installation instructions

Care and Maintanence
KoolSpot Shade Sails
Do NOT machine wash or dry your sail. To clean your sail, apply mild detergent
(do not use abrasive cleaners) with a sponge and allow to soak for 10 minutes. Rinse
thoroughly with water from garden hose.
Sail Rings
If you have any doubts as to whether the intended anchor will support the shade sail
under certain wind conditions, such as high winds, KoolSpot recommends you seek
professional advice before attempting to secure the sail.
Sail Cloth
Rope Clamp
Due to the many types of materials used to erect buildings and the many types of anchor
points that may be used, KoolSpot cannot guarantee that your property or structure has
suitable anchor points to secure the shade sail. The previously mentioned installation
suggestions are offered as a courtesy by KoolSpot. KoolSpot cannot know the specifics of the purchaser’s stress factors, soil conditions, wind conditions, existing structure
strength, local building regulations, etc. KoolSpot disclaims any responsibility for the
installation, design of installation, engineering requirements, code compliance, or any
other installation-related matter.
Sail Cloth
Snap Hook
Your KoolSpot Shade Sail was made using the best materials. You can expect many
years of shade and UV protection from your shade sail. If your shade sail fabric
deteriorates to the point of cracking, splitting or tearing as a result of UV exposure
within 10 years of the date of purchase, KoolSpot will replace your sail free of charge.
This warranty is subject to the following conditions.
•All claims must be submitted in writing to KoolSpot, PO Box 509, Niwot CO 80544
•All claims must include a sample of the fabric and proof of purchase
•This warranty does not cover fading, mechanical friction, or damage caused by
exposure to chemicals
303.652.6164 (p)
A Keystone Product
Sail Rings
Fig. A
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Sail Cloth
Sail Rings (already installed on sail)
10’ Length of Rope
Rope Clamp
Snap Hook
Please read this instructions carefully before you install your sail. Note: we recommend three
(3) people to install a triangular sail and four (4) people to install the square shade. For anchoring Eye Pads to secure points, you will need screws/bolts. Please see your local hardware
dealer for recommendations.
Please call if you have any questions regarding the installation of your sail.
Step 1: Determine anchor points
An “anchor point” is the location your sail attaches to an permanent object (house, patio,
post, etc). Your shade sail requires three (3) to four (4) secure anchor points (depending on
the shape of your sail).
When determining where to anchor your shade sail, consider the following:
1. To allow for runoff of water/rain, one (1) corner must be lower than the others (see Fig B). For a square two opposing corners must be
Step 2: Mount anchors
This step of the installation is critical. You must be sure all anchor points are structurally
sound. If you are unsure, obtain independent advice from a builder or engineer.
Some anchor points may already exist (i.e. large tree, fence posts, facia, etc). See Figures
F, G and H for examples of anchor points. If a pre-existing anchor is not available, you
will need to install your own anchor point (i.e. post). For information on installing a post,
please visit
Fig. B
Fig. G
2. To allow the sail to be taught, two (2) adjacent anchor points must be at least 12’’away from the end of the Sail Ring (see Fig C).
Fig. F
Fig. C
Fig. H
3. To allow the sail to be tightened, two (2) adjacent anchor points must use Turnbuckles (see Fig D)
Fig. D
You will need three (3) to four (4) people to locate the anchor points (depending on the
shape of your sail). To begin, have each person hold a corner of the Shade Sail. Then
have each person pull their corner to make the sail taught. Then have each person locate
the anchor point that will correspond to their corner (see Fig E). Note: rope might be
needed to reach your anchor point.
Again, please be sure your anchor
points are structurally sound.
Step 3: Mount Shade Sail
When mountig your sail, be sure to
start by securing the corner that does
NOT have a
Turnbuckle (see Fig I).
Fig. I
Step 4: Tighten Shade Sail
Use Turnbuckles to tighten sail (see Fig J)
Mark your anchor points.
Fig. E
Fig. J