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Jill Jarvis
[email protected], 858-401-9774
Facebook: BigKidSmallCity, Twitter: @BigKidSmallCity
About BigKidSmallCity.com:
Sessions: 78,000
Unique Visitors: 56,000
Page Views: 147,000
Subscribers: 13,000
Facebook: 23,700
Twitter: 3,795
Audience: 92% Female
71% Houston, 20% Houston Area
Ages 25-45 w/ kids 0-12
Top 3 Google listing for “Things to do in Houston with
kids” & “Best places to eat in Houston with kids”.
No 1 Houston Restaurant Blogger (Zomato).
Advertisers on BigKidSmallCity know exactly what they are getting. No guessing, no general distribution numbers, no
numbers from surveys. Every single view and click is measured and available for our customers. If you are trying to
reach Houston parents for your events or products, this is the place to do it.
Products & Rates:
Ask about 2-for-1 Posts for 501(c)3 Nonprofits
1. Your Event Listed in Events Post: $15/week
2. Your Event Highlighted in Events Post Introduction + Newsletter + Weekly Video + Social Media: $200/week
3. Your Event Promoted on Facebook & Twitter (Not on Website): $200 for 1 Facebook Post & 1 Tweet
Ask about bulk pricing for events that last several weeks.
Also ask about securing events on the calendar for a quarter/year.
4. Advertorial, Dedicated Post or Giveaway + Social Media Push + Newsletter Mention + Events Listing (if applicable):
1 Post: $450, 2 Posts: $850, 3 Posts: $1,100, 4 Posts: $1,400
These posts advertise your business or event with pictures and text and are amplified on social media and in the weekly newsletter. Multiple post
packages can be used over several months or several weeks. Different pictures/text used for each.
5. Newsletter & Website Sponsorship/Ads:
Includes your 600x74 or 300x250 Ad.
BigKidSmallCity.com Ad + Newsletter Ad. $900/1 month
Top 300x250 Ad Space – Displays Continuously for 1 Month
Your Ad Inside 1 Newsletter for 1 Month (Sent Thursday to 13,000 Houston parents) – 600x74 or 300x250 Ad
You can use tracking code on the website and a tracking link in the newsletter.
A La Cart
Top 300x250 Ad Space – Displays Continuously for 1 Month - $800/month
Your Ad Inside 1 Newsletter (Sent each Thursday to 13,000 Houston parents) – 600x74 or 300x250 Ad - $300 for Top, $200 for Middle
6. Website Sponsorship (Over 100,000 views from Houston parents each month): $1,500/week, $4,000/month
“Take Over” BigKidSmallCity.com, and all the social media and email platforms.
Your Ad “Pop Up” on homepage.
Your Ad Inside Every Newsletter (Sent each Thursday to 13,000 Houston parents)
4 Advertorials, Dedicated Posts or Giveaways
4 Mentions on Social Media/Week
Option of Weekly Video Shot at Your Venue
Ask about bulk pricing.
7. Other Offerings:
Consultation: $100/hr
Ask about sponsoring other high performing posts and reaching Houston parents again and again.
Need a custom advertising package? Let us know!
BigKidSmallCity is published by BKSC Media Group. Payment in full is required before ads are published, via PayPal, Credit Card or Check. BKSC
Group reserves the right to reject any advertiser or sponsor, service, event, activity or other item that it feels is not appropriate for the tone or
theme of BigKidSmallCity.com.