nail diseases.notebook

nail diseases.notebook
November 22, 2011
Nail Disorders
Healthy nails ­firm, flexible, smooth, unspotted
Nail disorders ­due to injury or disease
Nail injury or poor health­ treatable
Infection, inflammation, broken, swollen skin ­refer to physician
Blue nails­ varied colors, due to poor circulation or systemic disorder Regular manicure
Bruised nails­ dark purplish spots, injury forms blood clot
avoid pressure during manicure
Corrugations­ wavy ridges due to uneven nail growth
results of injury or illness
Ridges­ vertical lengthwise, uneven nail growth from age or illness­ gently file & buff ridges use ridge filler w/manicure Furrows­ depressions horizontal or vertical
due to illness or injury, uneven nail growth Eggshell nails­ thin, flexible nails separate from plate & curve over free edge, due to diet, illness or medication Gently manicure, avoid metal implements
beau's lines­ depressions across width of nail due to illness or injury
Hangnails (agnails)­split cuticle due to dryness or cutting too much cuticle: hot oil manicure
Infected finger­ redness, pain, swelling, pus: refer to physician
Leukonychia­ white spots on plate due to injury of nail base & will grow out Melanonychia­ darkening of nails seen as a black band due to increased pigment in matrix Onychophagy­ bitten nails, nervous habit (the old hag coughed when she swallowed her bitten nails) Manicure frequently Onychorrhexis­ (a hex to make your nails brittle) brittle nails, striations in plate due to injury, diet, illness, excess polish remover, cuticle solvents, or careless filing: Oil manicure
Plicatured nail­ folded nails, highly curved plate
due to injury of matrix
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nail diseases.notebook
November 22, 2011
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nail diseases.notebook
November 22, 2011
Nail Disorders
Nail Pterygium­ forward growth of cuticle damages eponychium, skin stretches over plate, avoid metal implements: oil manicure
Tile­shaped nails­ increased, crosswise curvature of nail Trumpet or Pincer nail­ edges curl & form a trumpet, cone­shape at free edge If painful, manicure gently
Nail Fungus Cause: vegetable parasites infect feet, hands
Contagious: by contact or unsanitary implements, refer to physician
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa­ (nose, bad odor) bacteria
grows out of control, causes infection
Bacterial infection ­yellow­green spots between bed & plate
bad odor,soreness refer to physician
Cause: contaminated implements or moisture trapped between natural nail & artificial nail
Prevention: disinfect implements, clean & prep natural nail
artificial nail ­wear gloves, file or soak off artificial nail disinfect everything before & after Alcohol removes & dries contaminated moisture from plate
Nail Diseases
Disease,Bacterial infection prevention: strict sanitation/disinfection Disease, infection or inflammation: refer to physician
Onychia­ (icky) inflammation of matrix w/pus & nail shedding Cause: dirty implements or bacterial infection
Onychocryptosis­ ingrown nails, painful (you cry)
Cause: trimming nails too deep into grooves
Onychogryposis (onychogryphosis)­ nail curvature & thickening claw grip or ram’s horn
Most common in great toe
Cause: injury to matrix, hereditary or neglect
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nail diseases.notebook
November 22, 2011
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nail diseases.notebook
November 22, 2011
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nail diseases.notebook
November 22, 2011
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nail diseases.notebook
November 22, 2011
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nail diseases.notebook
November 22, 2011
Nail Diseases
Onycholysis­ nail lifts w/out shedding
Cause: internal disorder, trauma, infection, fungi,
allergy to nail enhancements or drugs
Onychomadisis­ separation, falling off nail bed Cause­ local infection, injury to matrix, severe systemic illness, Chemo or x­rays
Onychophosis­ horny epithelium growth in nail bed
Onychoptosis­ (chop off) periodic shedding in part or whole
Cause: disease, fever, trauma, drugs
Paronychia­ bacterial inflammation around nail tissue
Pus, w/thickening & discoloration Cause: yeast infection from excess exposure to water
Pyogenic granuloma­ severe inflammation, a red lump grows from nail bed to plate (pyro, fire)
Tinea­ ringworm of skin, itching, scales, painful circular lesions
Cause: vegetable parasite or fungus
Tinea pedis­ athletes foot itchy, colorless blisters on soles & toes
Cause: fungal infection
Tinea unguium: onychomychosis ­ ringworm of nail (oh my! Ringworm of nail)
White patches scrape off nail or yellow streaks Infected layers peel off leaving thin, exposed parts Cause: vegetable parasites or fungus
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nail diseases.notebook
November 22, 2011
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