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Application Procedure
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Registration and visa prolongation
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Visa + Arrival FAQ
Application Procedure at Peter the Great Saint Petersburg
Polytechnic University (SPbPU)
starts from nomination of exchange students by international coordinator from
partner-university by e-mail. It is important to mention the title, full name, field of study
and e-mail address of the suggested student(s) + copy of international passport.
When nomination is approved by SPbPU the following documents should be sent to the
International Academic Mobility Department:
Application Form (should be filled correct and clear in block letters).
Transcript of records.
Copy of passport (in case the student has more than one passport, he/she should send the
copy of those passport he/she is going to travel to Russia with).
Motivation Letter.
Three passport size photos.
Short note with the name of the place, where student will apply for visa.
The electronic copy of these documents is to be sent by e-mail to [email protected]
(in copy to [email protected]; [email protected])
The original documents and photos are to be sent
to the following address:
Dr. Natalia Stoliarova,
Head of International Academic Mobility Department
(office 225, IIEP),
Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University
Polytechnicheskaya st. 29
195251 St. Petersburg
The deadline for the spring semester is 15th October.
The deadline for the autumn semester is 15th May.
Autumn semester starts on September 1st and lasts till January 31st.
Spring Semester starts on the first Monday of February and lasts till June 30th.
Once the documents of the proposed student are approved by International Academic Mobility
Department, the hostel is automatically booked for the student and SPbPU international
coordinators apply for an official invitation.
Those students, who would like to study at SPbPU for more than 3 months, need an official
invitation from Migration Service. To make these invitations, SPbPU applies to Federal
Migration Service. It takes about a 1-1.5 months for the invitation to be prepared.
When the invitation is ready the International Academic Mobility Department sends the
PDF-copy of it to student's e-mail address and the original paper to University post address.
Please, pay attention!
Invitation is no enough to enter the country. You have to
apply for the visa at Russian embassy or consulate.
The invitation is always done for one time entrance visa for 90
days only.
It would be prolonged and changed to a multi visa after student's
arrival at SPbPU.
Unfortunately not every department at SPbPU has the list of current courses on the web-site of
the University. That's why a lot of exchange students can't choose subjects in advance and
have to form their study plan only after arrival. Students may choose any courses they like
from the schedule of a particular Institute. However it is not allowed to combine courses
from two or more different Institutes.
For more information about the Institutes, please follow the link:
International Master Degree Programs taught in English (available for Master exchange
All exchange students may attend Russian Language courses in amount of 8 academic
hours per week during the whole exchange period.
All exchange students receive certificates after they pass the exams. The workload in
certificates is given both in academic hours and ECTS credits, so the students' records can be
recognized by the home University.
1 ECTS credit is equal to 36 academic hours (a.h.) of total
1 academic hour = 45 minutes.
The academic year at SPbPU is divided into two semesters, the autumn semester and the
spring semester. Each term is followed by the examination weeks at the end.
Autumn semester starts on the 1st of September and ends (including the examination weeks) on
the 31st of January. Spring semester starts on the first Monday of February and ends (including
the examination weeks) on the 30th of June.
During the summer months some instructions are provided, and several departments are
opened for Summer Schools and research work.
University offers a hostel to all exchange students. Students are accommodated in triple
rooms. Two rooms form a block. There is a shared kitchen and a bathroom in each block.
Kitchen utensils are not provided with the apartments. The dormitory is also equipped with
coin-operated laundry facilities.
It is possible to install Wi-Fi router and open internet account. The dormitory’s official
internet provider is INTERZET (
The monthly rate for shared room in triple room apartments with common kitchen facilities is
approximately 100 EUR per month (to be paid in Russian rubles). Students are required
to pay accommodation fee upon signature of the rental contract. Students are asked to pay
at once for the whole period of stay in Saint Petersburg.
The university does not accept liability for loss of students' property.
All international students have to be registered within 3 working days after entering
the Russian Federation.
To make the registration one should
have the following documents:
• migration
card (small white paper you got
at the airport );
• passport;
• 200 rubles (to be paid in Russian rubles,
the official currency is ruble).
The registration can be done in the registration office of the University (room 113, 1st floor
of our dormitory). But exchange students are advised to visit International Academic
Mobility Department (room 225 in the same building) first, where all the necessary documents
would be collected.
When the registration is ready international students can apply for a multi visa in the same
registration office. Required documents are listed below:
• Passport;
• Registration paper;
• 4 passport size photos (on mat paper);
• 2000 Rubles (to be paid in Russian rubles).
Multi visa takes about a month to be issued.
Therefore exchange students are kindly asked not to plan overseas trips in September and
the beginning of October. Multi visa is valid till the end of student's educational period at
To apply for the visa all the students must have insurance. Unfortunately Russian polyclinics
do not accept international insurances. So the are two possibilities to get cured:
1) There are two clinics that accept international insurances:
a. MEDI clinic (;
b. EUROMED clinic (
In case of visiting one of the two clinics you will pay for all services yourself and you will
get the reimbursement after you arrival to the motherland.
We highly recommend you to contact your insurance center before leaving.
2) It is also possible to obtain a Russian Insurance card that can be purchased at SPbPU on
Exchange students are also advised to bring 6-8 additional passport-sized photos with them.
Besides the registration, photos are needed for a student card, building entrance card etc. Still
it is possible to make photos in St. Petersburg.
Russia has four distinct seasons and temperatures vary a lot depending on the season.
In summer it can be rather hot weather with the temperature up to 30 Celsius. It is a good idea
to bring either an umbrella or raincoat with you.
If you are spending winter in Russia, please pack warm
winter clothes with you or be prepared to buy them.
First of all you should check up all you need to enter the Russian Federation.
migration card (small white paper you got at the
airport/train station);
valid international passport;
health insurance;
right attitude and good mood .
Right after arrival to Saint Petersburg all international students are strongly advised to come
to Institute of International Educational Programs (IIEP) first to the address:
Institute of International Educational
Grazhdanskij prospect, 28, 195220 RUSSIA
The hostel for international students and International Academic Mobility Department (office
225) are situated in the same building (see the map below). Hostel occupies the left part of the
building, Administrative offices and lecture rooms - the right part.
Metro station
Before you leave our hospitable walls you should give us:
1. Bypass list with all the signatures;
2. Plastic entrance card – propusk (and get 200 rubles deposit);
3. Register with all the signatures and all the necessary information.
Also we kindly ask you to write the name of the program on your register. It could be the
name of the biggest course or something that describes most of the courses. In case you don't
do it, we will write course the name of the program we consider the most suitable and we
won't rewrite it!
28 Grazhdansky prospect
195220 St. Petersburg, Russia
One place in the dormitory costs
100 EUR per month.
As soon as we received your
nomination, a place in the dormitory
is reserved
You should pay for the whole period
of stay at once in RUR. Credit cards
are accepted. In case you would like
to leave earlier, you will get back the
money you paid for the days you will
not be here.
One room is shared between 3
One kitchenette, one
bathroom and one toilet are shared
between 2 such rooms (=6 students).
Unfortunately it is impossible to
place less than 3 students in 1 room.
a. Room: 3 beds, 3 bed tables,
2 tables, 2 chairs, 1 wardrobe, shelves.
You can get here a pillow, a blanket
and bed clothes for free (returnable).
b. Bathroom: a bath tub, a sink and a
mirror. Bathrooms and toilets are
c. Kitchenette: a fridge, a microwave,
a sink, a small electric stove, shelves,
a table, 2 chairs. The dormitory does
not provide you with kitchen stuff
or cleaning products, so you will
have to buy it in the shops near the
dormitory or in IKEA.
Bed clothes are included in rent.
The dormitory provides you with
clean bed clothes every week. The
dormitory does not provide you
with towels.
There are washing machines and dryers
on the 1st floor of the dormitory. To use
them you have to pay in RUR in coins
(no credit cards are accepted). There is
also a machine for changing banknotes to
coins. There is no book of records, you
just come and wash.
You have to clean your room by yourself
though the dormitory staff cleans floors
in the kitchenettes, bathrooms and toilets.
The dormitory does not provide you
with mops, vacuum cleaners, irons.
If something gets broken (like window
frames or light bulbs in the kitchen) you
should go to the room 104, the left one
(on the 1st floor of your dormitory) and
ask for a master to come. Please, bring
someone Russian-speaking with you.
Internet is not included in the rent.
If you have a free router, bring it with
you. You will have to make a new
contract with the provider. Our provider
unfortunately their website is only in
Russian). There is also free Wi-Fi in the
You are not allowed to enter the
dormitory from 23:00 to 06:00 (unless
you have a flight that arrives at night).
Having loud noise after 23:00, smoking
and drinking alcohol are prohibited.
a. You may invite friends to visit your
room, but they must have passport or
ID card with them. This document must
be left to the security sitting on the
ground floor. Your friends are not
allowed to stay during the night.
b. There is a hostel on the 2nd floor of the
dormitory, but only your parents are
allowed to live there. Costs: 2000 RUR
for 2 people, 1500 RUR for 1 person.
Double rooms only. The hostel does not
provide your parents with the visa
staff. You can sleep at the dormitory starting
from your first day.
Q: Why my invitation for visa is valid only for 3
A: First you get a visa that is valid for 3 months
and when you arrive here, we help you to
prolong it until the end of your stay.
Q: How do I get to the dormitory?
A: If you want, one of our tutors can meet you at
the airport/train station/bus station and help you
to get to the dormitory.
Please note that you are coming with oneentry visa, which means that if you leave the
country, you will not be allowed to enter
Russia with this visa. It will be changed to
multi-entry visa together with prolongation
which takes approximately 4 weeks.
Q: When will I get my invitation?
A: As soon as we get a copy of your passport, we
apply for an invitation, which takes up to 6
weeks. After getting it, we immediately send you
a PDF-copy of it and the original paper to the
international office of your university which
takes up to 3 weeks or more (unfortunately our
university doesn’t use express delivery service).
Q: When can I come?
A: You are allowed to enter Russia starting from
the 1st of February for spring semester and the
23rd of August for autumn semester.
Please don’t forget to receive a migration card
when you enter the country (on the
plane/passport control/on the train/on the bus –
while crossing the borders).
From the airport by taxi (cost: 1200 RUB): we
do advice you to take the official taxi for your
safety. You can order taxi right inside the airport.
From the airport by public transport (cost: 128
RUB): The buses #39, #39A (both 28 RUB + 28
RUB for your luggage) and #K39 (36 RUB + 36
RUB for your luggage) are going just to the
metro station MOSKOVSKAYA (the blue
You have to enter the metro station (31 RUB for
you and 31 RUB for your luggage) and go to the
metro station AKADEMICHESKAYA (the
top of the red line).
From Finlandskij train station (for the trains
from Finland, cost: 62 RUB): the best way is to
go by metro, because the metro station is in the
same building as the train station and it’s the
same red line as the university station (again 31
RUB + 31 RUB for your luggage.
From the bus station: first 7-10 min on foot to
the metro station OBVODNY KANAL (the
purple line), then my metro (28 RUB + 28 RUB
AKADEMICHESKAYA (the top of the red
Q: I am arriving late in the evening/during the
weekend. Can I still sleep at the dormitory?
A: The time or day of arriving doesn’t matter,
but you should inform us about the date and
time of arrival, so we can inform the dormitory
It takes approximately 1.5 hour to reach the
dormitory from the airport, 1 hour from the bus
station and about 30 min from the Finlandskij
train station.
We are here!