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Santa Clara Valley Water District
Neighborhood work
Permanente Diversion Channel
Sediment Removal Project
About the project
A five person crew will work at the project site using
crew trucks, dump trucks, a loader and an excavator.
Expect typical construction noise during work hours.
A private security firm contracted by the water district
may also be on site.
Trucks and crews will access the creek at Altamead
Drive. No road closures are expected, but traffic
control may be needed at times. If needed, flaggers
will be onsite during the project for safety.
Part of the voter-approved Clean, Safe Creeks
and Natural Flood Protection Plan, this project will
remove an estimated 240 cubic yards of sediment,
enough to fill 30 dump trucks.
Securing banks protects homes and property
along the creek, while maintaining a stable creek
ecosystem. It also minimizes sediment build-up,
improving the creek’s capacity to carry floodwaters.
Sediment removal is important to maintain the creek’s
capacity to carry floodwaters away from nearby
homes and property.
Miramonte Ave
Project Area
and equipment availability.
Permanente Diversion Channel
Altamead Dr
Bryant Ave
Portland Ave
Circle indicates project
Inset: Sediment build-up
along Permanente Creek
Diversion Channel.
Why remove sediment?
Water flowing in a creek or river picks up and
carries fine grains of soil, rock or mineral called
sediment. When the flowing water slows down or
reaches a wide or flat area, the sediment “drops out”
and deposits into the stream bed. This can clog the
creek, reducing the amount of water it can transport.
Sediment fills the underwater spaces around rocks,
fallen tree trunks and branches, eliminating places
where fish and other species seek food and shelter.
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* Project start dates and duration may vary due to site conditions
Grant Rd
Work will start in mid August and take approximately
three days to complete.* Project work hours are
8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. In the
unlikely event of delays, work hours may extend to
include some work on Saturdays.
Levin Ave
Covington Rd
Permanente Creek
The Santa Clara Valley Water District will remove
sediment from the Permanente Diversion Channel
west of Grant Road near the maintenance ramps
where sediment tends to build up.
Eunice Ave
What we do
The Santa Clara Valley Water District manages water
resources and provides stewardship for the county’s
five watersheds, including 10 reservoirs, hundreds of
miles of streams and groundwater basins. The water
district also provides flood protection throughout
Santa Clara County.
You’re in a watershed
No matter where
you are, you’re in
a watershed. A
watershed is the
area of land that
drains a common
waterway. In Santa Clara
County, our creeks catch rain
and runoff from storm drains and
carry the water north to San Francisco
Bay or south to Monterey Bay. Along the way,
some of the water fills reservoirs for drinking water,
replenishes the underground aquifer and creates
better habitat for fish and wildlife. This project is in
the Lower Peninsula Watershed.
Drains to
Alameda County
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Your Clean, Safe Creeks
vote at work
The voter-approved Clean, Safe Creeks and Natural
Flood Protection parcel tax passed in November
2000 funds this project. The 15-year plan makes it
possible to protect homes, schools and businesses
from flooding, while improving the health of creek
and bay ecosystems, and creating trails and parks
for recreational enjoyment.
Fight West Nile Virus
Target the source. Dump standing water.
For more information, visit Santa
Clara County Vector Control District’s
website at,
or call the West Nile Virus Hotline at
For more information, contact
Chad Grande at (408) 265-2607,
ext. 2915, or visit our website at and use our
Access Valley Water customer request
and information system. With three easy
steps, you can use this service to find out
the latest information on the project or to
submit questions, complaints or compliments directly to a district staff person.
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