all together, now

Community Report
all together, now
Dear Friends,
For more than 145 years, YWCA Boston—America’s first—has been in the vanguard of improving the
lives of our city’s residents. While our work has evolved over time to meet the changing needs of the city,
we have never wavered in our mission: to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice,
and dignity for all people.
This past year, with our Sesquicentennial in sight and support from the Boston Foundation, YW Boston
consulted Boston’s top philanthropic, corporate and community minds to consider our mission and the
work needed to remedy persistent inequities in our city. The result has been our recognition that direct
service to Boston’s neediest alone is simply not enough.
The core issues we work to resolve—racism, sexism and the lack of social cohesion—are systemic and
thus require systemic solutions. We believe the key to these systems is the engagement of people across
racial, gender, social and organizational barriers to work through those things that divide us. A thorough
community assessment revealed that divides are most significant in Boston’s public health, safety and
education sectors.
Consequently, YW Boston is moving boldly forward with re-energized programs to increase access to
better health, make neighborhoods safer for everyone, and close the educational achievement gap.
Sylvia Ferrell-Jones
Kathryn Cochrane Murphy
Linnie McLean
President & CEO
letter from
We are gratified by the endorsement and support of many community and corporate leaders and
organizations. We extend our deepest appreciation and respect to them and the more than 5,000
individuals who are participating in our life-altering work. And we invite and encourage you to
continue in our shared efforts to make Boston a better city for all.
our leadership
To do so, YW Boston has acquired the renowned civic leadership programs LeadBoston and InIt, to
empower city leaders and youth to create positive social change. We have broadened our Community
Dialogues to engage Boston Public School administrators, teachers and parents about underlying and
divisive racial biases, expanded our Youth/Police Dialogues programs to more Boston Police precincts,
and extended our nationally-recognized women’s and girls’ health literacy programs to the public schools
and more community health centers.
bridging the divide
Black women have
the highest health
disparities among all
Boston’s highest crime
neighborhoods also have
the lowest trust between
police and teens
The educational
achievement gap of black
and Latino students is
compounded by racial
and cultural tensions
The city’s public and corporate
leadership does not proportionally
reflect the city’s racial, gender and
socio-economic diversity
top executives and youth leaders
Bostonians were brought across race
engaged in racial gender and
and class barriers to build trust and
social equity efforts through YW
plan for better neighborhoods and
Boston’s intensive leadership
schools by YW Boston Community
development programs
Bostonians mobilized to
and Youth/Police Dialogues
women and girls were educated about
take a stand against racism
health and healthy behaviors through
through YW Boston civic
YW Boston’s health literacy programs
engagement activities
police officers who
have a more positive
opinion of youth
youth who are more
likely to report a crime
in their neighborhood
participants who are
willing to challenge
racial and ethnic slurs
and stereotypes
women who understand
the importance of healthy
eating in preventing disease
our vision:
equity for all bostonians
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Audited financial statements are available on request.
Our Schools
Julia Bott is the principal of the Mendell Elementary
School in Roxbury. Faced with changing school
demographics and unspoken tensions between some
parents and faculty, Bott worked with YW Boston to
bring its Community Dialogues program to her school.
YW Boston conducted an intensive dialogue series
engaging more than 20 parents, teachers and
administrators. Bott is seeing positive change in her
school as a result: “YW Boston’s Community Dialogues
provided a forum for open, structured and safe
conversations about race, equity and the achievement
gap at the Mendell School. Parents built relationships
across racial/cultural groups. Now we see different
parents talking to each other during drop off/pick up.
New faces are attending Parent Council and becoming
engaged in school initiatives. Teachers heard the
experiences of parents in our community and were
able to reflect on steps they either are or could be
taking to create a more welcoming climate.”
Making Neighborhoods Safer
Sergeant Martin Joseph is a 26-year veteran of the Boston Police Department. For the
past two years Sgt. Joseph has participated in YW Boston’s Youth/Police Dialogue at the
English High School in an effort to reduce rising tension between the police and teens.
“Youth/Police Dialogues have given me the opportunity to give back to the community. I
believe that barriers exist between the youth and the police and the public in general. This
barrier appears to be even more prevalent in communities of color. Youth/Police Dialogues
break through this barrier and give the youth and police an opportunity to interact, discuss
and share different views in order to foster a better relationship. This in turn reduces or
dissolves stereotypes and misunderstanding, and allows the community and the police
to build trust.”
Saving Women’s Lives
With backing from her employer Neighborhood Health Plan, Carol Brown
is a key volunteer in YW Boston’s effort to increase women’s access to
health screenings. Brown, along with more than 60 of her colleagues,
reached out to more than 1,000 women who lapsed in obtaining their
annual checkups, through YW Boston’s Woman-to-Woman Breast
Health Phone-a-thons. “My sister died of breast cancer and I just
want to help someone else learn about the importance of having their
yearly mammogram. When a woman on the other end of the phone
line thanks me and tells me she is going to get her exam because of
my call, it brings tears to my eyes knowing that it might save her life.
Because of my loss, I am glad I can help somebody else.”
Empowering Future Leaders
Raymond C. is a Boston Latin School student and one of 30 members of
YW Boston’s inaugural Youth Leadership Initiative (InIt) class. Raymond
joined InIt to gain a better understanding of social justice issues and the role
he could play in addressing them in his high school. Following the program’s
intensive summer immersion, Raymond returned to school and founded
L.E.A.D (Leaders Engaged in Achieving the Dream), a social justice group.
“InIt has provided a whole new perspective on my life. I would have never
realized the extent of the problems we face and would have never taken
action. I believe that InIt has made a significant impact on my own personal
growth, and helped me take actions to improve my community.”
Thanks to the generosity of donors, YW Boston has made
great strides in advancing social, racial and gender equity.
$10,000 and up
Christine Letts*
Kathleen McQuiggan*
Mariann and Andy Youniss*
$5,000 - $9,999
Nancy Hayes Bevington*
Leigh Bivings*
John and Diddy Cullinane
Rebecca Fain*
Eunice M. Harps*
Sandra B. Henriquez*
$2,500 - $4,999
Earlene Avalón
Polly Bryson*
Cynthia Keliher*
David and Emily Livingston
Patricia McSweeney*
Cathy E. Minehan
Mim Minichiello*
Kathryn Cochrane Murphy*
Vernā Myers
Diana Pisciotta+
Katherine B. Winter
$1,000 - $2,499
Pamela D. Adams*
Lynn M. Babington*
Judy A. Beal*
Rebecca Blake
Laurie Cammisa
Catherine Coleman
Katherine Collins
Susan Culman*
Martha Sloan Felch*
Sylvia Ferrell-Jones*
Janet Frazier*
Bink Garrison+
Yvonne Garcia
Rita M. German*
Jutta B. Hicks
Diana J. Kelly*+
Deanna Larkin*
Rebecca Lee
Lois L. Lindauer
Irma Fisher Mann
Linnie W. McLean*
Mark C. Michalowski+
Stephanie A. Moore
Elena B. Olson*
May C. Pian-Smith*
Christine Pratt+
Marcel V. Quiroga+
Lisa E. Sarno*
Pamela C. Scott
Kathleen S. Schultz
Laura Sen*
Karen Dendy Smith+
Wendy Weiss
Nancy S. Taylor*
Barbara Thibault*
Sandra Urie+
Patricia G. Vinter*
$500 - $999
Gaurdia E. Banister
Janet L. Benvenuti
Jean Patel Bushnell
Janet B. Cady
Cathleen Maloney Claflin
Charles E. Clapp, III
Cynthia Clemson
Susan Colfer
Marianne DiMascio
Grace Fey
Christine M. Fisler
Gail C. Graham
Lani Guinier
Renee Inomata
Minta Kay
Patricia D. Keenan*
Andrea Kramer
Maria J. Krokidas+
Pamela F. Lenehan+
Ms. Catherine Mannick
Sandy Maskell
Gail McDonough
Ingrid M. Melvin
Arlene Miller
David and Deborah Minori+
Therese Minton
Georgia Murray
Tami E. Nason
Sara Oseasohn
Dain Perry
Glendora M. Putnam
Judith A. Saryan
Larry Seamans
Valerie Stone
Linda A. Swerling
Molly Turlish
John W. Tynan
David W. Walker
Andrea Wight
Mary Yntema
M. Hollis Young
Susan Yule
$250 to $499
Benjamin Flam
JoAnne Foody
Charlene A. Galarneau
Michael F. Gilligan
Beth Greenberg
Risa J. Greendlinger
Lydia Greene
Grace Gregor
Victoria Grisanti
Jeanine Hall
Roberta Herman
Matina S. Horner
Susan L. Houston
Allison P. Iantosca
Susan M. Johnson
Katherine Stone Kaufmann
Salma Kazmi
Meryl Kessler
Dolores Kong
Kathleen E. Kretowicz
Pamela Kuphal
Nancy L. Leaming
Barbara F. Lee
Sherry Leventhal
Sharon I. Lewis
F. Daniel Logan
Virginia Lyons de Neufville
Judith A. Malone
Kevin McCall
Diane L. McCormick
Peggy and Ken McIntosh
Laura J. McTaggart
Julie M. Mead
Rosanne Bacon Meade
Smaiyra M. Million
Ann Moritz
Sheila Murphy
Judith Norsigian
Deborah A. Norton
Jeanne Nutt
Erin O’Boyle
Paula Parnagian
Sally R. Phelps
Debbie Piltch
Kathryn F. Plazak
Anne G. Plimpton
Antonia Pollak
Estie Rappaport
Rebecca Regan
Marita Rivero
June Rokoff
Susan Seidman
Jean M. Serra
Michelle Shell
Sandra Sims-Williams
Judy Reed Smith
Chitra R. Staley
Miriam Sullivan
Tanisha Sullivan
Addie Swartz
Jane E. Tewksbury
Deborah Trachtenberg
Tana E. Tselepis
Parul Vakani
Anne Van Nostrand
Celeste Vezina
Cullen Walsh
Sarah K. Abrams
Miki Akimoto
Allison W. Allen
Barbara C. Attardo
Deborah Barnard
Donna Barry
Michael Benn
Francesca G. Bertolino
Mary Lou Boutwell
Lacey P. Brandt
Heidi Brooks
Jillian E. Campbell
Mary V. Carty
Yasmin Causer
Carol S. Chandor
Stella Chin
Rosalie C. Clough
Suzanne Cashman Coleman
Anne Marie Conway
Sheila Campbell Corkhill
Laura Crary
Julie A. Crockford
Betty Neal Crutcher
Maureen F. Curley
Darlene R. Dahl-Legro
Terence P. Dalton
Wilma Davis
Priscilla C. Deck
Marilyn Karagiannis Eckelman
$249 and under
Andrea L. Edwards
Martha R. Acworth
Theresa M. Ellis
Jan Adams
Deborah C. Enos
Meredith Ainbinder
Susan E. Farris
Meredith Allen
Lesly Alvarado
Stephanie Anderson
Philmore Anderson, III
Mary Antes
Stephanie Aragon
David Arnold
Judith L. Aronson
Amy L. Auerbach
Susan Bailey
Judy Baker
Rosa Liliana Baldwin
Phyllis Barajas
John R. Baraniak, Jr.
Tatsiana Barna
Mari Brennan Barrera
Virginia K. Bartlett
Julia Bartlett
Daren Bascomb
Louise C. Baxter
Bonnie Baynes
Fern Beck
Joyce Bell
Wesley A. Benbow
Margery C. Bennett
Maureen A. Bergeron
Charlene Berube
JudyAnn Bigby
Lisa Bires
Catherine Black
Susan Black
Carroll W. Blake
Jessica Block
Debora Bloom
Catherine A. Brady
Meryl Bralower
Karen Briggs
Catherine E. Britt
Ashley H. Brooks
Catherine Shahan Bromberg
Maida Broudo
Tracy Brown
Nonnie S. Burnes
Laura Cahill
Sarah M. Calabria
Aurora F. Cammarata
Deborah Carrow
Carolyn Casey
Erica Casey
Windy Catino
Marie Chalmers
Maria Champlin
Peter Chan
Elyse D. Cherry
Elizabeth L. Chiquoine
LaDonna L. Christian
Rachel Churchill
Pamela Civins
Jennifer A. Civitella
Julia Clay
Sharron A. Clift
Heather Clovan
Gigi Cochrane
Rhonda Cohen-Boyar
Shani Collymore
Nadia V. Tejeda Colon
Lorene Comeau
Catherine M. Congo
Barbara F. Connolly
Suzanne M. Connors
Maricely Cora
Marilyn Corbin
Lois D. Cornell
Lynette Correa
Sylvia Cowan
Anne Cowie
Juma K. Crawford
Amanda Cross
Jennifer A. Cullen
Cheryl S. Cumings
Rebecca Curzon
Susan L. Dale
Melanie J. Damsker
Solomon Dass
Michelle R. Davis
Elizabeth Davis-Walker
Elizabeth Deane
Lynn M. Delidow
Kara M. DelTufo
Lionelle Demosthene
Donna S. Denio
Joanne Derr
Lauren Desforge
Deborah Dickerson
Jessie Dill
Wendell P. Dinglasa
Nancy Moyer Dingman
Janice DiPietro
Janis C. Dodge
Denise Donegan
Catherine Dooley
Carla Dorvilus
Priscilla H. Douglas
Kathleen C. Doyle
Anne E. Doyle
Raphael DuBard, Jr.
Ellen Duffy
Carolyn E. Dumser
Dawn Durning-Hammond
ML Dymski
Christyanna Egun
Joyce L. Elden
Benjamin Ericson
Sumru Erkut
Josephine Faller
Paola M. Ferrer
Frimette Field
Marlene Fine
Heather O. Finn
Cynthia Fiore
Ilene Fischer
Maura Fitzgerald
Shannon E. Flanders
Jeffrey Flier
Patricia Forbes
Andrea Foster
Janice Judge Fox
Paul Francisco
Michael Frazier
Marjorie Hess Freeman
Katherine R. Freund
Ralph Fuccillo
Akiyo Fujii
Yvette S. Furlonge
April R. Galanek
Rebecca Galeota
Marianne Galvin
Elkan & Zelda Gamzu
Lurleen Gannon
Penny Garver
Karen A. Gasparro
Amie T. Geary
Rebecca A. Georgenes
Leigh A. Gilligan
Michael T. Gilmore
Jennifer Girvin
Zayna Gold
Sandra Goldsmith
Katherine Gormley
Virginia Casey Goscinak
Lena Granberg
Rhian Gregory
Nancy Griffin
Barbara S. Guilford
Margaret D. Hadzima
Marilyn Mendel Han
Carol Hardy-Fanta
Susan Hass
Kaitlin K. Hasseler
Christopher F. Hawthorne
Barbara M. Hayes
Janice Henry
Emily Clark Hewitt
Mary Beth Hiett
Anita Hill
Petie Hilsinger
Isabella L. Hinds
Myra Hindus
Mary E. Hines
Raymond C. Hoefling
Barbara C. Hoffman
Carol J. Holahan
Lily Hoo
Sam P. Howe
Maggie Hunt
Bernie Husser
Julia Huston
Deborah K. Irving
Deborah C. Jackson
Teresa R. Jacobson
Felicia Jacques
Imari K. Paris Jeffries
Paula A. Johnson
Gloria N. Johnson-Jesionek
Susan M. Jones
Blake Jordan
Diane Juliar
Leslie J. Kagan
Carolyn J. Kain
Makeda Kamara
Maria E. Karagianis
Trish Karter
Maryann G. Keaveney
Patricia Kennedy
Debra A. Kennedy
Diene C. Kenney
Reema M. Khan
Muna Killingback
Elena Kirkiles
Sarah B. Kitterman
Ann-Marie Kline
Ruth Kolodney
Coreen S. Kraysler
Patricia S. Kreger
Kathy Kreider
Deborah L. Krieg
Stefan G. Krug
Deborah G. Kully
Karen Kupferberg
Elaine C. Kuttner
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Anita Barker Weeks
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Bethany Dickerson Wynder
Torunn I. Yock
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Anonymous (7)
MedMetrics Health
Partners Inc.
Nutter McClennen & Fish
RSM McGladrey, Inc.
Samuels & Associates
Sovereign Bank
Stop & Shop Supermarket
$1,000 - $2,499
Betsey R. Lang Trust
Boston Police Foundation
Carl and Ruth Shapiro
Family Foundation
Century Bank
The Druker Company, Ltd.
Girls’ Leadership, Organized
Women Inc.
Goulston & Storrs
Marble Harbor Investment
The Menino Committee
$100,000 and up
Milton Interfaith Clergy
United Way of Massachusetts Association
Bay & Merrimack Valley
Partners Health Care
$20,000 - $99,999
Avon Foundation for Women
Salem Five Charitable
The Boston Foundation
Cabot Family Charitable Trust
Simmons College
Covidien Partnership for
University of Massachusetts
Neighborhood Wellness
Massachusetts Affiliate
Wellesley College
of Susan G. Komen for
the Cure
$500 - $999
Yawkey Foundation II
Artemis Financial Advisors
Foundations and
$10,000 - $19,999
Charlotte Foundation
Elizabeth H. Hayward Trust
State Street Corporation
State Street Foundation
Webster Bank
$5,000 - $9,999
BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc.
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Lovett-Woodsum Foundation
Maloney Properties
Neighborhood Health Plan
The Plymouth Rock
The TJX Companies, Inc.
TJX Foundation
Tufts Health Plan
The Altman Stiller
Bunker Hill Community
Craven & Ober Policy
Strategists, LLC
Hunt Alternatives Fund
Krokidas & Bluestein LLP
Middlesex Savings Bank
Massachusetts Association
of Health Plans
Roxbury Technology Corp.
Tarlow Breed Hart and
UBS Wealth Management
Yozell Associates
$250 to $499
Alchemy Foundation
Associated Industries of
A Better City
$2,500 - $4,999
Bank of America Charitable
American Red Cross of
Eastern Massachusetts
Boston Private Bank & Trust
Bank of America
Bank of New York Mellon
Blue Cross Blue Shield of
Massachusetts Society
Massachusetts, Inc.
of CPAs
Boston Red Sox Foundation
Brigham & Women’s Hospital R & L Associates, Inc.
Capital Formation Group
$249 and under
Children’s Hospital Boston
Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Citizens Bank Foundation
Citizens Bank of
Delta Dental of Massachusetts
Eaton Vance Management
City of Boston Employee
EBS Insurance Brokers, Inc.
The Edgerley Family Foundation
Community Development
Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP
Corporation of Boston, Inc.
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Connect Pay
Harvard Medical School
East Boston Savings Bank
Massachusetts General
Sara Campbell, Ltd.
Slade Gorton & Co., Inc.
McCarter & English, LLP
*YWCA Boston is pleased
to recognize members of
the Persimmon Society,
who have made a 5-year
commitment to support our
operating needs.
Mousson Berrouet
Donna Clark
Solomon Dass
Cecilia Griggs
Kathryn Henderson
Diane Libby
Kristy Luk
+ YWCA Boston is pleased to Julie Martin
recognize the 2011 members
Rachel Norton
of our Ambassadors Council, Ruben Ocan Ortiz
who serve as trusted advisers Larry Seamans
and donors to the organization. Janeen Smith
John W. Tynan
All donors for year 2011.
Nyjah Wyche-Alexis
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Trinity Marketing
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Kathryn Cochrane Murphy
Linnie McLean
Deanna Larkin
Rita German
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Michele Brochu Lowe
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Kathleen T. Luce
Maicharia Z. Weir Lytle
Karen B. Mael
Alison W. Magee
Teresa Malonzo
Susan M. Maniscalco
Emily R. Margolis
Patricia Marinilli
Kristine M. Martel
Maria Marvin
Charley Matera
Sylvia Maxfield
Hannah McCarthy
William C. McConnell
Cathleen McElligott
Kathleen M. McGilvray
Connie McGrane
Adrienne J. McGrath
Beverly McHugh
Jeanne M. McLaughlin
Laura McNally
Laurie McQuillan
Ann M. Meade
Elisabeth J. Medvedow
Rakel M. Meir
Georgianna Melendez
Anne R. Meyers
Diane U. Mila
Stephanie Millon
Kathleen Millstein
Linda M. Mooney
Jennifer A. Moran
Gretchen B. Morgan
Ann S. Murphy
Jeffrey Musman
Lisa M. Muto
John M. Myers
Susan Hall Mygatt
Stacey Narveson
Susan Navarre
Maureen S. Neil
Joseph Newberg
J. Paul Newman
Jessica Newman
Victoria E. Nixon
Jessica L. Noble
Linda M. Noonan
Paula M. Nordhoff
Sheila Nutt
Timothy J. O’Brien
Kimberly H. O’Donnell
Alexa H. O’Keefe
Robyn L. Olson
Ocan Ortiz
Julie Palmer
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Paula Paris
Kathleen King Parker
Barbara Parmenter
Anne-Mari Paster
Donna J. Pennino
Catherine Carew Peper
Lizette Perez-Deisboeck
Laura Perille
Ellen Perko
Katherine E. Perrelli
Lucille L. Petringa
Amy Phelan
Jane Philippi
Tamara P. Pitts
Lisa E. Pollack
Megan Poplowski
Vonda Powell
Kristen Radley
Danelle Radney
Anne L. Randall
Lynn McFarlane Randall
Helen Rasmussen
Melanie Ray
Deborah A. Re
Board Members
Earlene Avalón
Nancy Hayes Bevington
Leigh Bivings
Martha Sloan Felch
Betty Francisco
Eunice Harps
Cynthia B. Keliher
Christine Letts
Emily Livingston
Stephanie Moore, MD
Kathleen McQuiggan
Patricia McSweeney
Mim Minichiello
Priscilla Olle
Elena Olson
Sandra Sims-Williams
Jane Tewksbury
Mariann Youniss
Jillian E. Campbell
Charles E. Clapp III
Suzanne Coleman
Christyanna Egun
Marlene Fine
Brian R. Iammartino
Ann-Mari Paster
Aliza Rodriguez
Rebecca Shuster
Katherine E. Flynn Signorelli
Amanda Strong
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Molly Turlish
Kimberley Train
Rachel Warner
Youth Council
Emily Chang
Daniel Creese
Rebecca Fowler
Chloe Knopp
Paul Perry
Tai Tran
Talia Weingarten
Bridget Yang
and Staff
Sylvia Ferrell-Jones
President & CEO
Lesly Alvarado
Efrain Arias
ywca boston is dedicated to eliminating
racism, empowering women and promoting
peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.
To learn more about YWCA Boston,
call 617-585-5400 or
email [email protected]
YWCA Boston
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