`Off By Heart Poetry` Competition

‘Off By Heart Poetry’ Competition - 2017
Speaking and listening has a very high profile in The New National Curriculum with the
learning of poetry ‘off by heart’ being a statutory requirement in both KS1 and KS2.
With this in mind we would like to invite every child in the school (Reception to Year 6)
to have a go at learning one poem from the list below; you can download your chosen
poem from our website. If you do not have access to a computer please ask your class
teacher to provide you with a copy.
This is an opportunity to have some fun as well as challenging yourself at the same time!
Try and bring your poem alive by using props/drama and making it your own! Two
children from each class will be chosen to go forward to the Final which will be held in
front of the whole school and a panel of judges on Thursday 23rd March at 1:45pm in
the School Hall. There will be a selection of prizes on offer for the winning
I am sure that this will be a very exciting and enriching learning experience for
everyone – Good luck and have fun!
Mrs Emerson (Literacy Leader)
The Key Stage 1 poems
Eggs and Ham
Mrs Moon
My Sister Laura
Now We Are Six
On The Ning Nang Nong
Tell Me Little Woodworm
The Time I Like Best
There Was An Old Lady
Today I Saw A Little Worm
The Key Stage 2 poems
The Sound Collector
The Three Little Pigs
The Spider And The Fly
The Song Of Mr Toad
The Magic Box
The Lady Of Shallot
The Highwayman
Sea Fever
Please Mrs Butler
Chocolate Cake