Software Product Name XX S/N 080902000-1234

Finding your Serial Number
Applies to all active products
Option #1
Your Product Serial Number is printed directly on your Hardware Protection Key (also known as the USB
dongle) and is typically the easiest way to locate your unique Product Serial Number. The number will be
preceded by “S/N”.
Software Product Name X.X
S/N 080902000-1234
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Product Code
Image-Pro Premier 3D
Starts with “08”
Image-Pro Premier
Starts with “05” or “01”
Image-Pro Insight
Starts with “03”
Image-Pro Plus/Analyzer
Starts with “41” or “15”
Starts with “AQX” or “AQI”
Option #2
Your Product Serial Number can also be found on the About dialog box in the software product. Access the
About dialog box in any Media Cybernetics product by selecting “About <Product Name>” from the Help
Menu from inside of the product.
For Products:
Image-Pro Premier 3D
Image-Pro Premier
Image-Pro Insight
NOTE: The dialog is accessed using the small arrow to the right of the Help button.
For Products:
Image-Pro Plus
Image-Pro Analyzer
For Products: AutoQuant