Billing FAQ - Daphne Utilities

Billing FAQ
What is happening?
Daphne Utilities has been the sewer provider for the Spanish Fort area since the mid-1980s. For many
years, Spanish Fort Water has collected the sewer charges on its water bill and remitted those charges
to Daphne Utilities. Beginning in April, Spanish Fort will no longer charge for sewer usage and Daphne
Utilities will begin charging instead.
When will the changes take effect?
The first bill will go out 4/28/17 for services for the month of April. All bills following will be mailed on
the last Friday of each month.
How much is this going to cost me?
Upfront… nothing. There are no fees or deposits required, we just need you to complete and sign a
service agreement. After you are signed up for service, there will be a monthly charge for the amount of
sewer used.
Will my rate go up?
You will be billed at the same rate that you have been paying on your Spanish Fort water bill. The only
difference is you will now receive a sewer bill directly from Daphne Utilities.
Why is this happening?
Quite simply, it was a business decision intended to be more cost-effective. Daphne Utilities and Spanish
Fort Water previously had a contractual agreement for our sewer bills to be included on the Spanish
Fort Water bill. Our two organizations jointly decided it was in our best interest for Daphne Utilities to
provide its own sewer billing. Spanish Fort Water will continue to read the water meters and provide
those readings to Daphne Utilities so we can calculate your monthly sewer charges in exactly the same
way it had previously been done.
What do I need to do to sign up?
There are several different methods for signing up for service and we have tried to make it as easy as
possible. Choose one of the options below that is most convenient for you:
You can visit our main office at 900 Daphne Avenue in Daphne and fill out the form
Go to our website at and fill in the form online
Fax your completed application to (251) 621-3052
Mail it to: Daphne Utilities, PO Box 2550, Daphne AL 36526-2550
Contact us at 251-626-2628 if any of these options presents a problem and we will attempt to
make other arrangements.
Why do I need to sign an agreement?
Just like every other Daphne Utilities customer, we need your contact information in order to send a
monthly bill and your consent to provide you with utility service. The service agreement that we require
for sewer service in Spanish Fort is the same agreement that Daphne Utilities requires from all of its
customers in order to receive water, sewer and natural gas utilities.
What will happen if I don’t do anything?
We cannot provide services to those who have not entered into an agreement with Daphne Utilities.
Unfortunately, the only option that we have for residents that refuse to sign up is disconnect from our
Are there going to be any extra charges?
All administrative fees and deposits have been waived. Your monthly bills will be calculated based on
your monthly water consumption data that will be provided to Daphne Utilities by Spanish Fort Water
System. This is the same data that Spanish Fort Water has been previously using to calculate your
monthly sewer charges
If I miss a monthly payment or fail to pay my bill, what is your disconnection policy?
Your sewer services will be subject to disconnection and penalty fees if your account is 60 days past due.
If disconnected, what is the re-connection fee?
There is a large expense involved in disconnecting sewer services, therefore a $750.00 reconnection fee
will be required to reestablish service.
How do Daphne Utilities’ sewer rates compare with other area utilities?
Generally our rates are in line with several other local sewer providers and typically lower than some
such as Mobile Area Water and Sewer System and Baldwin County Sewer System.
Can I include my Daphne Utilities sewer check with my Spanish Fort water bill?
Unfortunately no, Daphne Utilities has no integration with Spanish Fort’s payment system.
Can I install a septic tank instead of using your service?
By law, if a sewer system is available in your area, you are required to utilize its services. The Baldwin
County Health Department will not permit the use of a septic tank if sewer service is available to you.
Who can I contact for more information?
Please call our main office at 251-626-2628