Themed Gift Basket ideas

Themed Gift Basket ideas
1. Italian Night - high end packaged pastas, variety of jarred sauces, jar of
garlic, packaged breadsticks, jar of olives, salami, biscotti, Italian roast
coffee, wooden spoons, Italian themed kitchen towel, gift card to italian
restaurant - container - large pasta bowl
2. Aquarium - Fish games (go fish, etc), rock, gravel, aquarium decor, filter,
plants, fish food, book on fish/aquariums, Swedish fish candy, Goldfish crackers,
gift card to pet store - container – aquarium
3. Date Night - Various gift cards - dinner/drinks, movies, ice cream, play,
couples massage, golf, etc. Bottle of wine, Each on an individual different
length stick stuck into a cute basket
4. Spice of life - spices, bottled herbs, infused oils and vinegars, dip mixes, glass
containers, cookbook, gift certificate to Spice and Tea Exchange in Ashland or
similar spice shop - container - nice basket
5. Super Hero Fort Kit - sheets, ropes, clamps, flashlight, glo sticks, snacks,
bottled water, superhero books, games and movies, gift card for pizza container - big fabric sack with drawstring with super hero sign on it.
6. Let’s Eat - approximately 12 different restaurant gift cards - fast food to
fine dining. Display - get nice chalkboard - write MENU across top - hot glue
twine across chalkboard left to right - 3 to 4 rows. Use small clothespins to
attach gift cards to twine
7. Tee Time - golf tees, towel, balls, bristle brush, oversize umbrella, visor, cap,
putting cup, putter, gift card to local golf course for 4 with cart
- container - golf cooler/golf bag cooler or golf bag
8. Trusty Traveler - toiletry bag, travel pillow, cozy lap blanket, crossword
puzzle book, lint roller, travel snacks, chapstick, travel lotion, gift card for
Hotel Stays - container - carry on roller suitcase on wheels.
9. Weekend getaway for 2 - dinner, overnight lodging and breakfast at Crater
Lake Lodge, Lunch at Beckie’s - Union Creek
- certificates displayed in something woodsy
10. Weekend getaway for 2 - Mt Ashland lift tickets, Dinner, lodging, breakfast
at Callahan’s
11. Princess Basket - tiara, tutu, play high heels, princess barbie/doll, DVD
princess movies, boa, jewelry, all things princess - container, - pink decorative
12. Weekend getaway - 2 nights at Sunriver + gift certificate for dinner at
Carson’s American Kitchen or another Sunriver restaurant
13. Ashland Getaway - gift certificate for dinner to Pie and Vine (Ashland)
and one nights lodging at Ashland Springs Hotel - includes continental
14. Jacksonville Bound - gift certificate for dinner to Gogi’s Restaurant in
Jacksonville and overnight stay at the Magnolia Inn - includes breakfast
15. Got Golf - rounds of golf at various local golf courses plus 2 -3 private
golf lessons. Container - basket full of golf balls with gift certificate within
16. AAAAHH Spa - spa services - mani/pedi, facial, massage - all at a local
salon/spa - container - pair of spa shoes, neck roll - certificates slipped inside
17. At the car wash - car wash cleaners, window spray, squeegee, tire dressing,
chamois, air freshener, leather cleaner, car towel wipes, car wax, sponge, gift
cards to the car wash/mechanic - container - plastic bucket
18. Deck the Halls - garland, Christmas themed cookie cutters, Christmas
decor, ornaments, wrapping paper, gift tags, tape, tinsel, lights, candles,
pillows, Christmas DVD/CD - container - vintage sled
19. sparkling clean - glass cleaner, furniture polish, kitchen counter cleaner,
Comet, dusting mitt, tile/bath cleanser, rubber gloves, sponge, toilet cleaner,
disinfecting wipes, floor cleaner, mop, Pledge, dishwasher soap, dish soap, hand
soap, laundry soap, bleach, fabric softener -Container - large mop bucket &
laundry basket (2 containers)
OHHH Baby - diapers, wipes, bottles, bottle brush formula, pacifiers,
onesies/sleepers, baby lotion, shampoo, wash, ointment, baby monitor, nail
clippers, baby thermometer, baby Tylenol, swaddler, blankets, crib sheet,
diaper bag, baby laundry detergent, outlet covers, cabinet locks
-container - baby bath tub
21. Stocking up - canned foods (fruit, vegetables, tomato sauces/paste, soup,
tuna, beans, etc) dry cereals, rice, dry beans, pasta, flour, sugar, peanut
butter, jelly, crackers, coffee, tea, muffin/cake mixes, vegetable oil, syrup,
pancake mix, juice, cocoa, salt, pepper, spices, popcorn, oatmeal, spaghetti
sauce, Etc. - container - large wicker laundry
22. Emergency Readiness Kit - First Aid Kit, bottled water, transistor radio
with batteries, flashlight, matches, lightweight blanket, candles, dried/freeze
dried foods, protein bars, whistle, maps, dust mask, safety goggles, can opener,
multi-purpose tool, paper and pencil/sharpener, disposable camera, latex
gloves, chapstick, cash in small bills - container - large backpack
Live auction ideas
Lake of the Woods
Drift Boat Guided Fishing
Puppy - Starlight
Membership at Club
Paradise Lodge
Hellgate Jetboat Excursions
or Rogue Jet Boats
Hot Air Balloon
Furniture Piece from Gates
Girls Spa Day
Tattoo Certificate
Duck/Beaver Tickets
Dental or Orthodontic Care
Archery Equipment
Fire Mtn. Gems
B & B overnights
Evenings out/entertainment
Services or experiences for
larger groups
In-home dinner parties
Coast trip
#1 Italian Night
#2 Aquarium/Fish
#3 Date Night
#4 Spice of Life
#5 Superhero Fort Kit
#6 Let’s Eat
#7 Tee Time
#8 Trusty Traveler
#9 Weekend Getaway #1
#10 Weekend Getaway #2
#11 Princess Basket
#12 Weekend Getaway #4
#13 Ashland Getaway
#14 Jacksonville Getaway
#15 Got Golf?
#16 Aaaah! Spa
#17 At The Car Wash
#18 Deck the Halls
#19 Sparkling Clean
#20 Oh Baby!
#22 Stocking Up
#22 Emergency Readiness Kit