Main Focus: • To know one more than numbers to 20. • To know one

Main Focus:
 To know one more than numbers to 20.
 To know one less than numbers to 20.
This is a key area of maths that we would like you to focus on
this half term with your child. Start with counting on one more
than small numbers and when your child is secure move on to
one more than numbers to 20. Then try doing one less, then mix
between less and more.
Remember little and often is key to success! We have included a
few ideas of how you can help your child learn these skills, but
feel free to come up with your own.
Please also feel free to bring in photos, pictures or work that
your child has completed at home to go on our super home
learning maths board. The children are able to earn stars for
their class each time they do this to win prizes each half term.
If you need any support your child’s class teacher will be happy
to help.
Everyday activities
How many steps? Upstairs? Too
the car? What would one more be?
One less?
Remember each child has access to Education
City where there are lots of games to play to
help them learn.
How many
can we count along the way to
Other useful websites are:
Use objects from around the house e.g. drinking
straws, spoons or shells to count and keep
questioning – how many would I have if I had
one more?
Use a number line
Card games
Say a number – can they point to the number
that is one more? Or one less?
Point to a number/place a counter on a number
– what number is one more or one less?
Match pairs or threes of numbers to show one
more or less.
Use cards to make a domino activity so the
numbers get smaller or bigger each time instead
of matching.
Use your child’s favourite toys to engage them in
their learning. Teach the teddy!
Baking and
How many cakes are there?
Maybe make some salt dough or
playdough and create shapes to
How many are there? How many would there be count!
if we added one more or took one away?
Build a tower – how many bricks
Play Snakes and ladders or other board games to did you use? If we took one away
count on in 1s.
how many bricks would there be?