They`re Made of Meat!

Veronica Chan
They’re Made of Meat!
Today’s article was written by Terry Bisson
Yesterday evening, we received a build starships or whatever they call it to be
news about two of our crew members de- able to get to our home base. Funny really,
bating about and examinating what were that they are pieces of meat walking around,
“humans” made of. The answer to that and they don’t seem to understand that
question is simple and effective: meat. They once they’re out of their planet, they are
are just made out of meat.
dead, simply because they are just made out
These humans think that they are so of meat.
intelligent because they construct techno-
Their way of transmitting weird
logical things daily and have innovations to sounds suits their rare way of talking. It is as
contact us, or so that’s what they like to if they smack their “tongue” against their
think. But what do they know, they are just mouths when talking. The “tongue” or
made out of meat.
whatever they call it is made of meat and
Some of the humans doubt about our nothing else. So, what can we expect from
existence because we never appear in their their “tongues,” they are just made of meat.
planet and they’ve never seen us, so they
They are so naïve, thinking that their
assume that we don’t exist, at all. Little do “brains” function in a proper way. Their
they know that were here everyday watch- brains help them think, but little do they
ing them as they treat each other as stupid know that their way of thinking isn’t going
for not believing that we do exist. But again, anywhere because they aren't legitimately
they are just made out of meat.
wise creatures. Ironic really, that they have
These people create machines to com- brains to think, yet they are stupid at the
municate with us. It is funny how they try so same time. However, we should understand
hard but still can’t understand us, however, it, because they are just made out of meat.
we don't even try and don't care about
So, “humans” are not a threat to us.
them, or their culture, or their way of think- Let them think they’re superior than us, but
ing. So foolish of them, not knowing they just no, they’re not. One last time, THEY ARE
are just made out of meat.
JUST MADE OUT OF MEAT, nothing more.
Humans spend so much time trying to Have a good day!