an example set-up guide - Desktop

Setup Guide
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The following items are included in your box:
 Desktop (Picture A)
Flat Screen Monitor (TFT) (Picture B)
USB Keyboard (Picture C)
2 x Power Cables (Picture D)
1 x Monitor Cable (VGA Cable) (Picture E)
1x USB Mouse ( Picture F )
Picture A
Picture B
Picture C
Picture D
Picture E
Picture F
Pictures are for illustration purposes only- The items you receive may visually differ from
those above.
Nice and Simple - 3 step Setup
1. First Step
– Power Supply
Connect your 1st power cable (Picture D on page 1) to the back of your monitor and plug
the other end into a mains plug socket.
Connect the 2nd Power Cable (Picture D on page 1) into the power socket on the back of the
desktop, plug the other end into a mains plug socket.
2. Second Step
Connect the monitor to your Desktop
Connect the monitor cable (Picture E on page 1) to the back of the desktop and the other
end of the lead into port 2, located on the back of the Monitor (as shown in the images
3. Third Step
Connect your Mouse & Keyboard to the back of your Desktop.
Your mouse connects to the Back of the Desktop via a USB connection(Picture 1)
Connect the mouse to one of the USB ports on the back of your computer. (Picture 2)
Your Keyboard connects to the back of your Desktop via a USB connection. (Picture 1)
Connect the keyboard to one of USB ports on the back of your computer. (Picture 2)
Picture 1.
Picture 2.
You should now be ready to use your computer.
Turn on your plug socket and press the power button on your
computer and your screen.
Personalising your Windows 10 Professional
Changing your User name
All Windows 10 PC’s come with a standard Username as “mypc” or “User”
To change your user name, you’ll need to right click on start and click Control Panel
Then, Click on User Accounts
Click ‘User Accounts’
Click User Accounts again
Then Click ‘Change your Account name’
Then finally, change your Account Name;
Setting your Account password
Every PC purchased is set up without setting a password, A password on your PC is Highly
recommended for Security details.
Firstly, Type in Password in the search bar on the right of the start bar,
Secondly, click add, then choose a suitable password
Click “OK” and your password will be
applied instantly.