As Cancelas invests one million euros in Santiago`s new

Santiago de Compostela, 5 July 2012
As Cancelas invests one million euros
in Santiago’s new roundabouts
• The works, which are scheduled for completion prior to the opening of the shopping
centre, will smooth the flow of traffic at the various crossings
As Cancelas Siglo XXI, the company developing the As Cancelas shopping centre, has commenced
construction of new roundabouts to improve the flow of traffic around the shopping centre, at an estimated cost
of one million euros. This investment includes a range of items, such as building and engineering work, etc.
The construction project has been awarded to the company Comsa. The developers are aiming to complete
the works prior to the opening of the shopping centre. Once complete, they will complement the tunnelling of a
section of Avenida do Camiño Francés and its roundabout, which have been open to traffic since the end of
On June 7th last, the Governing Board of the Council of Santiago approved the project, which involves the
construction of two roundabouts and improvements to a parking area beside Avenida Rodríguez de Viguri. To
avoid interference with the normal flow of traffic, the construction work is to be carried out during the summer
and is expected to be completed by October, according to estimates by the technical team.
The first roundabout will regulate the traffic between Avenida Rodríguez de Viguri and Avenida do Camiño
Francés. This area currently has a hamburger roundabout with traffic lights and “Give way" signs that slow
down traffic. However, given that traffic will increase with the opening of As Cancelas, senior councillors and
the shopping centre developers wish to improve the flow of traffic and ensure road safety at all times.
Accordingly, a roundabout with a radius of 26.5 metres is to be built at the crossing, with two 4.5-metre lanes
and a green area of 17 metres in the middle. The green area will be separated from the road by a kerb. Current
traffic flows will be improved with the introduction of two new lanes that bypass the roundabout, thus reducing
the flow of traffic on the roundabout at peak hours.
The first lane will connect Avenida Rodríguez de Viguri with Avenida do Camiño Francés in the direction of
San Lázaro. The second will give continuity to Avenida do Camiño Francés and Rodríguez de Viguri in the
direction of Plaza de España.
To complement these works, the entrances to one of the residential parking areas beside Avenida Rodríguez
de Viguri (just before the new roundabout) will be redesigned to facilitate parking and improve the layout of the
existing parking spaces.
The second roundabout will be located north of the shopping centre, at the intersection of Avenida Juan Pablo
II, Rua das Cancelas, Rua Vintecinco de Xullo and Rua Doiro. This crossing is currently regulated by “Give
way” signs, although access from Avenida Juan Pablo II has a pedestrian crossing with push buttons.
The crossing will now be improved with the construction of a roundabout with an outer radius of 12.5 metres,
two 5-metre lanes and a central island with a radius of 2.5 metres. The island will be separated from the road
by a kerb.
The shopping centre of the 21st century
As Cancelas is Santiago de Compostela’s new shopping centre for the 21st century. Developed by the Realia
and Carrefour Property España real estate companies, it will open in the last quarter of 2012 with a varied and
unique retail offering.
To implement the project, Realia and Carrefour Property established a joint venture, As Cancelas Siglo XXI, in
which they each have an equal stake. The developing company will invest 90 million euros in the construction
and development of this unique space.
The new shopping centre will have a gross rentable area of more than 50,000 square metres on the three
floors above ground level devoted to retail activity, and two underground car parks.
A Carrefour hypermarket and commercial premises that have been leased to leading brand names will occupy
the ground floor; the second floor will primarily house fashion and accessory stores and the third floor will
accommodate cinemas, leisure outlets and restaurants. The shopping centre will also have 2,150 parking
spaces: 2,000 in the two-level underground car park and the remaining 150 at ground level.
In total, As Cancelas will have 120 commercial premises, all leased by top brand names. According to
preliminary estimates, the new shopping centre will attract eight million visitors a year.
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Plan of the roundabout between Avenida Rodríguez de Viguri and Avenida do Camiño Francés.
Plan for the redesign of the parking area beside Rodriguez Viguri.
Plan of the roundabout between Av/Juan Pablo II, R/ As Cancelas, R/ Vintecinco de Xullo and R/ Doiro.