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Renovate instead
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A newsletter for members of Alabama Lions Clubs
September 2016
2017 Lions 100th Anniversary
The stage is being set and the plans are being
finalized for the Lions of the World to come to
Chicago for the 2017 Centennial Convention. Lions
Clubs International is preparing to welcome you in
June, 2017 for the 100th Lions Clubs International
The convention opens on Friday, June 30th and
runs through Tuesday, July 4th. Changes have been
made in the use of the Chicago venues as well as the
parade route since the last time the convention was
in Chicago.
All the plenary sessions, voting, exhibits,
educational seminars, entertainment, and the
International Show will be at one venue - McCormick
Place located on Chicago’s lake front.
The traditional Lions International Parade
of Nations will march through the commercial
district of Chicago on State Street on Saturday,
July 1st. Annually, Chicago only permits three
parades on State Street and in 2017 our parade
will be number four.
By going to Chicago, you will be able to
experience the city of the birth of our organization.
See the Lions statue that appears in the photograph
of our founder, Melvin Jones. You will have the
opportunity to visit an exhibit in the Convention Hall
that displays our history as well as the opportunity to
visit our headquarters in Oak Brook.
Chicago by itself has a lot to offer for those
that visit. The beautiful lake front where you can
walk, along with a variety of museums and cultural
centers, Navy Pier with its new Ferris wheel and
of course the Magnificent Mile for your shopping
So, as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary, let’s
take the time to renew our commitment to the
motto “We Serve” and for the
centennial “Where There is
a Need, There is a LION”.
This commitment will
help us achieve our goals
for our Centennial
carry us forward into
our second hundred years of Service.
The Alabama Delegation Hotel is the
SHERATON CHICAGO. Other delegations assigned
at the Sheraton Chicago are: Australia, Georgia,
New Zealand, Oklahoma, and Texas. Therefore, it
is imperative that you register early in order to be
assured a room at the Alabama delegation hotel.
Additional information on events, hotel
accommodations, registration forms, and perhaps
a bus charter opportunity will be published in the
coming editions of The Alabama Lion newsletter.
So plan to GO and CELEBRATE this milestone
The convention will be well attended and you will
meet Lion members from around the world. This is
a once in a life-time opportunity.
– Tuesday,
4, 2017
• Chicago,
30 30
– Tuesday,
4, 2017
• Chicago,
• May 1, 2017: Deadline for advance registration and hotel reservation. Registrations after this date will be processed in Chicago
• May 1, 2017: Deadline to receive a refund for a registration cancellation and a refund for a hotel room cancellation
REGISTRANT INFORMATION Please type or print name as it appears on passport/photo ID.
First Name ___________________________________
Family (Last) Name _____________________________
Address ______________________________________
City ____________________________________
Badge/Call Name ___________________
State/Province _________________________
Postal Code ___________________________________
Country ________________________________
Daytime Phone ________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________________________________________________
 Lion: Club No._____________ Membership No. ____________ District _______ Title _________________________________
COMPANION: First Name ______________________
Family (Last) Name _____________________________
 Lion  Lioness
Badge/Call Name ___________________
 Lion: Club No._____________ Membership No. ____________ District _______ Title _____________________________
 Lion  Lioness  Guest
CHILD: First Name ______________________________
Family (Last) Name ______________________________
Age _________________  Alpha Leo
CHILD: First Name ______________________________
Family (Last) Name ______________________________
Age _________________  Alpha Leo
 This is my/our first LCI convention.  Not my first convention, I’ve attended ______________
 Letter of Invitation (If a visa is required for your country of origin) [Club number must be provided above to verify membership]
The plenary sessions are presented in English with simultaneous translation Will you require a headset? No  Yes
PACKAGE A: Includes convention registration for each registrant listed above plus one (1) hotel room serviced by shuttle buses during convention.
 Before January 13, 2017:
 After January 13, 2017:
Reservation in delegation hotel
 I prefer my delegation hotel
 if my delegation hotel is not available, next choice/preference _____________________
 Prefer hotel based on:
 room rate of __________
 location near convention center
Arrival date ______________ Departure date___________________ Number of Guests in Room: __________ Number of Beds Needed  1  2
Special Requirements: Non-smoking  Wheelchair Accessible  Other _______________________________________________________________________
 The Hotel deposit is US$200 for a standard room and US$350 for a suite. The hotel deposit is not the rate but reserves the room. One hotel deposit per room, not
per person Your deposit will be credited to your hotel bill at checkout.
 NO ROOM REQUIRED (Registration only for each person listed above.)
I/we plan to attend the following event(s): (Must be registered to attend)
Melvin Jones Fellow Luncheon
July 3/ 13:30-15:00
US $75 _________
District Governor/Past District Governor Banquet
July 3/ 20:00-22:00
US $125 _________
PAYMENT: Full payment is required with this form. • US currency only. Checks and money orders must be drawn on US banks.
• Only Visa, MasterCard & Discover cards accepted. • Contact LCI for wire transfer instructions.
Child (17 and under )
Package A:
Ticketed Events:
Hotel Deposit:
Total Due:
(before January 13, 2017)
(January 14 through March 31, 2017)
(1 April, 2017 – onsite)
Package B:
Ticketed Events:
Total Due:
 Check  Bank transfer/deposit (copy must be attached to this form)  Visa  MasterCard  Discover
Your name as it appears on the card _______________________________________________ Credit card must be in the name of the registrant.
Card Number ___-___-___-___-___-___-___-___-___-___-___-___-___-___-___-____ Exp. Date ____-____ Security code (3 digits) __________
Signature _________________________________________________________________________________
Mail form and payment to: Lions Clubs International Attn: Convention Division • 300 West 22nd Street • Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842 USA • Allow 4 weeks for processing and
mail delivery of your confirmation. Credit Card and Bank Transfer Payments can be faxed to: (1-630) 571-1689 (If you fax, please do not mail original) •Questions? Email
us: [email protected] . Please note: Lions Clubs International will be documenting the international convention for promotional purposes. Your participation
may be filmed or photographed at this event. Your registration is your consent for use of these images by Lions Clubs International.
CRHF 2017.EN
ALS Executive Director’s Report
Alabama Lions Sight and UAB Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital welcomes new residents!
“I appeal to you, you who have your sight, your hearing, you who are brave and strong and kind. Will you not
constitute yourselves KNIGHTS OF THE BLIND in this
crusade against darkness?”
— Helen Keller
Alabama Lions Sight is excited about our five new
residents in the Ophthalmology program at Callahan that
will be with us for the next three years. The residents have
already completed their medical training and are fully
fledged Medical Doctors (MD’s) but have decided to continue their training to specialize in the treatment of the eye.
At any given time we have 15 residents in the residency
program with the first year doctors manning the Lions Eye
Clinic and emergency room at Callahan which is one of
only three 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency eye trauma
hospitals in the United States.
The first year is a grueling year for the 5 new residents
as they are on call the entire year covering the ER and Lions
Eye Clinic as well as getting practical experience at Chil-
dren’s Hospital, Cooper Green hospital and the VA hospital
which is located next to Callahan.
Each year Alabama Lions Sight, along with the Eye
Sight Foundation and the International Retinal Foundation, host a reception for all 15 residents and their families.
Alabama Lions Sight uses the occasion to present the five
new residents with a monogrammed doctor’s bag, a book
written by Dr. Callahan on the history of the hospital and
present them with a Plexiglas plaque with the Helen Keller
quote from the beginning of this article when Helen spoke
to the Lions International convention in 1925. We encourage the residents to display the plaque prominently in their
office so that it may be a daily inspiration to them in their
quest to prevent blindness.
The Lions Eye Clinic at Callahan could not function
and offer world class treatment to approx. 5,000 patients
a year without the residency program and the dedicated
doctors that are being trained and those that are doing the
training such as Alabama Lions Sight Clinic director Dr. Ye
and resident supervisor Dr. Read!
Remember, I would love to visit your club and give
the members an update on all the great things going on at
Pictured from Left to right are Dr.’s Bernard Dib,
Robert Knox, Nishi Shad, Alex McGaughy
and Richard Martindale enjoying the reception
in their honor.
Callahan and throughout the state by YOUR association,
Alabama Lions Sight. Call me at 334-306-4904 or email me
at [email protected]
Yours in Lionism,
Lion Durden
Welcome our Incoming Residents!
Appreciation Awards were presented at the June 2016 Alabama Sight Board Meeting
Above, pictured, from left, PID Lowell Bonds, PCC Ron Seybold, Lion Steve Cartee and PDG Don Jarrells were
also presented with an Appreciation Award for their many years
of service to Alabama Lions Sight.
Executive Director Durden Dean
presented the awards.
Pictured, at right, out going ALS
President PCC Jerry Bonner, left,
is presented with an Appreciation
Award from Executive Director Durden Dean for his positive leadership
this last Lion’s year.
• 2,422 patients seen year-to-date
• 243 were in the month of July
— Page 2 —
In and Around the District
To each and every Lion in District 34-A.
Your generous service is making life better
for the people of our communities, our district, our state, our nation---and our planet!
Your efforts in the Centennial categories--plus the regular projects---are indeed
making a positive difference!!!
Please remember to submit monthly reports---we want to know how many
people your club is
serving. If every
club reports its projects, we will ---I am
CERTAIN! Be close to our long-range goal
of serving 300,000 fellow Alabamians VERY
Send photos of your club’s activities to
[email protected] We’ll use as
many as possible in the ALABAMA LION
newspaper. If we don’t have room for every
photo, we will send any remaining photos
for placement on the Alabama Lions’ website.
Please purchase a Lions sign and display it along a road in your community.
Let’s share the secret---WE DO EXIST and
are serving our communities! The signs
may be ordered from the supplies catalog or
on-line. We may get some more members
if we emphasize “We’re here!” to our communities.
Send news of club activities to your
local radio station(s) and newspapers. The
stations and papers may not broadcast
or print everything---but “the squeaking
wheel” will eventually get some publicity.
Keep “your eyes open” every day for
prospective members. If you know of a
prospective Lion in a town other than your
own, please share his or her info with the
club’s president or district officer.
Circle the date on every calendar!!
March 10-11---District a convention---”A
Celebration of Lionism’s 100 years.” Cherokee Countians will be rolling out the red
carpet---with a Friday night reception in a
mansion atop Lookout Mountain, breakfast
at the museum, a birthday party in another
mansion, and flights over Little River Canyon, and much more!!!
To the Cullman Lions Club---for getting that multi-page article in the Lions›
Magazine. A round of applause also
goes to the club for actually sponsoring
their fair for decades!!!
Those Lions have hit the ground running and have accomplished an astounding
number of service projects since receiving
their charter such a short time ago!!!
Since being chartered in early 2015, the Hartselle Lions have been involved in numerous
service projects---including a health fair (shown in photo), food collection for the needy,
sponsorship of three students to Lions Youth Forum, eyeglasses for several individuals, barbecue sales, sponsorship of ice cream truck for youngsters living in a low economic area, and
a Zombie Run.
Have a happy Centennial
DG Anne
Photo by PDG Jim McGuire
Centre Lions have long supported anti-litter campaigns, but they have “put muscle to their
words” by participating in the Adopt-A-Mile program for the past five years. The results were
two dozen bags filled with an interesting assortment of litter. Pictured L to R: Lions Ed Allen,
Jr., Gaylon Hammett, Linda Starr, Lanny Starr, Anne Shumaker, Tim Marton, and Jeff Wolfe.
Not pictured is Lion Terry Dean, local newspaper editor.
Club president Joyce Frohock, second from right and her fellow club leaders were installed in
late June by PDG Jim McGuire, an active leader of the Hokes Bluff Lions Club. PDG McGuire
used a lifebuoy visual aid to remind officers and club members that it takes all officers and
members working together to keep the club on an even keel. The Rainbow City Club sponsors
a successful Pancake Day breakfast each spring. The club also has had a district-high number
(more than 120) entries in the Peace Poster contest for the past several years.
— Page 3 —
In and Around the District
Well, have you found your
“New Mountain to Climb” yet? Have
you made plans to make this 100th
year the best year ever and send
it out with a mighty ROOOAR!!!!?
District 34B has already started with
our 1st District Cabinet meeting (23
Jul 16) in Odenville, AL we moved
2nd VDG Pedro Pino to the 1st
VDG position and appointed PDG
Ray Miller (from the Talladega
Lions) temporarily to the 2nd VDG
position. As stated the 2nd VDG
position is just filled temporarily
so we are still looking for a highly
qualified motivated person who
wants to move up into the DG slot
in 2018. Our next cabinet meeting
will be held on 29 Oct 16 at the
Auburn Chamber of Commerce
located 714 E. Glen Ave Auburn,
AL don’t worry there are no home
football games that weekend so we
should have a big crowd right?
This past month we added
Face book as a social media sight
for our district and you can log on
by going to Alabama Lions 34B in
the search engine block of your
face book page. We are looking
at adding a web page but the cost
would amount to $150.00 and at
this time our district budget can’t
fund it so donations would have to
made by the clubs to do this at a cost
of about $3.00 per club per year. If
you have any suggestion about this
please feel free to call your Zone
and Region Chairs or bring it up
at the next district cabinet meeting
when you get there.
The District Team will be
visiting your clubs in the next few
months and the only way we can be
sure that your club receives a visit
is by going on MyLCI and looking
at when/where the club meets and
call the President or Secretary to set
up a time for the visit. Our problem
is several clubs every year do not
put in a PU101 form or fill it in the
slot on MyLCI reporting page. Let
me remind you that this is required
by LCI by the end of May each year
whether you change officers or not,
it must be reported. My DG Team
will be assigned in this order 1st
Pino (205-515-0494) Regions 1 &2,
2VDG Miller (256-362-6665) Region
3 Zone 5 and DG Keesler (256-8200043) Regions 3 &4 along with the
Pelham, Tuscaloosa and Vernon
Clubs, so give us a call.
As we finish out our 100th
year let us remember what brought
us into being, a few business men
setting around at a table in Chicago,
IL in June 1917 having lunch and
discussing business when Melvin
Jones spoke of a need to serve
people in need.. After much
thought and discussion the Lions
Club was formed and now here we
are going 100 years with over 1.4
Alabama Proud at International Convention in Japan
Pictured, from left, are Lion Betty Keesler, Mobile Lions Club President Tom Walch, DG Don Keesler and PDG
Sylvia Acosta.
million Lions in over 200 countries
around the world with that same
need to Serve.
DG Don Keesler
Pictured is Brittany Lee of Oxford H.S. who attended the ALHSLF at Troy University and members of the Oxford At 90 and 91 years young Lions Donald and Katherine Vives of the Auburn
Lions Club.
Lions are still serving strong.
— Page 4 —
In and Around the District
Fellow Lions, hello! District 34C held its first cabinet
meeting, July 23rd in Greenville. All the clubs represented gave interesting reports
of their service activities. It
always amazes me the service that our clubs are providing to their communities!
Hopefully, at our next cabinet
meeting, we will hear reports
from more clubs. Immediate PDG Dora Hartsock surprised Greater Dothan Area
Lions Club President, Tracey McDaniel, with a Melvin
Jones Fellow. Lion Tracey is
also the district’s treasurer
Pictured, from left, are GDA Lions President
this year. Congrats Tracey,
McDaniel, PCC and LCIF-D Coordinator
you deserved the recognition!
Elmore, and IPDG Dora Hartsock.
By the time you receive
this newsletter, the Alabama
Lions Leadership Conference will have already occurred; so it’s like a “Back to the Future”
kind of report! I will have attended the conference, rich with information about lions, leadership skills sessions, and more. If you didn’t attend this year’s conference, I would encourage you to mark your calendars for attending August 2017.
1st VDG Claudia Wigglesworth and her husband, PP Charlie, will be attending the
Lions USA/Canada Forum, September 15-17, in Omaha, NB. I look forward to her sharing
her experience and renewed energy in lions with all of us throughout the district!
The Ashford Lions held a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Friday, July 22nd,
partnering with their local Broadway Café who provided breakfast and lunch to 41
LE officers throughout the day. “This was the first time an event like this took place
in Ashford”, said Ashford Lion Denise Fowler. She also said that she benefited just as
much as the officers, by saying “thank you” to the people who protect her every day.
Satsuma Lions prepared twenty bags of school
supplies for students that
might not be able to purchase them.
Lion Club President Jimmy Upton and Lions Tom
Williams, Linda Robbins,
and Shelia Walters with
grandson Bradley Walters
are shown delivering the
The Lions also
served as greeters/guides
for “Swamp Survival” for
Seventh and Eighth Grade
orientation; and for “Meet
the Teacher” for Satsuma
elementary students.
I hope all of our clubs
have planned out their service impact activities to
include at least one activPictured L-R, President Jimmy Upton, Lions Tom ity in each of the centenWilliams, Linda Robbins, Shelia Walters and her nial core programs, youth,
hunger vision, and envigrandson, Bradley Walters.
ronment. Be sure to submit your activities through
MyLCI and select the centennial service icon that fits your activity. AS you should
know by now, one of our district goals is to connect with community by each club to
identifying and completing one legacy project in your community by April 30, 2017.
If you need assistance with any of your centennial activities, please feel free to call
on our district centennial coordinator, Han Lahti of Bay Minette Lions. You can see
what other clubs around the world are doing for centennial service activities through
the Lions Club International Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/lionsclubs.
If you haven’t already received a notice from myself as your district governor,
or one of our vice district governors, you should anticipate being contacted soon to
schedule a governor’s club visitation. Remember, “Where there’s a need, there’s a
Next district cabinet meeting: Saturday, October 29th, Ridgecrest Baptist Church,
1231 Fortner Street, Dothan, AL 36301.
LCIF GOALS - District 34-C
JULY 2016 - JUNE 2017
Pictured, from left, are Ashford Lions President Bob Basch
with law enforcement officers.
Make plans to attend the 7th Annual EER and Fishing sponsored by the Covington VIP Lions
Club, September 25 – 28, 2016 at the Blue Lake Camps, 8500 Oakwood Lane, Andalusia, AL.
For more information contact: Lion Wanda Scoggins
at 334-428-3335 ([email protected]) or Lions Dirk Price at 334-469-2016.
• Donations must be on record with
LCIF by June 1st 2017
• $30,000.00 District with every club
• The club with every member donating $20.00 plus the club makes a donation.
• Every member who donates
$1000.00 or more
• Every club giving a Melvin Jones or
Progressive Melvin Jones award.
• The award for each category will be
drawn/presented at 1st cabinet meeting
— Page 5 —
When sending funds to LCIF headquarters, Club secretaries must send in
names of member donations along with
amount to LCIF to be recorded on their
records .
Lions Club International Foundation
630-571-5466 www.LCIF.org
Look for info in Alabama Lion on
updates to our Goals
PCC Glen Elmore LCIF Chairman 34C
251-769-6365 Cell
334-636-4450 Home
[email protected]
Renovate instead of ALABAMA LIONS FORWARD
recycling all the time
ID Jerome Thompson
My goodness the Lionistic year
is already speeding away and the
lions of Alabama have begun their
run! The Global Leadership Team
for MD 34 has ambitious plans to
improve the pool of future candidates to lead our Multiple.
So far we complain about the
lack of leadership in our districts,
about the lack of commitment,
knowledge, and willingness to participate. Yes, there is certain truths
to those negative connotations with
the unfailing reality that there are
some Lions who are still believers in
the organization, who attend every
meeting, and give gladly their personal resources to foster the ideal of
The tragedy of this fallacy is that
there are not enough of those dedicated Lions to fulfil all of the vacancies in the leadership positions.
When we have to start recycling old
Lions…, a negative sign is hitting our
face. When we have 25 or less members attending a cabinet meeting, or
50 attending a Leadership Conference, the flame of service must be
reignited and our efforts to prepare
the Lions for such an endeavor multiply.
There is another issue on the
table, it is so much easier to point out
shortcomings and faults than provide solutions to remedy them. As
Coordinator for the GLT program I
have the awesome responsibility to
find, prepare and launch the future
leaders for Alabama. I request your
help in helping me to scout for talent among your members. I cannot
be present in every club, but I have
an innate faith in the quality of our
membership, that if we GIVE THE
OPPORTUNITY to the silent majority, the number of members willing
to come to the plate will surprise us.
I feel upset when I see positions
in a club perpetuating year after year,
I am not questioning the effectiveness, loyalty and dedication of the
Lions doing the job, but I am questioning the loss of an opportunity to
another Lion to show his/her leadership. The idiom “if it ain’t broken,
do not fix it” in this case, is not good
advice. We must renovate instead of
recycling all the time.
I am attending on August 20th
seminar in Kinston, NC sponsored
by LCI about the opportunity to learn
how to polish our presentations. I
am driving the 8 or 9 hours and I
hope it is worthy of my time….How
presumptuous of me to think that I
might learn a little in that workshop!!
Here is another issue we face,
some of the Lions of Alabama feel
they have heard it all, and nothing new will come about in a seminar. Another myth we have to bring
down, if attendance will increase. We
just have been following the same
pattern, generation after generation,
“because we have always done it
this way”, we are depriving the new
comers to showcase their initiatives,
ideas and opportunities to help the
association. I will repeat this workshop on “polishing presentations”
in Montgomery after we come back
from the U.S. Canada Forum.
The training of all club officers is
of daring importance, MD34 A with
PDG Dr. Glenda Moxley is ready to
be called and train as many officers
as needed. PDG Judy Pritchett has
almost completed all the zone chairs
as well as MD 34 B club officers, and
there is not a GLT assigned for MD
34 C to complete this task. PDG Ron
Mitchell has ably fulfilled that duty in
the Western part of Alabama.
In my humble opinion and for
once I believe everybody agrees, that
one person per district is not enough
to cover the territory training club
officers. Luckily, I received notification that a small stipend has been
set aside for the GLT and GMT district officers to do their jobs. I do
not think that is conducive to great
participation if you have to foot the
bill for all your traveling; now with
this little initiative I expect to have
better participation. We are middle
class folks willing to share a bit of
our resources, but some of these jobs
require multiple visits that are done
happier with a little financial help
and another partner.
The rest of the year we will be
encouraging you to follow webinars
sponsored by LCI. I will start a new
program composed of three Saturdays during the second semester of
the Lions year in every district with
the objective to prepare a decent
number of Guiding Lions. WE will
also have a general training similar to the Lion University, with an
array of relevant courses to prepare
our leaders for a better and brighter
leadership challenge. The maximum
number of participants will be 15.
The materials will come from LCI
resources and the courses will be
free to the participants.
The Long Range Planning Committee continues to meet with Lions in leadership roles to create a vision of what Alabama Lions will accomplish in the next decade. As we conclude the first
century of service, we have positioned ourselves as the “Global Leaders in Humanitarian Service”.
Our focus for the past 90 year has been to actively respond to the challenge issued in 1925 by Helen
Keller. While her vision has guided us well, we must also carefully begin to broaden our definition of service. While Lions Clubs International will be sharing an overall global initiative for the
second year of service, we in Alabama must also work together to develop a dream for a better
tomorrow in our state.
Four key areas of emphasis have been defined by the committee. Each area builds upon the
other until we have gone full circle. With each revolution through the cycle of key words, we, the
LIONS of Alabama, become more focused upon our mission.
Our first challenge is to return to our original mission of service. In the 2014-15 Lion year,
we provided service to over 100,000 people. That figure is based upon 50% of the clubs reporting
through MyLCI. With proper reporting and a renewed focus on serving all of humanity, the committee chairs who convened on February 6, 2016 agreed upon our goal of serving 300,000 annually
by 2025-26.
As we increase service, we will need to engage more hands. Engagement of current members,
identification of new members and the formation of new clubs will assist us in reaching the goal of
growing to 5663 members over the next 10 years. Once we achieve this goal, we will then be ready
to explore transitioning from three districts to four.
The only way to continue our momentum, having a renewed commitment to service and
having engaged more volunteers, is to connect with our members, as well as, our community of
support. Being a Lion is more than meeting, paying dues and serving others. Rather, when we are
able to connect with the passion of our members, we begin to build enthusiasm, reveal new creativity and witness the development of new leaders. In addition to connecting with our members,
we must also begin to forge greater relationships with those in the community that support us, as
well as, other non-profits who share our commitment to serving others.
The final piece of the puzzle, which is being assembled to define our progression toward
excellence over the next decade is the improvement of our communications. The Lions of
Alabama are often described as the best kept secret. The challenge is not only to educate those
outside our association of the great work we do. Additionally, we must also find ways to better
communicate with our members, who often are unaware of our accomplishments, service projects or honors received.
At the MD 34 Annual Convention, each delegate will be given the opportunity to adopt the
Long Range Plan that has been drafted based upon the input of large cross section of Lions from
across Alabama.
GLT Coordinator
PID Yamandu Acosta
— Page 6 —
Is the Lions Centennial Band
in Your Budget?
or Donations RIGHT NOW
Alabama Lions High School
Centennial Star Band - Update
Fellow Lions:
I wanted to provide a brief update on
our 100 member BAND initiative.
See below for pledged clubs and donations, by district as of this writing. We need
60 more sponsorships ASAP. The cutoff
date for sponsoring a band student is the
end of March, 2017, however, in order to
plan and reserve lodging, events, transportation, etc., we need to know NOW how
many students the Lions of Alabama want
to send to Chicago.
If I have not included you on the list
above, please let me know, so I can add your
name to the list.
The time to ACT is NOW.
Want to Sponsor??? CALL, EMAIL,
Need a program??? CALL, EMAIL,
• How much does it cost to sponsor
a student?
• We are finalizing the amount at
this time, but for 100 students, the amount
will likely be $900.
• What type of student are we seeking?
• The typical band student is a
sophomore or junior, although we occasionally see a senior or freshman. Seniors
have already graduated and may not be
interested, and freshmen may not be
mature enough for this trip.
• How does a student become a
member of the Lions Centennial Band?
• Once funds have been received
from, or on behalf of a Lions Club, the Club
specifies the school the student should
be come from. Our Band Director contacts your band for an appropriate student,
based upon character, leadership, musical
ability and instrumentation needs of the
Lions Band.
If you have any questions, feel free
to reach out to me via email at: [email protected], or call 205.979.6371.
You may mail all donations, (made out
to: Alabama Lions Band) to:
Alabama Lions Band
c/o PCC Ken Vaudo
3337 Shallowford Road
Birmingham, AL 35216
In Lionism,
PCC Ken Vaudo, Chairperson
Alabama Lions Band Committee
Lions Clubs
Friday, June 30
Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Congratulations 1st VDG Pedro!
The 2015-2016 “Tom Jones Lion of the Year Award” was given to 1st VDG
Pedro M. Pino, right. Sr. PIP J. Frank Moore presented the award at the
Multiple District 34 Leadership Conference on Saturday, August 13, 2016.
Congratulations to these Clubs!
The William C. Chandler Awards is presented annually to the Clubs with
the highest percentage membership gain with a membership of:
• 0-19 Members: Leeds Lions Club
• 20-49 Members: Talladega Lions Club
Awards presented
• 50 or More Members: Enterprise Lions Clubs
LCIF District 34C Chairman IPCC Glen Elmore presented LCIF awards to Headland Lions Club President Ronnie
Dollar the 100% Club and PIP J. Frank Moore the Progressive Melvin Jones award. Thanks to Lions clubs and Lions
like these District 34C surpassed it’s goal of $30,000.00 last year, but the real winners are all the citizens who
were helped by our contribution here at home and around the world.
Clanton Lions Club promotes youth baseball
The Clanton Lions Club contributed to the 12 and under Clanton All Star
team who won the Dizzy Dean State Championship and placed third in the
World Series. The Clanton Lions Club has sponsored a team in Clanton
youth baseball for over 40 years. Pictured front row (l-r), Crawford Easterling and Katon Elijah, members of the 12u team, back row (l-r), Kenyon
Easterling, coach of the 12u team and Don Hand, grandfather of Katon
Elijah and long time Clanton Lions Club member.
Let all the Lions of Alabama know what your club is doing in the near future. E-Mail, fax or call Doris at 205-933-9288,
fax 205-933-9215, E-mail: [email protected], and indicate it is for the newsletter.
We cannot use clippings from local newspapers. When you send photos they must be in JPEG format, and everyone in the photo
needs to be identified. These articles will be used on a first come first serve as space is limited.
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