Progressive Era Guided Notes

Progressive Era Guided Notes
What was the Progressive Era
1. The Progressive Era was a time when American society was
2. Progress would only occur through human
What Started Progressivism?
1. One main reason the Progressive Era launched was because of the previous
era called the “
” which was where
the Second Industrial Revolution took off, businesses grew and America
was becoming a
in the
2. Think of the “Gilded Age” as
and “America” as a
. The human body ate the food and kept the
it needed but got rid of the
3. The waste was things like poverty, child labor, poor working conditions, and
monopolies. All of which we learned about!
4. People saw the
5. People called “
and realized they needed to
it up.
” helped America
realize there was a lot of waste to clean up!
1. Muckrakers were
specialized in
in the early 1900s who
corruption, waste and
2. Muck is another word for
3. These journalists had
magazines such as TIME.
posted in
Muckraker’s Influence
1. People read about
people and were
happening. The readers felt major
2. Thus was
in businesses or
about what was
was needed.
the Progressive Movement which aimed to
a better place!
Political Reforms
1. The early 1900s was filled with inefficiency, corruption and injustices in
2. Many Progressives wanted and pushed for
3. There would be 4
during this era.
4. Let’s refresh our memories
What are Amendments?
1. Amendments are
to the
. An addition to
the constitution if you will.
2. The Progressive Era had 4 amendments
included things like women’s rights to vote.
Women’s Rights
1. Women, until the
Amendment, could not
in the United States.
2. Was this right or wrong?
3. We will learn more about this in a later lesson.
1. The Progressive Era had its emphasis on
was believed to be a
to the
2. The other emphasis was placed on
to make life better.
1. Many Progressives pushed for prohibition.
2. Prohibition was the
selling or distributing
on manufacturing,
3. Many Progressives felt that alcohol led to the
of a
4. The
Amendment, Prohibition, was passed in
5. This led to many people running illegal bars called “
6. Prohibition led to some more
with the
thus allowing the manufacturing, sale and
distribution of alcohol again.
Business Reform
1. Many Progressives were in favor of stopping
and labor/worker rights and
2. We learned about monopolies in the past lesson, do you think that it was
the right or wrong thing to do?
3. We also learned about child labor and the new set of labor laws put into
Conclusion of the Progressive Era
1. This was a time in US history where a lot of reforms and
” up was done.
2. The movement died down after World War I.
3. Overall – the Progressive Era did help with things like the labor laws and
emphasis on education and did not help with banning alcohol as it caused
more crime to emerge. It is debatable whether the Progressive Era was a
good or bad thing.