2nd December 2016

Week Ending 2nd December 2016
This week in the Nursery….
We have been continuing with the children’s interest in pets and have read lot of ‘Kipper’ books. On
Monday we read the story of ‘The Big Blue Balloon’ and have been having fun playing with our own
blue balloons in Nursery. We have been using story language in our play, retelling our favourite parts
of the story. The balloon in the story kept changing colour, shape and size and was indestructible!
Some of us have enjoyed using this new vocabulary in our story telling.
We have also been very busy getting ready for Christmas. We have begun to learn the songs for our
Christmas show and making up actions to go with the words.
We had lots of fun decorating the Christmas tree this week. We each put on a bauble, using our
words to describe the position where we wanted to put it e.g. ‘next to the blue bauble’ or ‘at the top’.
If you have a Christmas tree at home can the children describe the shapes of the baubles using words
like round, circle or square? Can they use positional words to tell you where each bauble is?
During story time we have been talking about advent calendars. Mrs Woods showed us her special
advent calendar that her mummy made for her! We are very excited to open the window every day to
see what’s inside. So far we have found a star and an angel. I wonder what we will find next week.
Do you have a calendar at home? Can you count how many days left until Christmas? Is the number
getting bigger or smaller?
We couldn’t believe it on Thursday, when we discovered that Santa had sent an elf to stay in Nursery
until Christmas. We have decided to name him Happy Elf and he is watching to make sure we follow
the Nursery rules. He reports back to Santa every night! Happy is also quite mischievous though;
today he decorated the Christmas tree with toilet roll! It was really funny!
The children are continuing playing with their own interests this week of mechanics, pirates and
train tracks. We have enjoyed making a train station in the garden, using crates as train carriages and
the climbing frame as a signal box. We take turns to be the driver and the conductor and check that
everybody on the train has bought a ticket. We have been all over the world on our train; Paris,
Disney world, New York and Carshalton Beeches! We are even making a Polar Express to take us to
the North Pole! We learnt about the number of the week; number 4. We practised writing the number
4 and counting out 4 objects. Next week we will be learning about the number 5 and looking at our
final colour of the week; purple.
We are very extremely happy to welcome Miss Kelly Weller to the Nursery Team this week. Miss
Weller will join us Monday to Thursday for morning Nursery and Monday to Wednesday for
afternoon Nursery.
Important Information to share:
We will have a post box in the Nursery cloakroom from Monday to post your Christmas
cards. You will also find some class lists here to help you remember all your friends’
names! We will give all of the Christmas cards out to the children in the last few days of
Don’t forget our Christmas Show on Friday 16th December. 10:30 for morning Nursery
and 12:45 for afternoon Nursery. There will be time before each performance for you to
have some of our homemade mince pies!
Next Friday (9th) is Elf Day. The Nursery will become an elf workshop and we will be
busily making crafts for Christmas. Please come to Nursery dressed in red and green, or
even full elf costume, for a small donation of £1 to raise money for the PTA.
Have a lovely weekend. Thank you for your support, as always.