quick recipe ideas for the canteen campaign

A quick snap shot on some more tasty fresh fruit and
vegetable ideas...
Crunchy fresh salad with tasty cheese, chicken or shaved ham
Avocado, thinly sliced cucumber, lettuce and chicken
Crispy lettuce, cucumber & and chicken snitzel roll (low fat mayonnaise is an optional extra)
Egg and lettuce sandwich
Tomato and Swiss cheese roll
Lettuce, chicken, celery and low fat mayonnaise wrap
Halve baguette bread lengthways, spread with mixture of crushed garlic and butter (or margarine), wrap in foil and
heat until hot, open and place tomato slices on baguette
Aussie BBQ sausage on a roll with lettuce and tomato
Crunchy lettuce, carrot, cucumber and shaved chicken on a tortilla wrap
Cheese and lettuce
Grated carrots, cream cheese and sultanas
Bacon, lettuce and tomato
Crunchy salad and chicken rice paper rolls
Large rice paper - about 22cm in diameter (available from
supermarkets and Asian food stores)
Shredded carrots, shredded lettuce, shredded cooked
chicken and snow pea sprouts.
How to make
Wash and dry green oak or Iceberg lettuce leaves and snow
peas sprouts, shred the carrot and have the cooked chicken
shredded so it’s ready to add to the rice paper filling.
Place a shallow dish (a little larger than the rice paper) of
warm water on the bench next to the ingredients. Simply dip
the rice paper into the water for 10-20 seconds to just soften
then place onto a clean board. Add the filling down the
centre of the rice paper, starting with a lettuce leaf and
finishing with the chicken. Roll up as you would roll up a
spring roll. Place in a single layer on a tray, cover with a
damp paper towel and refrigerate until ready to serve.
Fruit Salads
Strawberry and orange salad
Orange and blueberry salad
Apple, banana, nashi, mandarin and kiwi fruit salad (to prevent discolouring drizzle with lime or lemon juice)
Strawberry, pineapple, rockmelon and watermelon
Fruit and Yoghurt
Banana, strawberry and honey reduced fat yoghurt cup
Kiwi fruit and muesli reduced fat yoghurt cup
Fruit salad and yoghurt sundae: seasonal fresh fruit, reduced fat yoghurt and drizzle with strawberry puree
Banana, honey and muesli reduced fat yoghurt cup
Fun Snacks
Fruit kebabs: rockmelon, strawberries and pineapple threaded on paddle pop sticks
Traffic Light Kebabs: cherry tomatoes, cubes of reduced-fat tasty cheese and chunks of Lebanese cucumber
threaded through trimmed bamboo skewers
Pikelets with banana: Warm pikelets in a pie oven or microwave. Light drizzle with honey and top with sliced
Grapes in Jelly: Place washed and dried grapes in disposable plastic cups, pour jelly mixture over grapes, refrigerate
for 4 hours or until jelly is set
Veg Snacks
Veggie dippers: carrot, cucumber and capsicum sticks (option of hummus or beetroot dip for dipping)
Turkey Salad Box: Crunchy tomato, cheese, Cos lettuce and Turkey (a light dash of reduced fat Italian dressing as
an optional extra)
Crazy Crumpets: Toast crumpet and top with light cheese, baby spinach leaves, sliced lean ham and tomatoes
Breakfast at Recess – Egg, Tomato and Baby Spinach Muffin
For a very nutritious recess snack, top English-style wholemeal muffins with scrambled
eggs, halved cherry tomatoes and baby spinach leaves.
Veg out: Tomato, zucchini, mushroom and grated reduced-fat cheese pizza
Cheese and Tomato: Fresh tomato and grated reduced-fat cheese pizza slice
Tropical: Fresh pineapple, tomato, ham and grated reduced-fat cheese pizza
Super Hero Pizza: Tomato, capsicum, mushroom, lean ham and grated
reduced-fat cheese pizza slice
Mini Pizza: red capsicum, sliced button mushrooms, diced fresh pineapple
and grated reduced-fat cheese on ready-made pizza bases
Totally Tasty: Pumpkin, bacon and grated reduced-fat cheese pizza slice
Bumper Beef and Salad Burger: mixed salad to include Iceberg lettuce,
grated carrot, thinly slice Lebanese cucumber and sliced tomato with a
lean beef patty on a hamburger bun.
Cheese, Avocado and Tomato Burger: Sliced tomato wedged between
sliced reduced-fat cheese on a wholegrain English muffin spread with
mashed avocado.
Chicken Crunch Burger: Crunchy Iceberg lettuce thinly sliced Lebanese
cucumber and oven-baked chicken tenderloin on a flat roll.
Veg-Out Burger: Shredded lettuce and snow pea sprouts topped
with a vegetable patty and reduced fat mayonnaise on a
wholegrain English muffin.
Burger with the Lot: Loads of fresh salad teamed with a reducedfat cheese slice and a lean beef patty on a hamburger bun. Offer
barbecue or tomato sauce as an optional extra.
Tips for Toasties:
Preheat your sandwich press. Sandwiches will be toasted and ready in about 3 minutes.
Use multi-grain, wholemeal, Turkish or Lebanese bread for savoury toasties and raisin or fruit breads for
sweet toasties.
Use an olive oil or vegetable oil spray to spray the outside of the bread before being toasted. This prevents
bread from sticking or burning and is much healthier than butter or margarine. When using fruit breads, a
sheet of baking paper or greaseproof can be used between the bread and sandwich press to prevent fruit
Once toasted, wrap in greaseproof paper or foil and keep warm in a pie oven. If using protein-based fillings
like ham or chicken serve immediately after toasting.
Filling Ideas...
Finely sliced celery, diced avocado and grated reduced-fat cheese
Baked beans and diced tomato
Chopped banana and a drizzle of honey on raisin or fruit bread
Reduced-fat cheese and sliced tomato (place tomato between sliced cheese to prevent bread from becoming
Sliced button mushrooms, baby spinach leaves and grated reduced-fat cheese
Shredded cooked chicken, grated reduced-fat cheese, roughly mashed avocado and a squeeze of lemon juice
Lean ham, grated reduced-fat cheese, tomato and baby spinach
Thinly sliced roasted sweet potato, reduced-fat cheese, shaved chicken, avocado and reduced-fat mayonnaise
Kids just love delicious fresh fruit smoothies. Naturally sweet with fresh fruit and wholesome yoghurt, energyboosting smoothies can be blended and ready to serve in seconds.
A large blender can make about 9 x 200ml serves; which is an adequate serving size for kids. Wash and prepare fruit
ahead of time so it’s ready to blend, and ensure you can use reduced fat milk and yoghurts.
Get blending with these great smoothies:
Mango with mango yoghurt
Strawberries with berry yogurt
Banana with honey yoghurt and malt
Strawberries and blueberries with blueberry yoghurt and reduced-fat milk
Chopped pineapple with unsweetened pineapple and mango juice
Chopped mango, pineapple and naval oranges with mango juice
Blueberries and strawberries with apple and berry juice
Strawberries, chopped bananas, reduced-fat milk and a spoonful of Ovaltine or malt powder in a blender
Note: For about a litre of reduced-fat milk use 250g strawberries or 150g blueberries or 1 large banana or 1 large
mango with a 200g carton of reduced-fat yoghurt.
Fresh fruit to go tips
Apples – at least 2 or 3 varieties, small sized apples are ideal
Bananas – Cavendish or ladyfinger varieties
Kiwifruit – halved and served with a plastic spoon
Mandarins – Imperials of Honey Murcots
Tangelos – there easy to peel
Packham Pears – ensure they are ripe and ready to eat
Naval Oranges – cut in quarters and placed in small plastic bags (glad snap lock)
Pineapple – serve peeled wedges in plastic bags or cups
Nashi – small ones (about 100g each) are perfect
Dates – pack a few dates in small plastic bags – kids will enjoy their sweet caramel flavour
And Remember...
‘Fresh’ implies that the fruit or vegetables used in the canteen as part of this promotion are not frozen, tinned,
bottled, dried or processed. After all, this promotion is all about increasing the consumption of fresh fruit and
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