The Research and Development Working Group
(RDWG), co-chaired by the Mauritius Research Council
(MRC) and Business Mauritius (BM), in collaboration
with the Ministry of Technology, Communication and
Innovation (MTCI) invite Local Companies or a consortium ranging from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, to Large Companies as well as local Academic / Research / Tertiary Education Institution(s). to submit proposals for innovative, collaborative research and development projects with commercial potential in the field of
1.1 Research and Development Working Group
The RDWG will comprise of representatives from relevant institutions and experts from appropriate fields and
will be responsible for taking decisions on proposals/
2.0 AIM
This Programme aims to enhance the impact of Biotechnology on the economic development of Mauritius and
spur innovation through partnerships among local institutions and companies.
The Biotechnology Research and Innovation Grant expands the public/public, public/private and private/
private partnerships to implement biotechnology projects
with a socio-economic benefit The RDWG encourages
synergism in the proposed research project where a multi-disciplinary team approach is required, in which at
least 2 companies or institutions need to partner. The
Biotechnology Research and Innovation Grant aims to
combine the strength of all participating entities by coupling entrepreneurial skills to high technology research
The ultimate objective of the project will be to develop
innovative products, processes, and/or techniques for enhancing people welfare and promoting commercial competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises.
The applicants will have to contribute to the project in
cash and/or in kind. A minimum financial (Cash) contribution of 20% of the total project value should be made
by the applicants.
3.1 Programme Emphasis
Project proposals will be accepted in the areas of biotechnology research that will enhance socio-economic benefits.
Proposals will have to be in line with the list of priority
areas identified and communicated by the RDWG. Proposals must contain innovative concepts with a view to
sharpening the competitive edge in line with the agreed
principles of sustainable development.
This Programme emphasizes on 3 specific phases of innovative concept(s)/project(s) of collaborative efforts.
Proposals can be submitted under any of the three
(3) phases.
Phase I - Concept Feasibility
In Phase I, the applicant has to show the scientific, technical, innovative and commercial merit of the collaborative research project. The work proposed for Phase I
should be a base for progression to Phases II and III.
Phase II - Concept Refinement
The objective of phase II is to continue the research efforts
from Phase I. Applicants which have not been recipient of
funding for Phase I may also submit proposals under this
Phase III - Commercial Application
The objective of the third phase is to pursue the commercial application of the products, processes, and/or techniques developed in Phases I and II to stimulate innovation and recover the investment.
Project leaders/
collaborators may seek additional sources of funding from
other funding bodies/agencies after the completion of the
Phase III funding period. Applicants which have not been
recipient of funding for Phases I and II may also submit
proposals under this phase.
The RDWG, anticipates to award a matching grant of up
to Rs5M per project for a project duration not exceeding
24 months. The funding amount indicated above covers
Phases I to III. The award will be made on a competitive
The in kind contribution to be made by the applicants
should not exceed 30% of the total project value of the
project and may entail the following:
 specialised equipment/facilities;
 Space, including utilities;
 human resources directly involved in the project;
Under this programme, applicants should be local
consortia of public/public, public/private or private/private institutions/companies The applicants
also have the choice to partner with private companies
and Research/Tertiary Education Institutions located
No awards will be made to applicants who are
already recipient of full project funding from other agencies for the same or any similar project.
5.1 Eligibility of Applicants
The Local Company
Only companies registered in the Republic of Mauritius
for at least 1 year, including micro, small and medium
enterprises, and large companies are eligible to submit
proposals under this scheme. The applicant should outline how the collaboration will increase the likely impacts of the research including details of the scientific
benefits to each collaborator.
-The Public Institution
This will be a public and/or private Research/Tertiary
Education Institution which is involved in research at a
post-secondary level.
This includes all recognised/
accredited tertiary education institutions, polytechniques,
Issue 1 Rev 0
For overseas Research Collaborator(s), they must be officially accredited /registered with the relevant authorities
in their country of origin.
5.3 Eligibility of the Project Leader
The Project Leader must be employed by the Local Company or public institution submitting the project proposal.
The individual who is proposed as the Project Leader at
the time of the submission of the proposal is expected to be
the Project Leader at the time of the inception of the project. A change in Project Leader prior to an award could
affect whether an award will be made.
5.4 Other Eligibility Criteria
The application should also meet the following criteria for
Relevance to the objective of the programme
Priorities of the Call for Proposals
tial basis and care taken to avoid conflicts of interest.
Evaluations will be confidential to MRC, RDWG and to
the Project Leader. The RDWG will be responsible for
the final evaluation and decision taking.
RDWG is under no obligation to fund any proposal or any
number of specific proposals on a given topic.
Mauritius Research Council
The applicant may retain rights in technical data, information, know-how, including software developed under
this grant. IPR identified and developed as a result of
funding provided will belong to the applicant.
Sharing of IPR among the collaborating partners will be
subject to consortium agreements that most closely meet
their requirements.
Relevance to the particular needs of the Private Sector
A National Innovation Initiative
Capacity to innovate
Capacity Building
Under this scheme, applications can be submitted any
time during the year. Awards will be made on the merits
of the proposal on a first come, first serve basis.
For more details on the scheme, please consult the BRIG:
Guidelines to Applicants available at the Mauritius Research Council or on its website
A soft copy version of the proposal should be submitted to
the MRC by email ([email protected]), together with one
original hard copy version.
A local company or public institution is allowed to submit
not more than five (5) applications for funding considerations.
Responsive proposals will be competitively evaluated in a
process of merit review by the Research and Development
Biotechnology Working Group .The RDBWG may select a
panel of experts in relevant fields to evaluate projects.
In all instances, proposals will be handled on a confiden-
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