Second Half – Monologues, a Duologue and a sing song

Second Half –
Monologues, a Duologue
and a sing song
Organised by – Matthew Gough
Cast List
John Bolton – Comparing as Burrows
Joan Hallmark – Reading Young Albert - A. Nonimous
Ron Hallmark – My favourite things – by Julie Andrews from
The Sound of Music
Patricia Howarth – Reading Mabel Chiltern from
An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde
Annette Gough – Reading Lady Bracknell from
The Importance of being Ernest by Oscar Wilde
Ruth Donnelly as Eliza Doolittle,
Steve Rossiter as Colonel Pickering
from Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
Martin Shuttleworth - Reading You are old father William
by Lewis Carroll
Catherine McElerney - Reading That troublesome wink
by Miss Norman Grant
Nigel Blakey - How they brought the good news from Ghent to Aix by
Robert browning and How I brought the news from Aix to Ghent
or vice versa by WC Sellar & RJ Yeatman
John Bolton - Reading I've been to a marvellous party by Noel Coward
A sing song of choruses Daisy Daisy
Down at the old bull and bush
My old man said follow the van
Any old iron
You made me love you
Show me the way to go home
Drama 13 Presents
Family Album
A one Act Play by
Directed by Patricia Howarth
Assisted by Martin Shuttleworth
Cast List
Jasper Featherways
Jane Featherways
Lavinia Featherways
Richard Featherways
Harriet Winter
Charles Winter
Emily Valance
Edward Valance
Stage Manager,
Lights and Sound
Front of House
John Dowel
Joy Rodgers
Bernadette O’Brien
Matthew Gough
Catherine McElerney
Nigel Blakey
Sarah Weir
Steve Rossiter
John Bolton
Annette Gough
Steve Knowles
Allan Howarth, Carol Boyd, Andy Bishop
Drama 13
Ron Hallmark
Joan Hallmark, Olive Shannon, Joanne