Geometry Kite Project

Geometry Kite Project
The student will be able to use their knowledge of geometry and kites to construct and fly
a kite.
You will design, construct, and fly a kite. No store bought kites are allowed! For this
project, you may work by yourself or with one partner from the same hour. You must let me
know your partner by March 16, 2012.
Draft Plans:
A draft of your plans must be turned in by March 23, 2012. Your draft plans must include
the following:
 The materials you will be using to construct your kite.
 The scale factor you will be using. Note: the scale factor can be changed if you deem
it is not correct.
 The shorter diagonal must be at least 30 cm long.
You should use the Internet to research different kite designs and construction.
Final Plans:
When your kite project is due, you must turn in your final plans. These plans should include
the following:
 Step by step process that you used in constructing your kite
 List of materials used in the construction and the making of your kite.
 Scale drawing of your kite. Your drawing must be to scale with the scale factor
clearly visible (ex. Scale Factor =??).
 A computer made diagram of the scale drawing of your kite must be included with
the final report.
Kite Measurements:
The measurement sheet must be turned in when we fly the kites. You are required to find
all segment lengths, all angle measures, perimeter of all triangles, perimeter of the kite, all
areas of all triangles, and the area of the kite. The measurements must be based on the
actual kite, not the scaled drawing.
Your project will be flown during class time on the indicated date (weather permitting). If
you know you will be absent on that day, you must turn everything in before then, including
the final copy of the plans for the kite you created.
To classify as flying, the kite must be 20 feet off the ground and stay in the
air for at least 20 seconds.
All kites will be flown on _______________________(weather permitting).
Kite Design/Scale Drawings
Kite Measurement Sheet
Kite Construction
Flight time
_____/10 pts
_____/10 pts
_____/10 pts
_____/10 pts
_____/5 pts
_____/5 pts
_____/50 pts
Late Projects: Kites that are not available on the indicated fly date will not be flown.
Therefore, flight time points will be forfeited. In addition, late projects will have a point
deduction of 5 points/day.
Suggested Resources (Internet Sites):
Beginner’s Guide to Kites:
Plans for making fighter kites:
The Drachen Foundation:
The Virtual Kite Zoo:
All about kites:
Make your own kite:
Kite Measurements
All measurements must be in centimeters (nearest tenth) or degrees (nearest whole degree)
Segment Length
Triangle Perimeter
AB = ______________
ABC = ______________
BC = ______________
ADC = ______________
CD = ______________
ABD = ______________
AD = ______________
CBD = ______________
AE = ______________
ABE = ______________
CE = ______________
CBE = ______________
BE = ______________
ADE = ______________
DE = ______________
CDE = ______________
AC = ______________
BD = ______________
Kite Perimeter
ABCD = ______________
Angle Measure
mABC = ______________
Triangle Area
mBCD = ______________
ABC = ______________
mCDA = ______________
ADC = ______________
mDAB = ______________
ABD = ______________
mABE = ______________
CBD = ______________
mBEA = ______________
ABE = ______________
mEAB = ______________
CBE = ______________
mCBE = ______________
ADE = ______________
mBEC = ______________
CDE = ______________
mECB = ______________
mADE = ______________
mDEA = ______________
mEAD = ______________
Kite Area
mCDE = ______________
ABCD = __________
mDEC = ______________
mECD = ______________