Thanksgiving Dinner Indians and Pilgrims celebrating the very first

Every year in the fall there is a holiday in North America called Thanksgiving. The holiday began when the first
European settlers moved to America. They were called Pilgrims. The Pilgrims were having a very hard time
adjusting to living in America. They could not find enough food or make enough clothing for their families. Many
people were dying and everyone was very sad. Winter was coming and the weather would get worse and many
more people would die.
There were people who lived in America before the Pilgrims; they were called Indians. The Indians had lived in
America for a long time. They knew how to grow their food and store the food they caught. They could make their
own food and had houses that would not fall down in a storm. The Indians saw that the Pilgrims were dying so
they decided to help them. They taught them how to grow food and hunt for food, how to make clothing and
houses. The Pilgrims were very thankful for the Indians help. They had been scared of the Indians before but now
they were friends.
The Pilgrims were so thankful for the Indians help. Before winter came, they held a feast for the Indians and
shared all the food that the Indians had helped them gather. They ate together, celebrated, and thanked God for
the food and friendship. Being thankful for the things we have is what Thanksgiving is all about!
In America today, families get together and have a meal to celebrate Thanksgiving. They remember what they are
thankful for just like the Indians and the Pilgrims did. Some families even take turns telling each other what they
are thankful for. It is important that we remember what the first people who lived in our land taught us about
helping others and being thankful.
As a Christian, it is very important to always be thankful, too. We have a God who gave His life for us on the
Cross so that we may go to Heaven. We should never forget to be thankful and tell God how much it means to us
that He saved us and forgives our sins. Be sure to tell someone you know what you are thankful for and why
Thanksgiving Dinner
Learning Should
be Fun… and It
Indians and Pilgrims celebrating
the very first Thanksgiving.
Last Thursday, LKK students, teachers, missionaries, and NET teachers from four different schools were able to
enjoy themselves at the LKK English Fun Fair.
The day started early and was filled with fun games and prices. There were 6 booths in total - Japan, Britain,
Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and China. At each booth, the students could enjoy different games and at the
same time practice their English skills.
We were in charge of the Australia booth. We had two games for the students to play. The first game was a
phonics game where the students had to throw a ball, identify the letter that they hit, and then rush to find a word
from a set of cards that started with the same letter and sound. They were also encouraged to spell the word,
make a new sentence, or think of other words that started with the same letter. The second game was a memory
card game. There were 16 sets of cards containing different shapes. The cards were all facing down. Students
had to compete with each other to try and match as many cards as possible.
These kinds of days are so great for students because they have fun while at the same time learning and
practicing English. They are also fully emerged in an authentic English environment.
We are very happy that we got a chance to be a part of the English Fun Day at LKKLPS. We got a chance to
interact and play games with all of the students. We are thankful to the school for allowing us to be a part of this
day and for receiving us with open arms!