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National Geographic: Inside Mecca
Video Questions
Section 1
What does the Ka’aba represent to
From what 3 countries do the pilgrims
Section 2
Islam’s Religious Center
How long does it take the city of Mecca to
prepare for the Hajj?
Who are the only people allowed to come to
In what country would you find the city of
According to Muslims, what two biblical
men were responsible for the building of the
Section 3
Preparing for Hajj
What obstacles did the American have in her
conversion to Islam?
Section 4
Abraham’s Story
Who do Muslims believe began the tradition
of the pilgrimage to Mecca?
Who did Abraham bring with him to Mecca?
What happened in the year 630?
How much does the new cover for the
Ka’aba cost?
Section 5
The Journey Begins
True or False: Hajj involves only visiting the
In what city did the American pilgrim stay
before arriving in Mecca?
Why do the men all wear the same outfit
Section 6
How many times do the pilgrims circle the
Circling the Ka’aba
What does the ritual of walking between the
2 hills symbolize?
Section 7
Pilgrims Give Back
Why is it important for a Muslim to give
What percentage of Muslims are non-Arabs?
Section 8
Valley of Mena
On what day of the Hajj do people visit the
Valley of Mena?
What is the significance of the Valley of
Mena to Muslims?
True or False: All nationalities stay together
in the Valley of Mena.
True or False: There are distinct differences
between the accommodations for rich and
Section 9
Standing at Arafat
What is the significance of Arafat, in the
Uranah Valley, to Muslims?
What happened in 632 on Mount Arafat?
When may pilgrims leave the Uranah Valley?
Section 10
Stoning the Pillars
What do the pilgrims believe happened to
Abraham at the Stone pillars?
What do pilgrims do to mimic Abraham’s
struggle against Satan?
How does the Muslim’s story of Abraham’s
sacrifice differ from the story found in the
How is the Feast of the Sacrifice connected
to Abraham’s sacrifice?
Section 11
Where do Muslims go in the final step of