Getting your HPI-I numbers – what to do!

Getting your HPI-I numbers – what to do!
The HI Service Operator is currently progressing a system change that will allow healthcare providers to search the HI Service and retrieve HPI-I numbers associated with the
practitioners employed or contracted to their organisation. It will also provide functionality
to validate HPI-I and HPI-O numbers identified in clinical documentation providers send
and receive. This will give greater confidence to providers that the information contained
in clinical documents is associated with the right patient, the right provider and the right
healthcare organisation.
If your healthcare organisation will be communicating electronically with other healthcare
organisations (e.g. referrals) it will be important that you have the HPI-I number of your
health professionals available for inclusion in these documents.
The following options have been identified to assist you in obtaining the HPI-I number(s)
for the health professionals working in your organisation.
Option 1
Ask the health professionals in your practice to provide you with their HPI-I number.
Option 2
The health professionals in your practice would have received their HPI-I from correspondence sent to them from AHPRA. If this has not been retained the health professionals can
obtain it from the AHPRA web-site using their login account or by calling 1300 419 495. Note: if health professionals know their AHPRA user ID they can add 800361 to the front of their ID number to get their HPI-I.
Option 3
An OMO with a valid, linked Human Services PKI Individual Certificate may logon to HPOS and view any health
professional that has consented to have a Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) entry published. Minimum demographic
details for each practitioner are required to perform this
search. Ask your health practitioner if they have consented
to have this information displayed in the HPD. Refer to the fact sheet in this information pack for advice on consenting to the HPD.
Option 4
The health professionals can call the HI Service Operator on 1300 361 457 and request their HPI-I number.
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January 2013
National E-Health Transition Authority