Fall 2015 - Park County School District #1

Student Council Representatives
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Meet the newest Powell High School Student Council Representatives to the PCSD # 1 Board of
Trustees! These two students, elected by their membership, attend and give input at each of the
Summer School
Powell Shoshone FFA
New Middle School
Southside PLC
monthly board meetings. They share valuable information between the board and the PHS Student Council and involve their peers in current issues and topics. This year’s representatives are
Meg Hanlin, and Jeron Smith. Meg and Jeron, a junior and a senior respectively, represent the
student body at each board meeting by having their voices and opinions heard, to gain insight
of decision making in the district, and to be included in as much discussions as appropriate.
Welcome, Meg and Jeron!
Greetings from the Board!
Partnering with our community in a dynamic, global society, our mission is
to empower our students to be lifelong learners by providing a safe, progressive,
student-centered learning experience.
Driven by excellence, we will be
the recognized leader in preparing
students for life.
Communication: We communicate frequently to convey expectations, provide information, and promote positive outcomes. We engage in authentic dialogue, speaking forthrightly, listening carefully, and seeking clarity as we strive for understanding with student success as our focus.
Commitment: We are devoted to our vision, individually and as a team, to do what must be done, when it should be
done, and how it should be done. We see things through from start to finish.
Vision: We value innovation and incorporate progressive thinking in all that we do. We take pride in creating the future
through thorough investigation to foster success.
Passion: We believe in sharing an intense interest in a common purpose that promotes a contagious environment for
Compassion: We take time for others which means listening, sharing, nurturing, empathizing and sympathizing. We value individual differences, fostering an appreciation for global diversity.
Integrity: We are always honest, loyal, respectful and trustworthy.
Collaboration: Collaboration – We are committed to working together to enhance student learning, through a cooperative and mutually accountable effort, without prejudice or personal agendas.
Mutual Trust: We are dedicated to promoting relationships of trust and respect. We believe in sharing perspectives and
valuing all viewpoints, while treating everyone in a kind and professional manner.
The 2015-2016 school year is off to a roaring start. Our staff and
students are hard at work in the classroom, activities, athletics as
well as community service and representing our district very well.
Most fall sports are wrapping up with the culminating events. As
of this writing our district has one state champion, with Cody
Akin bringing home the trophy from the tennis court.
Congratulations, Cody!
The middle school students moved into the new classroom portion of that building. There were several opportunities for the
Mr. Rob McCray,
parents and public to explore this beautiful facility at the beginBoard of Trustees Chairman
ning of the school year. It is a vibrant, colorful, inviting
facility and I know the staff are very proud of that new building. Construction is underway to
replace the west wing, which will be ready for the start of school next fall.
With the completion of the last phase of the middle school, major construction in the district will
be completed. We are fortunate that the State of Wyoming invests so much of the resources
into the future of our children.
Over the summer, we had a large group of students attend the National Skills USA contest in
Louisville, Kentucky. During the first board meeting in October, those students gave a nice
presentation of the contests they competed in, and their placings/awards. That organization
continues to grow in this community and continues to help prepare students for success in life.
The board is excited to welcome two new high school representatives on the board. You will see
them highlighted in another article in this newsletter.
Summer School Success for PMS and PHS
By Tim Wormald, Powell High School Assistant Principal
Sixty-eight Powell Middle School students and forty Powell High School and Shoshone Learning Center students
attended summer school at the high school last summer. Summer school ran from June 8th thru July 2nd, during
which time students participated in enrichment and credit recovery courses.
Students in 6 and 7 grades attended four core classes each day and then received additional instruction during a
forty-five minute intervention time. Because the student to teacher ratio was relatively low – ten to one – students
received more individualized support than is often possible during the regular school year. Teachers incorporated
activities intended to engage students in skill development and reinforcement as well as problem solving and reasoning. The math and science teachers incorporated technology and a variety of hands-on activities to help students
overcome deficiencies in those areas. The language arts and social studies teachers asked students to read and analyze a variety of texts and engage in the writing process. Throughout the session, students had the opportunity to
continue their academic growth in preparation for the upcoming school year.
For the 8th grade (incoming 9th grade) students, the emphasis was placed on transitioning those students to the high
school. Students engaged in high-school level activities in mathematics and English and had the opportunity to earn
a high school elective credit. During their time in the math classroom, students used Think Through Math, an
online, self-paced online learning tool. This was the second year that that program was used at Powell High School.
Think Through Math allows students to work at their own pace, learning new concepts and improving areas of deficiency. The program challenges students to meet certain benchmarks and awards prizes to those who do so. During
their time in the English classroom, students engaged in close-reading activities and class discussion to facilitate
their growth in reading and argumentation. Students also engaged frequently in the writing process and worked on
idea development and organization.
Powell High School and Shoshone Learning students accessed high school courses provided by the Florida Virtual
School as well Brigham Young University. These courses were delivered through a learner management system
called Brain Honey. Six Powell High School and Shoshone Learning Center teachers served as teacher of record
for twenty-five students taking twenty-nine courses. This "blended learning" format provided students with the
flexibility to learn at their own pace while having the support of a certified classroom teacher who can answer questions and prompt attention when needed. A few students, based on their progress in online classes prior to the summer session, worked on online courses with Florida Virtual School teachers of record and/or BYU online instructors. In either case, students who successfully completed courses earned graduation credit. In all, this year’s group
of high school summer school students earned a total of twenty-six credits, moving them closer to graduation.
PHS Represents at SkillsUSA Nationals
Six PHS students had the honor of attending National SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Contest in Louisville, KY last June. SkillsUSA is one of two PHS Career & Technical Student Organizations, the other being
FFA. Rachel Walker competed in Culinary Arts, Alex Nicholson in Preschool Assistance, Stephen Harker &
Sam Shoopman in Urban Search & Rescue (a team robotics contest), Moriah Miller in Computer Programming, and Mikala Hill Fulton in Restaurant Service.
Moriah, Mikala, Rachel, Stephen and Sam all won first at the Wyoming State conference in April so they
qualified for Nationals. Alex was in 2nd place, so when the first place winner was unable to attend Nationals, she moved into that slot. Moriah took 3rd in the nation and brought home a bronze medal. Sam
and Stephen were in the Top 6. The contests varied in time, but all were at least 8 hours. Mikala, Rachel
and Alex were in the middle of their contests, so they also did very well.
The group had a great deal of fun as well as worked very hard. They represented themselves, the school,
the community and the state very well.
ly is a PLC and what is so significant
about a school achieving this status?
Southside and the entire district to be
the nation. PLC stands for Professional
Learning Community, and it represents
L-R: Stephan Harker, Sam
Shoopman, Moriah Miller,
Mikala Hill Fulton, Alex
Nicholson, and Rachel
Southside’s commitment to continuous
improvement. Continuous improvement
is no change to this school, which has
previously been
a Blue
Ribbon by the U.S. Department of
It was a Rodeo Summer School,
catching skills in the school arena!
Rodeo Summer School
Education and also a National Title 1
Distinguished School. Several changes have taken place over the years, but
August wrapped up another year of elementary summer school,
where 115 students had some awesome learning experiences along
with intervention focuses in reading, math and writing. A highlight of
the summer session was visiting the Park County Fair and seeing the
knight, Eddie the Hitman, from Knights of Valour, along with the
horses used in their touring shows. The students also got to partici-
the most significant has been the
commitment their staff has made towards
These commitments include
taking part in meaningful collaboration ,
using data on a daily basis to drive
pate in the Kid’s Day Races sponsored by our local Kiwanis chapter.
student learning, providing focused and
Having this year’s elementary summer school later in the summer
rigorous interventions, and
created a solid foundation for them to jump right into the regular
celebrating student
school year. Reading, math and writing improvements were made
and staff success.
Strength in Numbers
As of October 1st, Powell Schools total enrollment
reached a five-year high of 1,819 students. This year’s
kindergarten class leads the pack with 156 while the
high school’s senior class makes up the smallest class
nized as a PLC school, but what exact-
state of Wyoming and 1 of only 194 in
Night Rodeo, which was an experience of a lifetime for many kids!
Southside Elementary has been recog-
proud of, as they are 1 of only 3 in the
along with the fun of rodeo theme, complete with a trip to the Cody
We’re social! Follow us today!
at 102. At this time in 2011, the district was made up
of 1,655 students.
School facilities meet and exceed the demand, as they
have not yet reached capacity. With the potential for
enrollment to continue to rise, there are plans in place
should the need to expand arise.