mentally and/or physically disabled.
From left to right – Vicki Richmond, Secretary &
Treasurer, Woodforest Charitable Foundation; Kim
Marling, Executive Director & Vice President of
Woodforest Charitable Foundation; Kathy
Sanders, President, Texas New Community
Alliance-New Danville; U.S. Congressman Kevin
Brady; Dr. David Gottlieb, Board of Directors,
Woodforest Charitable Foundation.
Together, we are able to bring help, hope and opportunity to those faced with unfortunate challenges. We believe that
"in every community there is work to be done and in every heart there is the power to do it.” As always we are
extremely grateful for the opportunity to partner with Texas New Community Alliance (New Danville).
About Woodforest Charitable Foundation: The Woodforest Charitable Foundation was created by Woodforest
National Bank in 2005 as a direct result of its desire to support and invest in the communities in which it serves. The
Foundation is creating a legacy of commitment to those in need, enriching lives and communities through dedicated
leadership and faithful administration by providing funding to qualifying 501(c)(3) charities. For additional
information regarding The Woodforest Charitable Foundation, call (832) 375-CARE (2273) or visit the foundation’s
website at
About Woodforest National Bank: Celebrating 33 years of service and ranked among the top earning banks in the
United States, the Woodforest family of banks currently has assets of approximately $3.2 billion and services more
than 1 million customers with branches in excess of 760 throughout seventeen states: Texas, Alabama, Florida,
Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. For information about Woodforest National Bank, please
call 832-375-2000 or visit the bank’s website at
Community Support
Spring / Summer 2012
N ew D anville N ews
Volunteer Spotlight
Kathleen Pavey
Ouida Savage
Kathleen & Ouida’s friendship began many years
ago during their freshman year in college where
they both received degrees in education. They met
Steve & Chuck, and
began a
Kathleen & Steve
children, Spencer &
recently added their
son-in-law, Kevin to
their family. Ouida
& Chuck have 2
grown children, Ryan & Jaclyn. Their family also
includes their daughter-in-law, Caitlin.
Staff Spotlight
James Scott
In 2006 New Danville
wasn’t even a blip on his
radar. While working in
the Job Skills Training
program with a special
needs student at College
Park High School, James
Scott became aware of
our unique community.
“I visited New Danville
and really wanted to
work here.” States James.
I inquired about any job
opportunities with Kathy
Sanders and there was a
position open. I got the
Kathleen’s teaching career began in the Houston
teaching career
began in San
Antonio. A job
Ouida and her
husband brought
the two families
together again in
Houston where
Kathleen & Ouida
careers in education and raised their families.
James plays a very important roll at New Danville. He
is an instructor and supervises the landscaping
program. His areas of expertise are physical education,
health, and some off site activities such as going to the
library, YMCA and Bowling.
On any given weekday
you will find 5 or 6
Wranglers working on
the grounds mowing,
trimming, sweeping and
general beautification of
the property.
“I love working with
these great Wranglers
Danville grow,” remarks
James. “ They are so
community, enjoy interacting with their peers
and are truly developing independence. I plan on being
here for a long, long time.”
Both families made a career move in 1994. Kathleen
& Steve moved to the Dallas area and Ouida &
Chuck moved to Taiwan. Kathleen began her career
in Plano ISD where she became the principal of an
elementary school and was blessed with a
wonderful community of students that included
numerous programs for students with special needs.
Ouida became involved in overseas endeavors
including working closely with orphanages and
being a host family for a child during the adoption
process. Ouida returned to education as a librarian
during their time in China.
Thank you James for all that you do and the positive
attitude you bring everyday!
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Spring / Summer 2012
N ew D anville N ews
Board Member Spotlight
Kathy’s Korner
Martha Haag
2012 is proving to be a very
special year for New Danville.
As the Life Learning Center's
5th anniversary approaches,
New Danville's continuous
growth is evident with the
addition of new wranglers
and mavericks, day program
staff, and volunteers. Welcome
to new staff members: Kristine
Peel (Attendance Clerk),
Cortney Brown (Maverick Aide),
Anna Brown (Wrangler sewing, assembly
and cooking instructor), Virginia Mullinax (Wrangler
art, photography and music instructor), Kendall
Jacobson (gardening & landscaping manager), Kelly
Knudsen (Accounting Clerk), Dean Randolph
(Maintenance Manager and Beekeeper), and Sherry
Burgess (Administrative Assistant).
Martha is a born, bred, &
raised native Texan. She
started her life in Colorado
City. She grew up there,
Abilene, and Fort Worth. She
attended the University of
Texas where she received her
B.S. degree in Elementary
Education with a certificate in
Special Education.
While in transition from college to a career in
teaching Special Education in Richardson, Texas, she
had a blind date with a guy named Lee Haag. Her
sister, Jana, set them up & said, "He's fun to date, but
don't get serious!" After 36 years of marriage, 3
children (Leigh Ann, Sam, and Megan), 2 in-laws
(Scott & Mallon), and the love of her life, grandson
Luke, she is still not serious.
After raising her children and participating in their
activities, Martha was looking for a meaningful
volunteer opportunity. She mentioned to her good
friend, Bev Earl, who at that time was a board
member of New Danville, that she was
interested. Days later, maybe minutes, she was
invited to a start-up meeting for New Danville
programs. When asked, "Who would like to be in
charge of volunteers for the miniature horse
program?" she slowly raised her hand. That was the
I'm proud and excited to announce that the Life
Learning Center's day program will be under new
management as Karyn Grace officially takes over July
1st. Karyn brings a wealth of management experience,
sound judgment and problem-solving skills to this
flagship program. In addition to coordinating the
wrangler and maverick weekly activities, supervising
staff, and preparing the schedules, Karyn will be
responsible for developing and promoting new
products. Many of our Wrangler products will be
available at Jazzy Junque.
Martha showed up
at New Danville
Tuesday, October
3, 2007. The barn
was still under
construction, but
there was a tent,
port-a-potty, and
Wranglers eager to
We had three Eagle Scout projects completed in the
Spring of 2012: (1) a water line was laid in the cemetery
pasture for our miniature horse program; completed in
April by Scout Zachery E. Hall; (2) the beautiful garden
bridge provides safe and easy access from the
equipment barn to the greenhouse; completed in May
by Scout Joshua Peterson; and (3) "Abby's Place", an
enclosed yard with shade shelter and in-door/out-door
access for Abby the Dog; completed in June by Scout
Mattson McCrary.
Continues on page 9
Continues on page 9
Spring / Summer 2012
N ew D anville N ews
Volunteer Spotlight Continued pg. 6
Board Member Spotlight Continue pg. 6
Kathleen Pavey
Ouida Savage
Martha Haag
In 2007 Kathleen & Steve moved to Lake Conroe
administration. While walking her dogs in her
neighborhood she met a neighbor that was
talking about a wonderful new community called
New Danville.
Kathleen went back to her
computer, found the website, turned in an
application to volunteer and the rest is history.
Kathleen has volunteered at New Danville since
the fall of 2007 where she has had the pleasure to
assist the wonderful staff at New Danville in a
variety of ways. Imagine her surprise when she
realized that one of the Wranglers was her
student during her first year of teaching! He has
the same contagious smile that was present then!
5 years later, look where we are! We have a barn with
11 miniature horses, 1 pony, & 3 donkeys. We have a
greenhouse and gardens full of beautiful plants and
vegetables. There is an educational building where
classes such as sewing, cooking, crafts, music, drama,
woodworking, and life management are held. And
we have 100 plus Wranglers.
In addition to her Tuesday volunteer time with John
Massey, the horses, and Wranglers, Martha serves as
a Board Member in charge of volunteers, a board
representative on the Meadowbrook Family Advisory
Committee, and on various fund raising committees.
"I love New Danville - the Wranglers, staff, and ALL
the volunteers. Thank you for enriching my life."
Once again, the two families were reunited when
Ouida and Chuck made their move to Lake
Conroe. Ouida had heard about New Danville
and couldn’t wait to volunteer in this
Kathleen & Ouida spend
Wednesday afternoons at New Danville helping
out in a variety of ways. They may be found on a
CBI trip, riding in a golf cart, cooking, assisting in
art activities or drama & music.
Kathy’s Korner Continued pg. 6
All three of these projects made valuable improvements
to New Danville's grounds and facilities. A very special 'thank you' to these three fine young men and the
numerous donors who helped fund these wonderful
I'm excited about New Danville's future, and proud to
have such talented staff and a supportive board of
directors. I look forward to our 5th Anniversary
Celebration in October. Until then, have a great
Spring / Summer 2012
N ew D anville N ews
Fundraising Events
Tea on the Lawn
The fourth annual Tea on the Lawn was a spectacular event with a record attendance. This year’s
event raised over $62,000 with all proceeds benefitting New Danville.
Our lovely guest speaker, Mrs. Deborah Helman Co-founder of Wonderwild, a free-play party
facility for children, and veteran marketing industry
executive. Drawing on her experiences at Sotheby's,
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and New
York’s prestigious Parsons School of Design. Deborah
shared ways in which each of us can grace the world
with our gifts. Deborah truly inspired us!
Ms. Deborah
Our event chairs, Tanya Urban and Natalie Noack did a fabulous job organizing and
planning this wonderful event. Along with our great committee; Kristin Baadsgaard,
Gay Brown, Odette D’Agostino, Nanci Day, Martha Haag, Barbara Hilton, Tricia
MacDonald, Maryellyn Miller, Stephanie Milstead, Nan McShan, Sandra Novack, Patti Rivela, Beth Stewart, and
Melissa Young.
Of course, this event would not be possible with out the support of each sponsor
Tea on the Lawn Event Underwriter
Claridges Sponsor
The Savoy Sponsor
Champagne Cocktail Sponsor
Jewelry Auction Item Donor
Event Photographer
Event Website Sponsor
Generous China Donor
Invitation Donor
Music Director
Tea Cup Donor
Photos by Mary Kristen
Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed this very special event! Look for information for next
year’s Tea on the Lawn!
Spring / Summer 2012
N ew D anville N ews
Meet the New Staff
Grace has been named Program Director
for the New Danville Day Habilitation Program.
Karyn was one of the first families to come to
New Danville. Her daughter started before
the building of the barn was finished. Last
year Karyn took early retirement
retiremen from the
French oil company Total, where she ran their
Public Affairs and Crisis Communications Departments
for 22 years. Prior to that Karyn was a Creative Director in a New York
ad agency.
Karyn Grace
Sherry Burgess has accepted the position of Administrative Assistant. Sherry has over 20 years
experience as an administrative assistant. She worked with Conroe ISD in the Curriculum
Department for 6 years. Additionally Sherry has experience working in customer service and sales
office environments. She has one daughter, a dog and two cats.
“We are really excited to have Karyn and Sherry join us,” States Kathy Sanders, New Danville’s
CEO. “They both bring so much energy, enthusiasm and great ideas to our program. They are a
great addition to our wonderful staff.”
Be Sure to Eat Your Vegetables
The gardens at New Danville do so much more than grow things; it is an outdoor classroom for
the Wranglers. Our gardening program gives the Wranglers an opportunity to shine and take
pride in their achievements. For all the Wranglers involved in the gardening program, the
gardens have become an opportunity to socially interact with their peers as well as
learn about the importance of working together and taking
The Wranglers have had great success with the vegetables this
season. Watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, tomatoes, eggplant,
okra, and chili peppers are a plenty and taste great.
“Our gardens have definitely provided the Wranglers with
lifelong lessons that will not be forgotten,” says Instructor
Kendall Jacobson at New Danville. “I can also see how much
they enjoy growing, nurturing, and eating what we plant.”
After harvesting and washing our daily crops, Wranglers enjoy
learning how to cook and eating their bounty!
Spring / Summer 2012
N ew D anville N ews
New Danville Celebrates 5 Years
In 2007, New Danville began to live its vision: having a place where adults with intellectual and developmental
disabilities can live, learn, work and grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually with their non-disabled peers.
Spirit Cookers
The celebration took place on May 5th, 2012 at New Danville under the pavilion. Guests
were treated to a magnificent hamburgers and hot dogs lunch catered by the Spirit Cookers,
a volunteer group of St. Kolbe Catholic Church. Finishing off a wonderful afternoon, The
Marketplace was opened to those that attended the festivities where they could browse
through and purchase the many products created by the Wranglers. Products for donations
included benches, mosaics, tea baskets, birdhouses, pens and crosses.
Milestones that were acknowledged at the celebration:
5 Years of Service
Board members: Stephanie
Milstead, Nan McShan,
Barbara Hilton, Brady Hull,
Odette D’Agostino,
Staff: Linda Hein, John Massey,
Kathy Sanders
Valued Employee Awards
Jimmy Bounds – Mail Services
Donna Crudeur – Janitorial
Dennis Goynes – Animal Care
Kris Lowe – Janitorial
Golf Cart Drivers Licenses
Amanda Arnett
Ashley Burch
Mariann Cano
Adrian Cavazos
Catherine Cendrick
Jason Currie
David Darsey
John Emmons
Brian Forrest
Brenda Lovell
Lacey McGlaun
Seth Milliff
Lee Moore
Michael Myers
Nicholus Pile
Alex Ramsey
Kenny Riddile
Logan Sanford
Kelli Santistevan
Anne White
La’Qicia Wilkin
Life Readiness Training –
Phase I Certificates
Ryan Alonzo
Stormy Austerman
Ashley Burch
Mariann Cano
Adrian Cavazos
Donna Credeur
Rachelle Credeur
David Darsey
Xandria Davis
Noriann Doguim
Aaron Dyson
Robert Egley
Brian Forrest
Hope Gentry
David Hawkins
Lisa Lindhout
Brenda Lovell
Alex Macareno
Lacey McGlaun
Lee Moore
Michael Myers
Cameron Pfister
Nicholus Pile
Terri Pruitt
Alex Ramsey
Stacie Reinke
Kenny Riddile
Logan Sanford
Jennifer Springer
Whitney Tholstrup
Daniel Wise
Elizabeth Zakes
Maverick Participation Ribbons
Joshua Abatie
John Breaux
Lisa Marie Cole
Regina Davidson
Kelly Geohagan
Jeremy Lewis
O.C. Mae Lewis
Rebecca Lilly
Mike Newton
DeWayne Parker
Teri Price
Ross Traylor
Jamark Wilkins
Evelyn Willis
Vocals – Wrangler Kelli Santistevan,
Accompanied by Theresa Massey
“Thanks to everyone for coming out and celebrating this
big event with us. We are so proud of New Danville, the
Wranglers, Mavericks, staff and volunteers,“ Said Kathy
Sanders, CEO, New Danville.
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