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Belding community, students select new mascot
Belding Black Knights to begin reign in 2017-2018
In medieval times, knights lived by a code of chivalry, honor, loyalty, and courage. Casting their
own desires aside, these brave warriors formed a brotherhood to defend the weak and
vulnerable members of society. Often held to a higher standard, the knights lived by virtues
including abstaining from cursing, mastering strategy through the game of chess, exploring
literature in both the reading and writing of poetry, serving their community with morality, and
exercising their strength in tournament play.
Beyond these qualities, the legend of the Black Knight takes on additional measures of heroism.
As the stories are told, the Black Knight sought no glory, wanted no recognition, and desired no
payment for his heroic feats. Appearing in dark armor, the Black Knight traveled from faraway
lands to fight any foe, save any subject, and help any hopeless. The combined traits of
medieval knights and the Black Knights of stories long-told illustrate qualities that people young
and old would aspire to reach today.
As Belding Area Schools moves into a bold new tradition and identity, it is easy to see how the
characteristics of the Black Knight fit the ideals held in high regard by our students and
community. From the earliest childhood tales, knights elicit thoughts of bravery and courage.
When student-athletes represent Belding, these virtues will be on full display as we continue to
build on the foundation that has made us Belding Tough. When our marching band performs,
they will do so with honor, representing both the past and the present. When our students are
involved in an array of extracurricular activities, they will continue to hold themselves to a
higher standard that goes along with the privilege of representing our school. When our
students walk the halls, excel in our classrooms, make friends in the lunchrooms, and transition
to college and careers, they will take with them a loyalty to our school and community. Though
they may be but students at Belding Area Schools, they will represent the best attributes of the
Black Knights from medieval times and finest characteristics of scholars everywhere.
Belding Black Knights
Courage – Honor – LOYALTY – Bravery -- Character