Heart Failure Level 7 Module

Heart Failure
Level 7 Module
Real education and real results for your practice and your patients
Modern healthcare presents modern patients with diverse needs. For a long time
advanced heart failure education has offered a single minded, outdated approach.
With chronic heart failure due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction (HF-LVSD)
affecting approximately 800,000 people in the United Kingdom,1 there is a pressing
need for real education and real results for practice, and ultimately the patient.
Our Heart Failure Level 7 module has been crafted to answer this need. Designed for
healthcare professionals with basic knowledge of pathophysiology and management of
heart failure, this module explores the management of HF-LVSD alongside other
conditions which impact heart function, including cor pulmonale.
Strengthen your practice through directed and self-directed learning, and stimulating,
practical study days led by practising clinicians. You’ll make real gains by taking your
studies and practically applying them to practice, achieving real results for your patients
through a case study orientated learning experience.
This course is validated by the University of Hertfordshire.
1. British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group (2012), Coronary heart disease statistics: 2012 edition, London: British Heart Foundation
Course information
6 months
Distance learning + 2 study days
Notional Study Time:
You will learn:
• Pathophysiology of heart failure and current available diagnostic tests
• Evidence and areas of uncertainty for pharmacological and non-pharmacological
management and service delivery for patients with HF-LVSD
• Comparisons between HF-LVSD and other conditions which impact heart function
• Different modes of service, the role of the multi-disciplinary team, and barriers
and facilitators to providing individual, cost effective, evidence-based service
300 hours
5,000 word assignment
This module can be completed
standalone, or as part of a MSc
Respiratory Practice
Accredited by
University of Hertfordshire
with 30 CATS points
at Academic Level 7
By the end of the module you will be able to:
• Identify pathophysiological changes which occur in the development of heart
failure and how this influences the signs and symptoms of the syndrome
• Critically analyse the assessment, diagnosis and ongoing care and management of
patients with HF-LVSD and compare to specific conditions impacting heart function
• Explore ethical principles underpinning care and empower your patients
• Evaluate multi-professional influences on the organisation and delivery of care
• Critically analyse services for HF-LVSD patients and compare it with services for
patients with another specified condition impacting heart function
• Evaluate existing practice using evidence to illustrate advanced decision
making skills in assessing, supporting and providing services for people with heart
failure and contributing conditions which impact heart function
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