Snow Day Activities for Year 2

Snow Day Activities for Year 2
Acrostic Poem
Descriptive piece
Choose a word linked to winter e.g.
snowflake, snowman and write a
sentence or a word that begins with
the letter on
each line.
Write a story linked to winter. You
could use one of our class texts as a
model. Think about who your
characters are and where it is set.
This could be written on paper or on
the blog. If you feel really creative
you could make a book!
Use your sense (smell, see, hear,
touch) to describe something linked
to winter.
Symmetrical snowflake
Heads and feet
Use the image below or create your
own symmetrical snowflake.
Remember that it has to be the
same on each side! You can colour
and decorate your snowflake if you
Use this link
( to
find a maths problem. You need to
work out how many hens and sheep
there are. Once
you have finished,
create your own
Follow instructions or a recipe to
make a winter treat. Can you measure
the ingredients and time it
accurately. Take a picture of your
delicious treats.
Colouring activities
Winter scene
Build it!
Use this link to find some colour by
number sheets. There are also
other colouring pages if you want to
do more.
Draw a picture of a winter scene.
How is it different around the
world? If you feel creative you
could use a range of media (paint,
pencil, pens, materials etc).
Construct an igloo out of materials
you have at
home for
example, Lego,
boxes, sheets
etc. You can
take a picture
of your den.
Remember you can always upload your ideas onto the blog!
Snow Day Activities for Year 2