Pete has 8 caps. Sam has four times as many caps as Pete. How

Marcus had 100 marbles. He gave away 55 marbles
and put the remaining marbles equally into 9 bags.
How many marbles did he put in each bag?
Rosa made 56 cupcakes. She put 8 cupcakes into
each box and sold the boxes for $3.00 each. How
much money did Rosa receive?
Sarah completed 3 times as many laps of the oval as
Joe. Sarah completed 18 laps. How many more laps
did Sarah complete than Joe?
Pete has 8 caps. Sam has four times as many caps as
Pete. How many caps do they have together?
I have 99 cents. I buy six pencils for nine cents each.
How much money do I have left?
Tom has a box of 30 chocolates. He eats 6 of them and
places the rest of them into three bags for his sisters.
How many chocolates are in each bag?
Lisa sold 4 times as many raffle tickets as Tyrell.
Lisa sold 32 tickets. How many more raffle tickets
did Lisa sell than Tyrell?
In a third grade class there are 9 boys. There are twice
as many girls as boys. How many students are in the
class in all?
Jose bought 4 cartons of juice for 80 cents each. He
gave the cashier $5.00. How much change should he
A greengrocer packed three boxes of six apples and
six boxes of three bananas. How many pieces of fruit
did the greengrocer pack in all?
On Monday Lia read 4 times as many pages of her book
as Jess. Lia read 100 pages. How many more pages
did Lia read than Jess?
Pete has 11 video games. Sam has twice as many
video games as Pete. How many video games do they
have together?