Times Past

Times Past
Friday, 13 March 2015 09:59
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From the archives of Liberal’s hometown newspaper since 1886.
Researched and compiled by Amira Coleman, L&T Reporter
Police investigate attempted child abduction
Dog bites Pancake Parade participants
The Liberal Police Department was out in full force Feb. 27, 1965, doing a quick search for a
white man who had been “reported trying to get a 14-year-old Negro girl” to get into his car on
North New York a short time earlier. It was a Saturday afternoon, and the girl and another group
of girls who’d been nearby to witness the event happen gave a detailed description of the man,
and his car, which was thought to have been bearing a Pratt County license plate.
The search had been unfruitful over the weekend, but was not slowing down by any means.
Times Past
Friday, 13 March 2015 09:59
Officers were planning to question a pair of suspects in connection with a 10-year-old girl’s
report she was forced into a car while walking to school. The girl had jumped from the car
unharmed a short distance away.
A note written on a table napkin found in the women’s bathroom at the 83 Tavern in Liberal in a
Monday morning lead to the chase and apprehension of a man reportedly wanted in El Dorado
for parole violation and felony check charges.
Sheriff Howard Smith got a call from the tavern saying that a woman with the man left a napkin
in the restroom stating that Elmer Strader was wanted on a series of charges in El Dorado. The
napkin found after the couple left the tavern also described the car and license plate as well as
the route they were taking into Oklahoma.
Oklahoma police officers took up the chase outside of Hooker, Okla., and chased the car
through swirling snow for a considerable distance after the car had blown a tire and drove on at
high speed on the rim. Strader was taken into custody, and occupants of the car were reported
to be uninjured.
A local collie dog was not a fan of Pancake Day or band music, apparently. The dog took a few
bites out of parade participants on Pancake Day, which fell on March 2, 1965. The three victims
of the dog’s nipping escapades were Paula Cunningham, Ensign, Sherri Lawrence, Guymon,
Okla., and Rebecca Woodrum, 15, of Hardesty, Okla. The dog was registered to Ted Snyder of
102 South Clay, and was being taken to a veterinarian for observation. Snyder told officers and
the girls that he was willing to pay for the girls’ medical expenses.
A letter started its journey to Liberal from snowbound Breckenridge, Colo., by dog sled, March
3. “Eight feet of snow on the level was present when the dogs took over,”reported the Times.
The recipients of the letter were Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Springmeyer, of 520 North Oklahoma,
business residents of the 10,000-ft. Loveland Pass community many years before moving to
Liberal three months previous.
The envelope bore the following inscription: “This letter was carried the first leg of its journey
through the Kingdom of Breckenridge by dogsled – courtesy of Marshal Dog Teams, Paul
Michaels, Driver.” Springmeyer identified the sled driver as a Breckenridge building contractor.
Times Past
Friday, 13 March 2015 09:59
Springmeyer told the Times he was planning on returning to Breckenridge for the summer.
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