Backstage Guardian Angels - League of American Orchestras

Backstage Guardian Angels
Friends of Symphony Orchestra Augusta
Orchestra Size: averages 60 musicians, ranging from 21 to 96
Community Population: Augusta/Richmond County: 202,000
Metropolitan Statistical Area: 580,000
Symphony Orchestra Augusta
Sue Alexanderson
PO Box 579, Augusta, GA 30901 or
971 Heard Avenue, Augusta, GA 30904
Sacred Heart Cultural Center
[email protected]
1301 Greene Street, Augusta, GA 30901
(C) 706-840-4732 (H) 706-738-7527
Annual Timeline
As soon as the season is set, confer with the Personnel Manager to receive the scheduled
number of rehearsals and concerts, as well as the number of musicians (and guests) per concert
At least two (2) weeks before the first rehearsal, place the Pepsi request, confirm with Buona
Caffe, and shop.
During the week of the concert, bake, and set up backstage with snacks and beverages. Clean
up and reset after each rehearsal/concert.
Take an inventory after each concert cycle. Rollover products appropriately and contact
partners to request what is needed for the next concert cycle.
Three weeks or more before the final concert/reception, contact Publix with request for veggie,
fruit, and meat/cheese trays.
Throughout the season, volunteer coordinators make sure we have the volunteers to help
backstage and bake.
In-kind Revenue
Backstage Guardian Angel (purchased snacks,
Buona Caffe: 1980
mixes for hot beverages, coffee creamer and
Baked Goods: 2130
Enable musicians to sustain their focus, energy, and enthusiasm through grueling hours of
rehearsals and concerts.
Provide consistently healthy refreshments, as well as some "fun" snacks, for the musicians at
every rehearsal and concert.
Offer the opportunity for players and volunteers to get to know each other in a casual setting.
Invite the audience, players, and volunteers to mingle and converse without the pressure of a
Provide "on the road" coffee after concerts for the musicians to enjoy on their drives home,
whether local or long distance.
Goals Achieved
Provision of both healthy and "fun" refreshments for the musicians at every rehearsal and
Appreciation of musicians, volunteers, and audience for the opportunities for casual
Sustained energy levels of the musicians
Benefits to Orchestra
Expenses for the comfort of the musicians are removed from the orchestra's operating budget.
Musicians, volunteers, and the audience become acquainted and appreciate each other.
The musicians develop a loyalty to the orchestra and enjoy their time in Augusta.
Staff assists with scheduling information.
Pepsi, Buona Caffe, and Publix provide beverages and some food.
Liaison with Pepsi and Publix
Liaison with Buona Caffe
Two recruiters for volunteers
Approximately 13 volunteers at different times to pick up, unload, set up, shop, bake, serve,
and clean up
Approximately 40 bakers for the final reception
Future Plans
We plan to continue this project that has been serving the Symphony for over 20 years.
Plans are to include more varieties of snacks and Pepsi products.