“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the

Giving thanks …
In the mid afternoon, at the chaplaincy, there is often a
quiet knock on the door. Just last week, I met a new
resident, a 20 year old mom with her 10 month old in
tow. She was looking for support with some emergency
food and diapers. She was expecting a 2nd child at the
end of October. I asked her what support she had in
place for her new arrival and she replied “Me, Myself
and I”. It does not take a lot of imagination to surmise
the circumstances that brought her to the complex.
While I was able to offer some emergency supplies, the
greater gift was my ability and availability to offer her
support in the month to come - a lifeline for many who
feel alone. At the LCC we do run quality programs for
adults and children. We love to host special celebrations
and events. But I believe our greatest unique strength
and calling is to offer the gift of presence. A crisis is
never planned. Feelings of loneliness and anxiety often
come unexpectedly. At the LCC we are committed to
being quietly and consistently present for such
moments. I believe the gift of presence is the greatest
gift that we can give to someone because it makes them
feel seen, heard and valued. In this season of
Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all of you who make the
gift of presence possible for the Limberlost and
Southdale communities. With your support we are
strengthening families in London and making a positive
impact in these neighbourhoods.
Pam Cullen, Chaplain
Fall 2016 | Issue: 2
Chaplaincy artists at work!
At the LCC we strive to walk with those who are
experiencing the challenges of living in poverty.
We encourage you to engage the broader
conversation. Please visit Poverty Over London
online to learn more about the depths and
complexities of poverty in our City. Together, we
can make a difference!
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
- Mother Teresa
Fall 2016 | Issue: 2
Summer 2016 Recap
A Thanksgiving Prayer,
by Rabbi Naomi Levy
For the laughter of the
For my own life breath,
For the abundance of food
on this table,
For the ones who prepared
this sumptuous feast,
For the roof over our
The clothes on our backs,
For our health,
And our wealth of
For this opportunity to
celebrate with family and
For the freedom to pray
these words without fear,
In any language,
In any faith,
In this great country,
Whose landscape is as vast
and beautiful as her
Thank You, God,
for giving us all these.
Summer is officially over, but the memories attached to all the
fun activities that we experienced during our vacation months
will stay with us forever, especially, if we used our cool
technological gadgets to capture them. This summer, the families
at the Limberlost and Southdale complexes had a chance to
participate in a variety of overnight and day camps, which were
sponsored by many local faith organizations. This summer we
sent 120 kids to camp! We are grateful for all those who made
this a reality: donors, drivers, summer staff, churches who
welcomed our kids at VBS, and a large host of overnight camps.
Leadership camp was a big part of summer at the LCC and our
summer team nurtured 24 teens over a month of learning, fun and
growth opportunities. Reading Buddies, our weekly summer
literacy program for elementary age children was also a great
success. The faithful volunteers made this a weekly highlight!
We were also blessed with BBQ nights, social breakfast
mornings, community carnivals hosted by the youth in leadership
camp, and a fun day at the Grand Bend beach. Everyone had a
chance to participate in the community life, build new friendships
while enjoying really nice and hot summer days.
We are saying “good bye” to the summer days but at the same
time, with full enthusiasm and renewed energy, we are entering
the fall season that brings new learning opportunities, new life
experiences and new personal growth prospects.
Monika Korzec, Chaplaincy Coordinator
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Fall 2016 | Issue: 2
Fall 2016 | Issue: 2
What’s New at the LCC- Fall Program Highlight
Due to the generous support of the Jill Willcox Foundation, we are able to host a weekly breakfast program for
residents at Limberlost. This enables us to build new relationships with community members, offer hospitality,
teach nutrition and meal planning and purchase food and refreshments for those gathered for the weekly
breakfast program. The breakfast is a chance to connect with neighbours, relax and enjoy a great meal.
Residents and volunteers take turns flipping pancakes, cooking eggs, and enjoy the time of community
building. There is always room at the table. We invite our supporters to drop in on a Wednesday from 9:3011:00. We would love to have you join us!
Children’s Fall Programs…begin with a smile!
At the Chaplaincy, one season flows quickly into the next and we are excited about fall programs that are
already in full swing. For the children we offer Jr and Sr Art, Girl Talk, music opportunities, youth nights,
family dinner nights and PD day events. The goal for all these programs is that the children and youth know the
chaplaincy a as a safe place, a place where they can explore their gifts and talents, nurture friendships and
develop mentoring relationships. We are grateful for the many volunteer dinner hosts that provide healthy and
hearty meals. We are also grateful to the May Court Club, The London Community Foundation, The Cantorion
Choir and the Westminster College Foundation for their generous donations which allow us to offer these
A heartfelt THANK YOU
to all who supported us in our
fall walk-a-thon.
We successfully raised our target
of $5000. We appreciate your
commitment to the work of LCC!