How to save a document as MP3 on TextAloud

How to save a document as MP3 on TextAloud
1. Open a document on the TextAloud screen.
2. Set the voice (recommended: Mike) , speed (recommended: 100) and volume.
3. Options Voice and File Options File Options: a window will open:
4. Set preferences for recording files (need to do this once): Under Audio File Formatselect
MP3 and Audio Output Directory Browse to select a folder to save the file, for example
"My Music" Click OK
5. Click Speak to File. A window will appearOK
6. You will not hear anythng as the computer "reads" the file to its memory, but you will see
the progress of the recording on the lower right side of the screen. When the recording
reaches 100%, the audio file is finished.
7. Look for the new audio file where you saved it, for example under "My Music". You can
listen to it, email it, save it on a jdisk-on-key and the MP3.