Crafty Newsletter – April 2016

The flowers are beginning to bloom and the
weather is finally perfect for having a cold,
refreshing beer outside. In April, we invite you
to come drink on our front porch and we
challenge you to try a North Carolina brew
that you’ve never tried before. The reason
being is that April is NC beer month!
Turn to page 6 for a partial listing of events or
go to
In April’s newsletter, we highlight the short
glycol run draft system we installed for
Salisbury’s first brewery, New Sarum Brewing
Company. Make sure to mark your calendars
for their grand opening party on April 16th!
Cheers & beers,
~ the Crafty Family
Spring Fling Wine-Stravaganza
Sensory Session – Yeast
Beer Tasting – Mother Earth
Wine Tasting – Spring Varietals
Beginner’s Homebrew Class
Beer Tasting – Holy City Brewing
Wine Tasting – Crisp and Refreshing
Stouts in Summer Special Tapping
Beer Tasting – Blind Saisons
Wine Tasting – Artisan Beverage
Beer Tasting – Wicked Weed
Wine Tasting – Rosé
Aviator Brewing Tap Takeover
 Corny Keg
Short for ‘Cornelius,’ the name that brought them into the market.
Available in 2 different styles of fittings (Ball lock and pin lock),
they have a removable lid that allows you to easily transfer your
homebrewed beer into the keg.
 CO2 Tank
Used to initially carbonate, then maintain carbonation of your beer
while serving.
 Regulator
An apparatus with gauges, attached to your CO2 tank that allows
you to adjust the pressure being applied to your beer from the
 Coupling Adapters
Every keg has two connections, one for pushing in CO2 and the
other for dispensing beer. Quick-disconnects are used for easy
connection, which come in plastic or stainless steel. Pin lock gas
and liquid connectors are different, but ball lock connectors can
look nearly-identical, so consider buying different colors for gas
and liquid.
 Tubing
To connect the gas from your regulator to the keg and allow for
flow of beer from your keg to the faucet. The material and internal
diameter of your beer line will drastically impact how well your
beer pours. Most kegerators require 6 ft of 3/16” I.D. Food Grade
 Faucet
Finally! Your beer pours from this piece when it’s ready to drink. It
will either be mounted onto a kegerator tower or a shank built into
a wall.
1. Clean and then sanitize your keg with the same
sanitizer you use to brew.
2. Connect the CO2 tank to the gas-in fitting and
set the regulator to 5 PSI. Turn on the CO2,
allow gas to flow for five seconds or so, and
then turn off the CO2. Because CO2 is heavier
than oxygen, it will fall to the bottom of the
keg, forming a protective layer against oxygen
as the beer is racked.
3. Rack your beer into the keg using a siphon.
4. Hook up the CO2 to the keg and set the
regulator to about 27 if room temperature or
11 if chilled (38°F). Liquid absorbs CO2 quicker
the colder it is so chilling is ideal. Turn on the
CO2 tank and listen for the flow of gas. As the
pressure reaches equilibrium the gas will begin
to slow and eventually stop, and because the
keg is upright there is only a small surface area
of beer for the CO2 to dissolve.
5. While you can fully carbonate a keg with this
method over the course of a few days, a little
agitation will go a long way and carbonate the
beer faster. Some will roll the keg on the
ground as it’s connected to the CO2 to
encourage more gas to dissolve into solution,
though this is not recommended if your
regulator does not have a check valve. You can
also simply shake and slosh the keg around
6. Your beer is now ready to serve! Just make
sure to chill your keg for a full 24 hours before
serving for it to reach the appropriate
temperature (38°F).
 Opened doors in 2011 on Dorchester Road in North
Charleston by four friends: Joel, Sean, Chris, & Mac
 Joel and Sean owned a Pedi Cab and Rickshaw
business in Charleston and had free time during the
slow winters to dabble in home brewing
 Welded bicycle parts and a couple burners in 2009
to make a custom 15 gallon, all-grain pilot system
 Roughly a dozen recipes that are still in production
were born on this system
Holy City Brewing
Beer Tasting @
Crafty Beer Guys!
Tuesday, April 12th
 Visit their brewery in North
Charleston where dogs and
kids are welcomed –
Follow Holy City Brewing:
they have a full kitchen
and their own
craft root beer on tap!
Mosaic Promise showcases a single
malt—Golden Promise—and a single
hop—Mosaic. The traditional
barley’s depth of flavor and the
versatility of the hops’ bittering,
flavor and aroma characteristics
are the strong pillars that comprise
the structure of this clean, rich,
golden beer.
A kickflip of an IPA, Swell Rider is
made to be enjoyed relentlessly
throughout the day. Splashed with
tangerines and waves of pineapple,
mango and stone fruit hops.
Year-round Brews
Pluff Mud Porter
Holy City Pilsner
Washout Wheat
Slanted Porch
Pale Ale
Follicle Brown
Yeast Wrangler
Overly Friendly
Seasonal Brews
Oyster Stout
Bacon Porter
Pecan Dream
Smoked Märzen
Category 4 IPA
Choklat Oranj is a stout brewed with
chocolate and orange peels, opaque
black in color, 10.0% abv, and a
delicious dessert beer. Perfect alone,
or enjoyed as a float.
April 16th
Are we perhaps seeing a ‘beerification of wine?’
Wine now comes on tap and in cans!
We will leave that for you to decide… below are some
benefits to drinking wine from a can.
Benefits of wine in cans
Portable & lightweight – great for
camping, hiking, the beach & the park
More approachable and accessible –
pulls down barriers & invites more
people to try wine
Cheaper & more cost-effective
Smaller environmental footprint
Shelton Vineyards Spring Festival
Saturday, April 9 – 10am-6pm
Great Grapes! Wine & Food Festival
Saturday, April 23 – Cary, NC – 11am-7pm
Lincolnton Food & WineFest
Saturday, April 23 – Lincolnton
Childress Vineyards Bayou &
Friday, April 29 – 6pm-10pm
For the more information: check our website (,
our Facebook page, or email Chris at [email protected]
Big Boots Brew: NoDa Brewing Girls Gosé Wild with Cucumber Release – 5:30pm
Craft Beer Appreciation Class with Legion Brewing and SkillPop – 6:30pm
4th Annual Bull City Food & Beer Experience – Durham, NC – 4-8pm
14th Annual Hickory Hops – over 50 microbreweries – Hickory, NC – 1-6pm
Moo & Brew – craft beer & burger festival @ NC Music factory – 2-6pm
New Sarum Brewing Company Grand Opening – Salisbury, NC – 1-9pm
The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery’s 6th Annual Louisiana Spring Fest
“Whales for Wishes” Bottle Share – Olde Mecklenburg Brewery – 11am-3pm
Answer the following question and return to Crafty for 50% off a regular priced draft beer. Limit 1 per person.