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Edicts From The Czar
Herb Baker — [email protected]
reetings Comrades, I
am now recovered
from all the hospitality, not to mention beer, at
RC Phil’s house, where we
had fabulous weather for our
February meeting. We deviated from our normal fish fry
and were treated to some
awesome wings prepared by
GS Chris Landis. Oh, I better not forget and mention
that RC Phil also made some
hot wings. All of it was very Here’s yet another bit of proof to back up that wise old adage,
delicious and was washed “Comrades don’t let comrades drink Pepsi.”
down with plenty of beer.
The week before our February meeting, we attended the AHA Rally at Saint Arnold Brewery. The event was very well attended and the KGB picked up, I believe, about five new members. Then the week after our February meeting, the KGB provided hot dogs at the Southern
Star Brewery. Again, RC Phil signed up another two members. Way to go! We also had cupcakes in honor of Rhonda’s birthday.
That’s enough of the past, now to the future! Can you believe it is March already? If it is
The Official Newsletter
of the
Kuykendahl Gran Brewers
Homebrew Club
Volume 15 — Issue 3
March 2009
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Ruble Collector’s Report
Phillip Kaufman — [email protected]
omrades! I lost my virginity! OK. If you
missed the February meeting at my house you
missed beautiful weather and lots of good beer
and people. In fact I need to sign up to host it again
real soon. Who has the POWER now, eh? The Ruble
Collector does, indeed. And I would like to thank
Next Meeting:
Rhonda and Michelle for helping at the
rrrrraaaafffffflllle, and with the chicken wings where
the RC generously donated wings and beer. And how
Saturday, March 21
can I forget to thank GS Chris and his lovely assistant
Before I get to the business, if anyone has troubles Phil’s no fool! Though difficult to disJeff Scheerhorn’s
cern at this size, Rhonda Davis is
with memberships, or e-mails, or anything else with slightly blurry, while RC Phillip is tack
5919 Bayonne Drive
the club functions, e-mail me or call. Here’re my vi- sharp in this un-retouched photograph.
Spring, TX 77389
Further investigation showed this to be
true of all photographs in which Rhonda
[email protected]
appears. Diagnosis: In the proximity of
(see map at www.TheKGB.org)
281-468-9370 (cell)
beer geeks, Rhonda vibrates like a
Don’t go to the Ruble collector e-mail on the web- crack-addicted spider monkey.
site. Odds are that I wouldn’t recognize your e-mail
address and it will go to my SPAM box. Normally I get advertisements for watches and bigger
Table of Contents
manhood products…don’t need that. Thank you very much.
Edicts From The Czar
New members: I would like to list new and renewing members, no particular order. ForRuble Collector’s Report
1 mer Ruble Collector Tim White, the man who named me Broke Back….come back
Commissar Brewski’s World
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Edicts From The Czar
(Continued from page 1)
March, then it must be time for our March Chili Cook-off
Meeting. Mark your calendars, the March meeting will be
held at Comrade Jeff Scheerhorn’s house on Saturday, March
21st, starting at 6pm. Start working on that chili recipe. We
will have trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for the three categories of chili, which are Traditional (no beans), NonTraditional (with beans), and exotic. The exotic category includes anything that is not in categories 1 or 2 (buffalo,
chicken, sausage, green chili, etc). You can enter any or all
On another note, keep working on your entry for the
BBBB. If you don’t enter, you can’t win. Also, CB Don and
I just finished brewing the first place English Barleywine for
the 15th annual BBBB, to be held in May 2010.
And one last item of note. With the BBBB approaching,
we are still rounding up raffle items. So, if you have anything
that you would like to donate to our raffle, please bring it to
the March meeting.
Well, that’s all for now. And it’s time for a beer, but
since I’m composing this from work, I guess I have to wait.
Czar Herb
The moon smiles as formerly czarly Ed Condon enjoys a Southern Star under the evening star while emblazoned with a compass star.
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on all purchases!
March 2009
Ruble Collector’s Report
(Continued from page 1)
Tim…..I can’t quit cha….has renewed…and as long as I
am RC I will pay his membership. Sniff sniff. Who has the
POWER, now?
OK Other members, Wazoo Stuart West and Sandy, Eric
Denys (new) , Bob Jensen (new), Doak Procter (renew), Ryan
Schabach (new), Bev Blackwood (renew), Pierre Morow
(renew), Jack Moores (renew), and Jordon Adams (new). The
RC has been busy. And if your membership is about to expire, renew you!
Now I won’t be able to make the March meeting, since
Rhonda’s brother is getting married. However, I trust the Czar
to take care of the finances. He now has the real power for a
day. Treat it gently, my friend.
February: a very busy month.
• We had the AHA (American Homebrewers Association)
membership drive on Sunday, Feb 15. KGB donated
generously to the raffles as well. Great turn out for the
KGB and other homebrew clubs. The KGB cooked hotdogs and gave away free dogs.
• We also had the Feb. meeting at RC Phil’s who enjoyed
it and plans to hold another one in his double-wide gayrage.
• We had the tour at Southern Star Brewery where the
KGB had the banner flying, the dogs a-cooking and the
beer a-quaffing. Good turn out for the KGB, roughly 10
members and a couple of new members signed up.
OK next events for March. Chili Cook off with three trophies to be won. Enter. It’s a lot of fun. Jeff has a very nice
place and a good location. Unfortunately I won’t be there.
Sorry. But make some chili, bring beer and friends.
First Sunday is/was (depending on when this rag is pub-
lished or when you read it) at Petrol Station on Westfield in
Houston March 8….again if you are not getting e-mails,
please let me know (details above), because sometimes we
don’t know, except a week in advance when first Sunday is.
So we have no time but to just e-mail you.
Rare Beer Tasting at Don’s…I signed up…..March 28.
This will cost ya and is not a club sponsored event…which
means your hard earned rubles (membership dues) will not
subsidize this event. But well worth the extra rubles.
Comrades, my glass is empty and time for bed.
RC Phillip
KGB Membership Benefits
• Tomball Welding—Show your KGB ID and exchang-
ing your CO2 tanks for a price of $7.00 for a 5 lb.
bottle. (tax included) Located on Hwy 249 across
from Hughes Propane.
• Hughes Propane—Show your KGB ID and pay per
gallon price not per tank. At this time 20 pound
tank costs $11 per gallon that is about $9.00 at
the per gallon rate. (Hughes Propane in Decker
Prairie only)
• BJ’s at Willowbrook—Show your KGB ID and get
Happy Hour Prices on all of BJ’s Brewhouse beers
any time of the day or night.
NOTE: To receive a membership card, see the Ruble Collector at any meeting or event.
Make your homebrew even better. Serve it
in a KGB pint glass. Only $5. Get some!
The Kuykendahl Gran Brewers
Page 3
Commissar Brewski’s World
Donald Sajda — [email protected] or [email protected]
h crap! Another KGB article is due and I need to get
in gear and knock one out. Well it's been another
good month when it comes to beer and the KGB. We
had many activities planned for the membership. Our thanks
go to RC Phil for hosting the February meeting. Once again
GS Chris and Susan made a culinary treat for all. The chicken
wings were to die for. Many thanks goes to these comrades
for cooking.
Czar Herb did a great job cooking hot dogs at the "KGB
Day" at Southern Star Brewery. We invaded the brewery in
search of new members and guess what we found them and
we found some pretty good stout to wash down those dogs.
This was a fun day of just drinking beer and enjoying the fine
Talking about hot dogs, Czar Herb, HBC Ed Condon and
myself manned the grill at the AHA Rally held at Saint Arnold's. Free beer and dogs in exchange for new and renewing
AHA members. I believe that there were over 100 people in
attendance for this event.
It's time to start thinking about BBBB 15. What BBBB 15
is over a year away, but keep in mind the style will be English
Barley Wines and these babies just improve with age. Czar
Herb and I teamed up this past weekend and we brewed nine
gallons of 1.109 OG wort. Rumor has it that this may earn a
2nd place. Why only a 2nd place you may ask, that's because
the 1st place barley wine will be brewed later this month by
me and my old brewing partner MOT Mark Rogerson. Yes
once again we team up to defy the brewing gods.
In regards to the BBBB the deadline is quickly approaching. We need for the membership to get their entries in on of
before May 9th. The KGB has won the Heavy Hitter's Award
for many years and we intend to keep that title. So besides a
nifty trophy we win a keg of Saint Arnold's Christmas Ale. I
fine prize indeed.
As I said, February was a busy month and one weekend
took me thru Austin where I stopped for a lunch break at
North x Northwest. The lure for me was barley wine. For
lunch I ordered one of their gourmet hamburgers with feta
cheese and a goblet of barley wine. Very tasty I must say.
When our server asked us if we wanted anything else I inquired about purchasing a growler of barley wine. He said no
problem, $20 for the fancy glass growler but only $7 to fill it.
It was a no brainer. The small snifter of barley wine for lunch
ran $4.50, so this was the bargain of the year. Needless to say,
I bought one and shared it with the membership and the February meeting. I continued to Blanco, Texas for some Real
Ale Brewery sampling. It must have been fate, they had the
last keg of their Strong Scotch Ale on tap. This bad boy
weighed in at 9.7% ABV. Needless to say, I made every effort
known to man to float that keg.
Saint Patrick's Day is just around the corner, but you
won't see me drinking any green beer. It will be the Saint Arnold Oak Barrel Imperial Stout. YES!!!!
See you March 21st for the Barley Wine Part 2 BOM.
Just North of Carlos, TX Off of SR244.
**See Website for directions**
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March 2009
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March Meeting
Chili Cook Off
Sat Mar 21 7PM
Jeff Scheerhorn
5919 Bayonne Drive
Barley Wines
Part 2
Oak Aged
Belgian Strong
Rare Beer Tasting
Sat Mar 28
Don Sajda
25106 Bovington Dr.
April Meeting
Crawfish Festival
Sat Apr 18 5PM
Carl Scott’s?
Dry Irish Stout
Mark Rogerson
Big Batch Brew Bash
Sun May 17
St Arnold Brewery
2522 Fairway Park Dr.
June Meeting
Sat June 20
Jaime Knapick
17227 Modbury
Browns & Porters
Imperial Porter
HBC Ed Condon
July Meeting
Pizza Party
Sat July 18
Brew It Yourself
25770 IH 45 N
Jonathan Goudy
August Meeting
Salsa Party
Sat Aug 15
Chris Landis
3807 Cypresswood
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