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2016 Community Grants Application Instructions
Who can apply:
- 501(c)(3) organizations whose annual operating budget is $250,000 or less*
- Individuals formally affiliated (i.e., FWISD employees, PTA representatives, etc.) with one of six MCP
partner schools (Van Zandt-Guinn ES, Carroll Peak ES, Morningside ES, Briscoe ES, Morningside MS
or OD Wyatt HS)
*If you are not affiliated with a 501(c)(3) organization or your status is pending, please contact [email protected] to discuss
resources that may be available to help you.
About the MCP Community Grants:
An area foundation has made limited funding available to support programs and services that ultimately
improve the educational outcomes of children in the MCP community. This includes, but is not limited to,
creative approaches to education, exposure to careers, ideas and activities that broaden horizons and innovative
experiences that encourage students to raise their expectations and achieve their goals.
Ideally, the community grants program will identify programs that can be sustained and modeled by others in
the Morningside Community and ultimately, across Fort Worth. Grants will only go to projects benefitting the
Morningside Community and/or in partnership with MCP schools. Please see the attached map for the MCP
boundaries and a list of six MCP partner schools.
Selected programs should enhance existing curriculum, pilot innovative programs, and/or expand existing
successful services to reach more people. However, they should not underwrite basic school supplies,
curriculum, and facilities that should be provided by the school district. Funds may be used for educational
materials, programs, and technology unique to the grant project. Each application will be evaluated on the
extent to which it enriches educational experiences, challenges students, has realistic objectives and reaches a
significant number of students and/or families. Projects that have proven to be successful elsewhere (evidencebased and/or research-based) will be given special consideration.
Applicant organizations must include relevant tax status documentation (i.e., 501(c) (3) determination letter)
with their application. Individual applicants (i.e. FWISD employees, PTA representatives, etc) do not need to
provide this documentation. Funding requests up to $3,000.00 will be considered.
Important Dates:
- August 23, 2016: Community grant applications available
- November 11, 2016: Community grant applications due
- December 2, 2016: Applicants will be notified whether or not they have been recommended for funding
- December 30, 2016: Funds will be made available to approved applicants
- July 31, 2017: Program implementation should be complete (and all grant funds spent) on or before this
date. Grant reports from approved applicants are due on or before this date and should be sent via email
to [email protected] AND [email protected]
How to apply: Please submit the completed application by email (preferred) to [email protected]
or hard copy to: Morningside Children's Partnership, 1201 E. Jefferson, Bldg. #2, Fort Worth, Texas 76104.
Questions? Email [email protected] for more information or assistance with your application.
Thank you for your interest in serving the Morningside Community!
2016 Community Grants Application - INDIVIDUAL
General Information
Applicant Name:
School Name:
Contact Title:
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Please describe your role at the MCP partner school (1 paragraph (100-200 words)):
Project Description
Activity or project name:
Describe the activity or project for which you are seeking funds. Please include the following information in
your description (Up to 1 page (up to 500 words)):
Description of the activities of the program.
Description of the target population (ex. Children in the 7th grade; children 10-13 years of age).
Description of why funds are needed and how funds will be used.
If your proposed project includes an event(s), please share the expected dates and location of proposed
events, as well as event coordination details.
Any other details to provide a more complete sense of the project.
Project Objectives
Project Period (when will the project start and when will the project end):
List your project objectives (what activities you plan to accomplish, by when, for how many people, and what
changes you expect to happen for program participants) (1-2 paragraphs (200-300 words)).
How will you measure whether your objectives have been achieved or not? (100-200 words)
Why is this project needed and how does it enrich educational experiences for students? Please share how you
have assessed whether the school needs this project and any expressed support from school leaders (1-2
paragraphs (200-300 words)).
Is there an existing model, curriculum, research or other evidence that demonstrates this proposal will be
successful? If so, please describe. (1 paragraph (100-200 words)).
Are there any components of your project that are unique or innovative? (100 words or less)
How will this activity/project increase student, parent, or community involvement in education? (100 words
or less)
Will the proposed project be used to supplement an existing program?
If yes, what added benefit will the grant provide? (100 words or less)
How many people will the project impact in your target population group(s)? (100 words or less)
Describe how the project will be sustained beyond the grant period and how it provides a model that can be
used by others (1 paragraph (100-200 words)).
How much are you requesting: $_______
Please attach the proposed budget details using the enclosed budget template.
Will this grant meet all of the expenses necessary to achieve the
stated goals?
If not, what is the total funding required?
Have you requested funds from any other source?
If yes, from which source?
Please provide the expected total amount you will be receiving from all sources:
Will a grant from the MCP community council be instrumental in obtaining other funding?
Did you request money from the MCP Community Grant
Program last year?
If yes, were you approved for funding?
Spreading Awareness about MCP
To ensure the ongoing success of the MCP Small Grant program, it is important to increase awareness of the
program among parents and other donors to MCP. After the grant project (or periodically if appropriate)
applicants must report back to MCP about the outcome of the project. For grants that are selected, more
information will be shared about these outcome reports.
Please describe the ways you will be able to promote MCP funding of this project (for example, including a
write up in newsletters, including the MCP logo on materials provided, promoting at meetings, highlighting
on the school website, etc.):
Administrative Support
*Please ask your principal or other school site administrator to review and approve this application.
Printed Name of Principal/School Administrator:
Map of Service Area
The following is a list of factors the MCP Community Grants Council will
consider in selecting grant recommendations:
Small Grant Evaluation Rubric
*Up to 5 points can be awarded for each of the following criteria for a total of 60 possible points.
Application is timely, complete and free of mistakes
Project enriches educational experiences
Project has been demonstrated to work (here or elsewhere)
Project has innovative components tailored to the Morningside neighborhood
Project fills an unmet educational need which is clearly defined
Project impacts a substantial number of residents/students
Goals and expectations are complete and reasonable
Project has realistic and measurable objectives with a clear plan for evaluation
Project has teacher, administration and/or community support
The project will increase student, parent, and/or community involvement in education
The project can be sustained in the future and/or modeled by others
Additional funding sources have been identified, if needed
Budget Template
Project Title:
Budget Detail by Category
Personnel (Salaries/Compensation) (List detail below)
Personnel Total
Travel (mileage, transportation costs) (List detail below)
Travel Total
Supplies (materials, printing, food, etc.) (List detail below)
Equipment and Supplies Total
Other Direct Costs Total
Other Direct Costs (List detail below)
E. Budget Narrative: Please describe below any additional details explaining the primary cost drivers
for your budget, sources for purchasing any necessary budget items, etc.